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Obama’s African Union Speech, the dentist lion killer and corrupt humans will have a new show which will bankrupt the UFC.

Obama’s African Union Speech, the dentist lion killer and corrupt humans will have a new show which will bankrupt the UFC.

Obama’s  Speech to the African nations about fraud. Zimbabwe collects 50K from dentist hunter who kills Cecil the lion!

President Obama spoke to the African nations live on CNN, during his speech he lectured to his fellow black man that corruption has to be fought. Funny how an African nation like Nigeria immediately brings up memories: you’ve got mail: mail regarding a donation of millions or winning the lottery in Nigeria (or else) and were chosen for an inheritance, if I just would get in contact with them.

The speech of the president is still fresh and already some “officials” from Zimbawe are in the news taking a 50K donation from a US dentist to guide him to some “exclusive” hunting territory to lure Cecil the lion out of his protected in habitat so the “war” dentist with camouflage clothes and paint on his face can shoot an arrow threw the iconic lion.

Sports according the dentist who is seeing smiling with huge white teeth out in the African jungle over his animal “trophies”, with special thanks to the insurance system of the US who makes it possible to make millions as a dentist, doctor or hospital owner.

Do we give a fuck if we are insured, do we actually even look at the bill or receive the bill? If you go to a hospital and you’re not insured ( they will ask you: first thing coming out of the nurses mouth is: are you insured) you damn well know exactly what the cost will be, you will even race to several hospitals, check online, get informed before spending your own money.

Cancer Kickbacks a multi- billion dollar business, Doctor Farid “Mengele” Fata!

For example chemotherapy where every doctor that prescribes chemo gets a 5000 dollar kick back. Some of these public health servants take this way of money making to a whole new level.

Doctor Farid “Mengele” Fata would flat out lie to patients telling them they had cancer when they did not. He would prescribe chemotherapy as the kickbacks from terminally or very ill cancer patients is the most lucrative.

This makes the African nations and for example a nation like Nigeria with some bank schemes and e-mail fraud look like a child stealing candy from a candy store.

Quote: “Federal prosecutors allege Fata intentionally prescribed over 9,000 unnecessary injections and infusions to at least 553 patients over a six-year span. These treatments amounted to nearly $35 million in insurance billings”

Farid Fata, Doctor Who Gave Chemo to Healthy Patients, Sentenced to 45 Years in Prison
Tip for humans get a second and third opinion from doctors and hospitals and do more research yourself!

Small terminally ill children with cancer bringing in tens of millions of dollars, Dr Zvi Shor.

Even more shocking and effective is the use of small children that are terminally ill cancer  patients or almost dying of cancer: National Children's Leukemia Foundation the one man operation, run by founder Zvi Shor, 64.

His program was called "Make a Dream Come True” a program to help kids with cancer fulfill their wishes.

Zvi Shor gave 1% of almost 10 million in donation actually to the children who had leukemia. Zvi Shor gave himself a salary of $600.000 dollar and another $600.000.- for compensations. He also send some of the funds to his relatives in Israel that were desperately in need!

Children's Leukemia Foundation Guilty Of $9.7 Million Fraud: N.Y. Attorney General

A 153.000 dollar snake bite!

Surely the terminally ill cancer patients are not the only humans who get mangled by the healthcare mafia.

A man was bitten by a rattle snake and received a bill of 153.000 dollar, for that money you could build a few small hospitals in Africa, pay attention Africans the money is in the insurance “business” fraud. Doctor Farid is a rare example of somebody who is convicted for a health scheme fraud ( he surely outperformed other kwak’s or con artist’s and there was too much proof against him so an example was made), the whole country abuses the “system”
 Hospital appears to charge $153,000 to treat snakebite

Ebola African crisis actors get paid in some free candy and a free bicycle for some zombie acting for the big pharmaceutical giants who make billions from the development and sales of vaccines.

