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Isis Giant "Bruce Lee's", Cage: Muslim lawyers and human rights-groups, Köln Dom Cathedral cost 1 euro!

Before I comment on some of the recent news reports that were apparently witnessed by human rights activists I would like to share the following study conclusion with you all: In a recent program on the Discovery science channel "through the wormhole" with narrator Morgan Freeman it was explained and demonstrated that people will change their mind to go a long with the crowd even if it goes against their original opinion or view point. They believe a lie just to join the majority. Studies show that if you would put an individual together with a bunch of other people at a dinner and they would all talk about their mutual experience from the night before the majority of individuals would change their mind and actually believe the new story. More surprisingly when they use the same person to experience the same thing two weeks later without the pressure of being with another group of humans with a different opinion the results would stay the same. Even two weeks later most individuals that were undergoing the test still would lie to themselves even without the pressure of the other humans present with a different opinion. 

Their reality memory brain was basically altered and they believed their own lies. Interesting, If you still wonder why so many youngsters are joining terrorist groups like Isis or a religion, you now know why. Humans just love wishful thinking and belonging to a large group of humans with the same thought patterns and opinions. Especially religious people that glorify irrationality and condemn other humans with a different opinions and lifestyle.

The daily newspapers and TV broadcasting's inform us daily on new atrocities and developments of the number 1 public enemy the terrorist group Isis. Surely I would love to see the CNN journalists Dos Santos or Amanpour  work in close contact with the Isis terrorist group as war and terrorist reporters from the front, for some real “journalist” reporting. Unfortunately the regular news are printing their stories through their new source of news information: human rights groups and other charity groups such as: The Sirian Observatorium for Human rights reports on monday 23 feb 2015 that Isis cannot find new recruits, what a bummer for Isis.

Isis can not find recruits!

The report says only 54 new recruits in the last month ( it then says these numbers are probably not accurate, no kidding?) But the human rights organization does report that it knows directly after the rise of the caliphate the number of recruits were 6300. The website of the Syrian human rights observation says the following: Quote” The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is not associated or linked to any political body. The SOHR was founded in May of 2006.” The United Kingdom-based SOHR has their offices ran out of a two-bedroom apartment and is basically run by one person, Rami Abdulrahman ( Syrian Sunni Muslim who also runs a clothing shop). His news is often quoted by CNN, Reuters, BBC, Voice of Africa etc In an interview with Rami Abdulrahman in 2011 he reported to have a network of 200 volunteers in Syria and that 6 of his sources were killed. If 6 of his sources were killed in 2011 and the average loss of lives within his human rights organization volunteers would be 6 a year, he should have about 150 volunteers left. Good for this organization those 150 SOHR members never got caught and can be seen captured in a cage being burned alive, great work from the SOHR ground correspondents. We should not forget that these 150 volunteers are all spread out near the borders of Syria and all airports. The SOHR correspondents are in possession off an electronic tally device and a paper with questions for the new recruits of Isis.

Question 1:
Are you an Islamic terrorist of any kind? answer:
A, Yes
B, Sleeper
C, No
D, Don’t know yet.

( So far they only received 56 papers with the answer A -  signed by new recruits )

It should be noticed that SOHR also has connections to the data base of all the names of the inhabitants in Syria and has great connections with all the secret services, these are busy times in the two bedroom office in London for Rami Abdulrahman. The report in the Dutch newspaper continues that in the northeast of Syria Isis captures 56 Assyrian Christians ( if Christians) and kidnapped them to the town of Hassaka. The number 56 could be much higher as it is known that the tally device used by informants for SOHR are malfunctioning many times as they are used so  much to count terrorist and kidnapped Christians.

Christians being kidnapped goes from 56 to 90.

One day later in the Dutch Telegraph: 

The correct number was not 56 but 90 Christians from Syria being kidnapped by Isis and brought to Hassaka, unfortunately the reporter for SOHR could not inform us on how the hostages are doing, but they do know all the kidnapped are Christians ( there is no information how the SOHR correspondents know this, maybe the Christians wear a yellow patch on their clothing or they were all kidnapped from the local church).

“Activist” Isis holds 150 Christians hostages and will threaten to kill them.