Some African nations are quick learners, the normally perfectly healthy tall and athletic inhabitants of some villages are immediately changing their postures and coughing and limping around the village the moment some social church charity workers entering the villages. The culture knows if you act sick and pathetic the nice western people come with money gifts and many times some bible story.  Ebola was a great way to get in the news again, the US started to bring Ebola victims home, surely Donald Trump at that time not running for the presidency yet, raised his eyebrows, he tweets WTF why are we bringing back dangerous Ebola infected victims ( Now you know why Donald) ? Arrival of Ebola victims by plane shown on live TV around the world, better be scarred. Shares of the companies who are testing Ebola vaccines are rising like never before ( funded of course with taxpayers dollars from the US, your hard working money is well spent). Experimental Ebola vaccines recently were shipped to Liberia. In the below video clip we can see a boy perfectly healthy walking up to a certain spot and then laying down pretending to be very ill when the camera’s start rolling ( shot was used by CNN and other media outlets). The publicity is great some crisis actors get paid with candy and a new bike. So much more cheap then the US and the money oooh the money keeps pouring in for the “poor bastards”.

EBOLA 100% FAKE? CNN using CRISIS ACTORS to fake Ebola outbreak in Africa!

 Obama’s speech on CNN is interrupted with advertisement of for Ebola victims. 6 houses of 82 million dollars built by the red cross in Haiti.

During the speech of Obama you see a lot of green flags and green background, not 5 minutes after the CNN special live broadcast we see 5 minutes later, Ebola still huge problem donate to …. We can see here the mutual benefit for the American and African nations ( media sponsored advertisement of CNN and other TV stations), sick, death, poverty is good business and it brings in the charity money even huge amounts of tax paying dollars.

Obama’s administration surely made a pact with the African nations to explore this at the full potential. The 2010 earthquake in Haiti caused over hundred thousands of deaths and 30.000 commercial buildings collapsed and many more homes. Disease poverty and horrific pictures were shown all around the world , it brought the American red Cross an astonishing half a billion dollar in donations. The Red Cross were on the spot and rebuilt 6 houses ( not commercial building or hospitals) yes 6 houses, I guess the red cross wanted to start helping the billionaires in the destroyed territory first by building 6 houses worth 82 million each!

Red Cross scrutinized for building only 6 homes with $500 million in Haiti

 The five billions dollar Obamacare website…

But the number one gangsters are still in Washington, the Obama website estimate a total cost of 5 billion dollars and it still doesn't even work. How about that for some taxpayers dollars, pay attention African nations in case the president does not informed you on how to perform billion dollar scams.

The financial times reports: Over $5 Billion and Counting for Obamacare Websites

US biggest fraud , disabilities and vets waiting for their payments…
18% of all social security is spent on disability and the free billions of dollars from the government is distributed to only a few companies, these companies all write invoices to themselves and to each other, no need to mention that the directors of these “companies” all live in Beverly Hills with some holiday homes in the Bahama’s.

Fraud And Disability Equal A Multibillion Dollar Black Hole For Taxpayers

Now maybe people will understand why Donald Trump actually won the votes of the Veterans even with his remark of senator Mc Cain. How can billions of dollars knowingly disappear and more and more veterans waiting record times for their disability payments? Or the trillion dollar waste on illegal immigrants question ( people should be outrages, like the killing of Cecil the lion this should get way more attention then a dentist killing a lion ).
Sorry,  I cut off your arms,  hands,  nose and for raping your mother.

Sorry for cutting of your limbs, but not $1,- for you!

Youtube: Introduction to Amputee Camps in Sierra Leone: Another African nation civil war horrors.

Surely the Africans and the red cross and other international peace keeping organisation have a different approach in Africa in many countries there it is fashionable to mutilate villagers and later give the victims a make apology. And it’s true if they were ever promised financial compensation it wouldn’t reach the victims.1 million Hutu’s and Tutsi’s (Rwanda genocide) were slaughtered, not 1 dollar repayment money or disability for those people missing their hands, arms and noses, just sorry. The Jewish nation received 1.3 trillion dollars from Germany in war payments and the payments continue today. Africa you are doing it wrong, please pay attention here.

Scandal Pays Off for the VA

The biggest sections of fraud would go in name of the “charity” funds of philanthropist The Clinton foundation is linked to the Swiss bank  and US IRS scandal and much more.

In my own country fraud has been on the rise with 10% according this Dutch Telegraph article, with almost 100 million euro’s a year ( what they know of).

Old fashion insurance scams.
I remember when I lived in Enschede Holland during my youth how gypsies would con the inhabitants of the city, they would offer to sharpen their knifes and then after they brought back the 20 sharpened knifes they would invoice the victims for like 12000 guilder excluding VAT ( too afraid for threats from the gypsies many of these victims just paid). I remember a friend of mine always waiting with his old Mercedes in a side street of a big high way and would deliberately drive into cars to collect the insurance money. The insurance had a report made of the damage by an expert, then my friend fixed the car himself and surely faked some injuries. Those times are gone, there is no room anymore for penny theft.

The solution to the problems,  forget the UFC,  this would top all worldwide ratings!

These parasites in the government (and certain media) are spending tax dollars so rapidly an incinerator cannot burn paper as fast! The way to fix these atrocities and fraudulent systems is the same way the African authorities prevented the elephant from extinction from our planet, they are painting the elephants tusks with a special kind of ink which makes the ivory worthless. People that kill for sport belong in a mental institution or I suggest a wild life park where these “sportive” hunters are brought naked to see how it feels to be hunted by some wild animals. How would we feel as humans if some alien would hunt us for sports and then cut off our heads and hang them as trophies above the fire place? So those Muslims who are taking heads are mistaken for alien hunters, this explains why the put many of their cut of heads as trophies on a fence! This same huge attraction wild live park with huge fences and live camera’s should be the place to put our fraudulent politicians and humanity / charity organisations owners who enrich themselves with money for the much needed. Let’s put them all naked in this huge wild life camp surrounding with huge walls like Jurrasic world.  Naked Humans battle with crocodiles, rhino’s lions, ants, and tigers.

All the money made with the life PPV stream will be donated to one insurance funds for the whole world AHHFH ( Animals Hunting Humans for Hunger). This way no more shortage on funds for our elderly, disabled and vets people and everybody in the world will think really carefully before committing fraud even one penny to scam this insurance “company” as they all know they would be finding themselves inside the wall and become a spectacle themselves. They would be on live TV being eaten by piranha’s, dying from poisonous snakes and spiders and eaten by wild animals. The huge amount of extra money coming in by the PPV money and advertisements will be used for building hospitals and elderly homes: A perfect carousel: And no other insurance companies that would produce unreadable small policy letters to not pay out any claims to real victims. In sports corruption its rumored that the convicted FIFA officials will play soccer naked at the park in a pool of shallow water filled with piranhas.

Sponsored by the new section of MC Donald “ALL You Can Eat Organic Real Meat”.

Prince Alwaleed is putting 32 billion into a “charity“ fund and promises 100 Bentley cars for Saudi ‘fighter pilots bombing Yemen.

The number one red alert recently would be the donation of 32 billion dollar to “charity” from a Saudi Prince. This is prince Alwaleed the same prince who wanted to give 100 Bentley cars to the fighter pilots who dropped bombs on the population of Yemen. Its said he donated millions to the Muslim brotherhood and imagine what tens of billions will do. Imagine the Islamic madrassas schools which will pop up like weeds all around the nation and in other parts of the world. The Saudi’s are a big sponsor of these Islamic madrasses schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan to promote the Saudi radical Islam death cult Whabbism. Imagine what this "charity" money would do in Nigeria, Boko Haram is already celebrating for the new "charity" funds for their promotion of radical Islam and above all funding for their new weapons. Imagine the 150 billion dollars for Iran which will soon be released (accounts were frozen) because of the Iran nuclear deal. Surely not used for weapons and the promotion of religious delusional mentally ill lunatics, we can trust the Ayatollah's , they would not lie, would they? I just spoke to a huge crocodile population from the park and they have informed the PPV producer they have an extra appetite for delusional religious brainwashed humans and prefer them hanging from a rope on a stick as they are really bored of them chickens!