February 25th CNN reports on 150 Christians being captured by Isis, source: Osama Edward, founder of the Assyrian Human Rights Network please do not be confused by SOHR from Rami Abdulrahman ( London 2 bedroom activist) this is not the same human rights group and we should consider ourselves lucky that CNN has these connections with several human rights groups and that Osama Edward had his “people” in the area where the Christians were kidnapped as well.  Osama Edward just supplied his correspondents with brand new tally devices, so we went from 56 to 90 to 150 kidnapped Christians in less than two days. There are many woman and children amongst the captured Christians, but the tally devices do not specify this, they just count 1 captured human being as a click and the human rights activist on the ground often do not have time to work with multiple tellers for separating clicks for woman and children. Edward reports he has family members in the area, but it is not clear if they are among the captured Christians, this would be a great undercover operation if his family members could report from inside their prison place on how the hostages are treated. Most human rights group are sponsored by the church and with the support of donations from the public they often do help victims in troubled territories, often with food in one hand and the bible in the other. Hey you do believe in the hand that feeds you don’t you?

Bruce Lee would roll over in his grave: martial arts training by Isis wannabe terrorist.

We already see Hollywood style propaganda videos like the burning Jordanian pilot in the cage and the parade of Christians on their way to their beheadings on the beach. But this one caught my attention:

 ISIS Training Video Shows Fighters Attempting Martial Arts

The new Isis propaganda video is a slapstick movie for martial arts lovers.

Isis warriors breaking  a very thin tile with their heads is humorous and the scene seems to be stolen out of a Bruce Lee movie ( they should remember Bruce Lee's words: boards don't hit back), especially the last spinning back kick looks like a taekwondo white belt action. Then there is the camouflage gun man running around covered in leaves looking like a sick plant with a Kalashnikov, hilarious. The Isis terrorist’s are all masked and climbing down by a rope from a rooftop of a local building. They should put it on fast forward or do some Hollywood style editing with the footage as it looks like a bunch of non trained 1st grader boy scouts who just ate a huge meal coming down from the rope like snails. Then there is that ever annoying parade of white trucks with Isis warriors, where the fuck is a drone when you need one. Every time these truck shots with Isis warriors, for god sake ( to use the religion terms) white trucks with black Isis warriors with machine guns and waving Isis flags in a miles and miles long colonne, this image must have been broadcasted 100.000 times. What the fuck are those Americans and Egyptians and Syrians bombing? Why can’t we see some images of that collum of Isis trucks being destroyed by one of these bombings?
Picture by Neftali

Isis army of 7 footers? Experts say the video of Copt Beheadings manipulated.

If there is one guy within the Isis terrorist group who deserves to be be-headed it’s the producer of the propaganda videos. Fuck he has all the equipment and technology, but he just could not help himself and his ego when producing the 21 Christian be-headings video. He made the Isis warriors 7 feet tall, whoehoee spooky and very frightening those giant Isis terrorists. Btw, where are the spy human rights associates reports on the whereabouts of these mass executions. I mean 21 prisoners in orange suits and 21 giants Isis terrorists some as big as 7 feet in black clothing following their prisoners on a beach with a film crew, where are the reports from the human rights activist or were they too busy counting Christians being kidnapped by Isis? Where are the drones and the spy planes and satellites? 

The video has some sound effects of the ocean picked right out of a Discovery nature broadcasting about Ocean life. According to the report on fox video experts say there should not be more the 6 man on the beach and that the whole video was made using a blue screen and added sound effects in a studio. This would a least give the human rights activist spies and drone operators some credit as they can’t reports things which did not take place ( or take it out of context). The perspective according to the shore line is wrong and according to the experts that is an amateur mistake. ISIS in Libya ? Even if the producer would have hired the whole Syrian national Basketball team members there is only one 7 footer, what the fuck was he thinking making all these Isis warriors look like giants. Did he really think nobody would notice or was this done on purpose to make Isis warriors more intimidating and frightening?

Experts say the mass beheading video may be a hoax   

Al- Shabaab threatens malls in Europe and the US, FBI downplay threat.

Video message from Al-Shabaab reveals terror strikes against shopping malls in Europe and the US. Al-Shabaab is definitely getting pissed/jealous with all the media attention Isis is getting and the same goes for terrorist group Boko Haram. Other terrorist groups that are feeling less important than Isis should release more propaganda videos and they need a better PR department to propel the popularity of these terrorist groups. Boko Haram was competing with Isis with their mass slaughter of 2000 people according to the news headlines, it must be said that Boko Haram starts to understand that to bring out a message you need connections to Human Rights organizations and their networks.