Saudi Prince pledges $32 billion to “charity”: promoting Islam, while censoring criticism of it.

This croc is named Rousey Mac Gregor, its undefeated battling and eating humans for millions of years!

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Twitter @basboon007: The kid asked Billionaire Vatican gangster pope Francis why street kids have to suffer so much? The pope gave the kid a hug, what a guy...

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Islam Was The Motive For Chattanooga shooter Abdulazeez And All Other Islamic Terrorist Attacks.

Obama calls Abdul a lone gun man, but the Charleston Church Shooter acted on behalf of the entire white race?

Let’s look at the facts: The family of Abdul, he had a violent father who wanted to have a second wife, abused his current wife verbally, sexually, mentally and physical, he also hit his children. Son Abdul is painted as the perfect “all American boy” by the media and some witnesses, but then the family report shown on CNN portrays a lot of severe violence and then there is Abdullah’s DUI arrest in April.  What happened to Muslims obtaining from alcohol? Contradictory!

Sure the frustration of the smiling Abdul who once made the remark: My name causes national security alerts, what does yours?

Abdulazeez made this remark because every Muslim in the world feels they are the victims because others human non believers attack their religion of Islam as it is constantly linked to terrorism. If there would not be Islam or other names for religions or sects, this phenomenon would not occur. It’s only humans who take things personally and make assumptions and give their own delusional interpretations to so called holly scripts or messages from the invisible man in the sky. 
The politicians know this, but Islam is too far integrated in worldwide societies, so now governments are in damage control mode. Let’s not use the phrase Islamic terrorist anymore (J. Kerry) so other Muslims do not feel insulted when the next Islamic terrorist attack takes place (cut off head on a fence by Islamic headhunter in France or the retard who opened fired on a beach in Tunisia killed 36).  CNN does not use the terms Islamic Terrorist anymore, just watch the graphics.

This Abdulazeez coward was just fired from his job (thank god for that as his job was at a nuclear plant, nothing to "worry"about...). He has a dysfunctional father with a history of violence and he traveled abroad to Jordan and maybe Yemen.

From the blog of Abdulazeez
The first post was entitled “A Prison Called Dunya,” referring to the temporal world. In it, Abdulazeez uses the hypothetical example of a prisoner who is told he would be given a test that would either take him out of his earthly prison—or send him into a more restrictive environment.

“I would imagine that any sane person would devote their time to mastering the information on the study guide and stay patient with their studies, only giving time for the other things around to keep themselves focused on passing the exam,” Abdulazeez wrote. “They would do this because they know and have been told that they will be rewarded with pleasures that they have never seen.”

This life is that test, he wrote, “designed to separate the inhabitants of Paradise from the inhabitants of Hellfire.”

The second post is called “Understanding Islam: The Story of the Three Blind Men.” It suggests Abdulazeez felt his fellow Muslims had a “certain understanding of Islam and keep a tunnel vision of what we think Islam is.”

Why start killing people if there is no link to ISIS, was he radicalized in the U.S or abroad?

The "morality" of the religious are mentally insane:

Attacks during Ramadam will give you 10x more rewards in the afterlife (virgins in heaven and their friends and family can join the heavenly orgy after they do some suicide bombings). This is the message of Islamic "fundamentalist", Isis is just a name for the religious delusional schizophrenic lunatics to justify their disturbed and brainwashed minds.
Regardless who came up with the name or who was behind the name and organisation ISIS, it’s still delusional schizophrenic religious fanatics who carry out the be-headings and the killings in the name of their religion ( an ideology just like the Nazi's).
Does It have anything to do with religion? Of course it does. These Muslims believe in their “holy” nonsense and Muslims who face the reality of life, marriage problems, job problems, money problems, health problems will blame anybody except themselves, no responsibility please. Let’s go to a better place and shoot some innocent people in a gun free zone (we would not want to see some victims shooting back with guns, would we) with legal and illegal weapons and I will meet paradise and Allah a little sooner. This idea comes from Islam, remember the British soldier with a bloody knife on the streets of London after he just killed a British soldier? He said that the Americans would not be safe in their home country. Or Nidal Malik Hasan the ford hoot shooter November 5th 2009.Another frustrated human calling himself Muslim and suffering from stress and showed isolated behavior. Hassan had an anti-American view when his parents died in 1998 and 2001 he became a more devout Muslim (which means he escaped more in to the religion of “peace”) to escape the realities of life.’the elite found religion extremely useful to keep the poor slave sheep believing  something better would occur as long as they could be kept in line.

Hassan visited extreme religious Islam sites and his business card contained acronyms of SoA (SWT) which is used many times on Jihadist websites as an acronym for “soldier of Allah” SWT ( Glory to God ). Sounds pretty Islam to me but as we are talking about a religion with 1.5 billion followers we better stay politically correct just to stay on the “safe” side.

Confederate flag, offending and insults

So why take away the confederate flag? Well we need to be political correct and that flag, well that flag is used by people with a white race ideology or it triggers white supremacy ideology….Kid Rock, Lynyrd Skynyrd and above all the Dukes of Hazzards car General Lee are now facing censorship. Common, if I see the general lee car with confederate flag I think of the sexy ass and great legs of Daisy Duke ( sure call me sexist ).

Sword or toothpick on this flag, offensive or not?

We don't blame all of Islam for terrorist activity, but we do blame Russia for accidentally shooting a plane by one rebel!

Politically the US and Netherlands have huge interest in the Ukraine Counrty ( Royal Dutch shell ) so they do not like Russian Pro separatist on their future money spitting territory or whatever they call these rebels in the news. They have all the interest to use a tragedy to boycott Russia and go after their own interest.

So what’s the difference? Mein kampf of Adolf Hitler is forbidden in many countries now we are banning flags because what it represents, well why not ban holy books? These religions prove that many of the “teachings” give humans a false sense of morality, safety and disturbing ideas. Surely this is not only the case with Islam alone, the Church has an even morbid form of “morality”. Many priest's and other representatives from the church would rape and abuse thousands of children and then ask for forgiveness by doing a confession and will be forgiven for your sins, surely after this the vicious circle will start over again!
I know a huge group of people who are offended by Mosques and churches, why should they be less offended then the other humans calling themselves religious and using these facilities?

Unfortunately for many Muslims the Muslim terrorist groups use the name Islamic for their terrorist organizations, so maybe Muslims can understand it is according to these people Quoting the Quran and Allah that terrorism is linked to Islam!

16% of French citizens support ISIS. To put that into perspective, roughly 27% supported President Hollande of France in the 2012 election.

9% of Brits support ISIS. To put that into perspective, roughly 17% supported Prime Minister Cameron in the 2015 election.

80% of Turkish and Moroccan Muslims in Holland say it is ok to use violence for Jihad ( between 80.000 and 100.000 Muslims).

You still think that Muslims with the religion of “peace” are no reason for concerns? Think again when you see the next “lone wolf incident” , keep marching in silence till the bomb explodes on your doorstep!

Imagine if all the humans who follow a religion would really trust in their God handling things? They never would pick up a weapon and all these terrorist attacks would never take place. Be strong and believe in your God that he will judge and punish himself, if God starts talking to you or some Imam/messenger of God and you hear voices in your head to commit violence. It’s not God it’s called schizophrenia and you belong in a mental institution next to the likes of Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy!


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