But he who reads the news article carefully can notice the following: 1 Amnesty international calls  it the deadliest massacre in history of Boko Haram ( Amnesty international stands for another “journalist and spy” wannabe organization). The head line says 2000 “deadliest massacre” and 2000 feared dead. People kept stepping on bodies and a local defense group with great ties to Amnesty international says they stopped counting the bodies ( that’s horrible those human rights activist volunteers stopped counting at 2000, why?), I guess the tally machines from the local and international human rights groups have problems everywhere in the world these days.

Washington post: Boko Haram may have killed 2000 ( yes in the title says MAY have killed )

Back to Al-Shabaab and the treat to the European and American malls: I suggest to have armed military guards at the entrances and emergency exits of all malls. There would be a special team of people who would give every “sheep” shopper a Kalashnikov and 1 grenade to defend themselves upon entering the shopping mall in case of a security leak, the customers would have to return the weapons when they are done shopping and leave the mall. People who are from Somalia and other Muslims should wear a yellow star patch on their clothes when they go shopping in these shopping malls. They would only be allowed to shop 1 hour a day and can’t carry any weapons when entering and shopping in the malls, they have to show their ID cards, take photo prints and do a blood test before entering the mall. Children of the Muslims can play outside the mall in a bomb proof bunker in case they swallowed explosives for a suicide attack. On bloody Friday the Muslims are not allowed to shop as this event is reserved for the American sheep society.

The old pirate stories like Captan Philips ( Hollywood blockbuster with Thom Hanks about Somalia pirates ) are historical, those pirates were the less educated. The more educated Somalians are the refugees that are instructed and guided by human rights groups to flee the country and will receive free transportation with their families, for example a free trip to my home country Holland that only in 2014 received tens of thousands refugees from Somalia ( 150.000 Muslims from Morocco and Turkey and Somalia in 2014). Socialist and other human rights groups then guide these refugees how to fill in forms to receive their monthly funds. And breeding children that is highly rewarded with free education, food and clothing and of course the freedom to practice their Muslim religion. Even the terrorist sleepers among-st the refugees are so impressed by the foreign hospitality they rather keep sleeping and breeding and put their suicide missions on the back burner. 
That way please..
The West is wonderful, especially God’s human rights workers and volunteers. Hard working tax paying civilians who’s tax dollars are well spent by the church and the human right groups, at least we do not have to worry anymore about some Somalia pirates at sea, they know the way now to a much better life without the risk of getting shot or put in prison. Isn’t it great that by chance you would want to go on a boat ride in the Atlantic and know now there are no more dangerous Somalian  pirates anymore in those waters, it’s fantastic!

But it’s not that difficult with so many aid workers and human rights workers in troubled territories and war zones to a have a fresh supply of hostages and propaganda tools for a terrorist group like Isis.

Kayla Jean Mueller the 26 year old American aid worker and devoted Christian who worked in Syria was never afraid because she had God on her side and she had a Syrian boyfriend. I guess the church did not want to pay for her release when she was held hostage by Isis. According to the reports Isis asked 6 million for her release, but the church who has huge cash reserves is too busy buying property and buying off sex scandals. Don’t get me wrong I do not think a penny should be paid for any delusional religious freaks from any religion who are going to troubled nations with some so called God on their side. Ironically Isis made a statement that during Friday prayer the criminal crusader coalition aircraft bombed the place were Isis was holding Kayla and it was their fault she was dead.
This Cologne cathedral is valued in the financial books of the church for 1 euro!

The Church in Germany made their financial balance public in 2013 the wealth of the bisdom 3.35 billion. Surely these numbers are a little on the lower side as the famous Cologne Cathedral in Köln Germany is in the books for 1 euro (yes you read that correctly 1 euro) Imagine you would put the Bellagio,Wynn and the Mirrage hotels in the books for 1 dollar?  The bisdom of Limburg has “bling bishop” Franz-Peter Tebarts-van Elst, I wonder how he got that nickname? The Limburg “Bling Bishop”  reported only 940 million of wealth in that year 2013. According to the Spiegel the conservative cardinal Joachim Meisner gave himself the title of watchdog from God, his main goal was to obtain all the wealth of the bisdom, which worked surprisingly well. 

For the people who do not know it yet, God has a huge money problem and needs his earthling followers, messengers, disciples, aid workers, priests, cardinal, terrorist and bishops to keep gathering wealth especially from the poor and ignorant. Sorry Kayla, but 6 million is outrageous sum of ransom money for a church to pay for just some aid worker especially while having a romantic relationship with a Syrian, you have to become at least a priest or more higher up on the holy ladder and commit some sex crimes before money is spent on your well-being.

The Human rights group Cage!

'Jihadi John': CAGE representative storms off Sky News after accusing Kay Burley of Islamaphobia.

But the spokesman and defenders of the Muslims and the religion of Islam are not spreading the right message.

Instead of condemning the atrocities of “Jihad John” we can witness a press conference of two bearded Muslims so called lawyers from Cage, one lawyer says Jihad John was a beautiful man? Well, Ted Bundy was good looking as well according to many media reports, wtf does that have to do with Jihad John cutting off hostages heads, seriously? Ooh wait he was a victim of the West, I guess the human aid workers and socialists did not guide this Muslim well to fill in his application forms for free money education and health insurance after he graduated from Westmister university in England and he felt discriminated. I got news for you, there would not be people left on this planet with a head on their shoulders if all citizens who felt discriminated and offended started cutting off other people’s heads. I must say that their name Cage has a lot of “charm” and warm feelings for a human rights organization especially now Isis is burning people alive in Cages and parades their prisoners in cages.

Quote from the Cage website: CAGE is an independent advocacy organisation working to empower communities impacted by the War on Terror. The organisation highlights and campaigns against state policies, striving for a world free from oppression and injustice.
A shortage of cages has been reported in Syria and Iraq and rumor has it that Isis is buying up all UFC cages and has them transported to Syria. The human rights groups Cage report that they have been two years in contact with the Londoner “Jihadi John” who has been identified as west 27 year old Londoner Mohammed Emwarzi and the Cage representatives claimed Mohammed Emwarzi "Jihad John" was harassed by the secret service. No kidding, harassed… well that’s quite mild considering his headhunter work for the caliphate. Those secret services were right on the money, the only mistake they made is not locking up this schizophrenic delusional religious sick retard, before he started taking heads. This made great TV, I mean how stupid did those bearded bafoons from Cage calling themselves lawyer looked on TV, defending a headhunter lunatic because he was harassed, hilarious! Surely the interviewer Kay Burley was accused of being Islamophopia, yes lets label the interviewer for asking serious questions, I mean Cage was two years contact with “Jihadi John” and nothing suspicious…., but when you ask a question as a reporter to a Muslim lawyer who speaks for an organization named Cage who strives for a world free of oppression then you are having Islamophobia issues, hahahahaha just too funny.
The Netherlands human rights groups and Aid workers invite hate Imams.

The Netherlands has recently also experienced Aid worker and human rights Muslim groups who held charity events, one was cancelled in Holland because they invited hate imams ( their visas were revoked, problem solved). But the major of Utrecht will allow a charity event of the world wide relief organization. Damn so many noble organizations that were grounded to help the humans in need, so noble.  On March 1st Sheikh Asim al-Hakeem whose opinion is that Jews and Christians should be killed and that the Taliban represents Islam will speak at the charity event in Utrecht with a bunch of other Imams. Great connection in Saudi Arabia from the organizers of this charity event, the Saudis are known for their lavish gifts to human aid workers. Grab your wallets and donate your money ( new tally devices will be bought for keeping body count for the human rights groups and more "1" euro properties will be bought by the church ), listen carefully to the messengers of god on how to behave to make this charity organization flourish and become as powerful as the roman Catholic Church, Amen or should I say Allahu Akbar?
Bas Boon says: "Holy" Book found on the Moon....


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King "Clint"Abdullah "Punks" Isis. An Execution too far, Muslim killing Muslim.

Feeling Lucky Punk!

The King of Jordan “Clint” Abdullah” declares war on Isis

The King of Jordan “Clint” Abdullah” declares war on Isis, the king quoted in the movie from Clint Eastwood the “Unforgiving” and he portrays himself as the new terrorist fighting “Dirty Harry”. In one of my previous blogs I wrote about the concept of head To head TV and about a reality TV show where Isis and other fundamentalist groups would collaborate with big Hollywood productions. Well, it did not take long after I wrote my blog to witness that many of my ideas became a reality in such a short period of time. The head for a head reality TV Network idea I had with the subject: proposing the guillotine execution for the female suicide bomber in-case the Japanese prisoner and Jordanian fighter pilot were not released on time. This concept was quite similar to what happened just a slight different scenario. The verdict of death was not by guillotine, but the female failure suicide bomber was executed with another Jihad prisoner by a Jordanian fire squad. The death sentence was ordered by the King of Jordan “Clint” Abdullah when it was known the Jordanian fighter pilot was set on fire to be burned alive ( apparently happened one month ago).  I saw a Hollywood style film production with a human being (Jordanian Fighter pilot) locked in a cage and set on fire. Multiple camera angels and Hollywood effects are used by Isis to show the world their ideas and “practice” of living and atrocities are  straight out of the stone age/ middle ages and represent a “culture” going backwards. The Kingdom of King Clint reports 56 successful bombing missions within the last three days, Isis is getting diminished, wow, take that Punk!

An “execution” too far.

CNN news, every 15 minutes there is news on Isis and the burning Jordanian Pilot is discussed. It reminds me of the movie title “A Bridge Too Far” but in this case it would be “An Execution too far” The outrage of the Muslim community is what the west always wanted to see, the outrage has presented itself for the first time on this scale. However he who pays close attention can see that all the former attempts by political correctness media and politicians to keep Islam and religion away from the atrocities and Jihadist are wrong. The majority of Muslims are outraged because they feel it’s an attack on Islam and what Isis is doing is non-Islamic. The majority of images on CNN has even Jordanian Christians in churches are shown praying for these atrocities to stop. As if we need more religion and prayers in these conflicts, yeah lets show churches, mosques and prayers. How do you fight Isis, how do you know who the enemy is if they do not even wear military uniforms ( Assad regime and civilians vs Isis and foreign sympathizers ) and they all shout Alluh Akbar? Who’s the bad guy, if both have a Kalashnikov machine gun and wear a dress? Muslims have slaughtered Muslims for centuries, for example the Shiites and Sunni’s and it has to do with two different tribes believing in a different translation of the Quran (what else is new?). It’s similar now to Isis and Boko Haram they want an Islamic state and Sharia law for everybody and it all has to do with religion, do not be fooled!

Picture by "hikrcn /, Please show us the way to Amsterdam

The Netherlands imported over 150.000 Muslims in 2014 from Turkey, Morocco and Somalia.

But the madness continues, I welcome the huge outrage the live execution of the burning pilot caused but why so much outrage because of the Hollywood film style of bringing the executions to our attention? What is happening with all the Muslim violence in our countries in the West today? I am just watching the news from my former country the Netherlands. In 2014 they imported over 150.000 immigrants: Muslims from Turkey, Morocco and Somalia, yes Somalia “Holland loves Sunni Muslims”.

The HHN ( my former blog the head Hunter network) is very impressed with the creative competition of the Radical Islamic Terrorist group al-Shabaab in Somalia. Children in schools in Somalia from the ages of 10 to 17 are participating in a Quran reading contest first and second place winner was a AK 47 and the lucky number three of the contest became the winner of two hand grenades. In the previous year the winner went home with a grenade rocket launcher. 

This is great for the Netherlands that many of these Somali Sunni Muslims that came to Holland in 2014 are familiar with the AK 47, which are great for using at the Dutch picnics. Many gangs in Holland especially from Turkey descendant are dealing in the AK 47 ( recently in the Netherlands many Dutch Moroccans and Antilleans are becoming victims of the famous AK47, but they are also the biggest buyers of the beloved AK 47). Recently a Turkish AK 47 dealer and his associates has been arrested in Holland and the police found many AK 47’s. The police think that many of these AK 47’s that were sold have been used in several recent killings in Holland. In the past there was even a Turkish weapon dealer/criminal with the name Ali "AK 47" Gün. I am convinced it will be not a problem for our Somalia Sunni Muslims to adapt to the culture in the Netherlands because of their great knowledge of the AK 47 ( AK 47 teachings starts as early as 4 years old in Somalia), plenty of work in the sales of the AK 47 guns and the smuggling and transport of these machine guns with bullets that will penetrate any bullet proof vest.

Photo credit: Dona_Bozzi / Allahu Akbar loves Al Pacino's movie Scarface

Nicknames for Jihadists.

In the newspapers from the last two days we can read about Abu Abdul Rahman al Hollandi ( great finding the Al Hollandi) this Homegrown Jihadist from Holland fits in the Hollywood scene from the caliphate and according to Isis he bravely blew himself into pieces to become a martyr. Khaild “The Dutch Headhunter” K “the polder Jihadist”, Jihadi John. The Caliphate and the Media shows a morbid form of humor giving Beatle nick names to the Islamic State of Islam and Al-Sham ( Isis Jihadist), “all you need is love”. Mokhtar Belmokhtar, the Islamist smuggler , kidnapper and jihadist nick name , "Mr Marlboro" and "The Uncatchable". In Canada  there is Abu Truaab al-Kanadi the 23 year old “celebrity” when it comes to Isis be-headings, his real name is Muhammed Ali ( wow what where his parents thinking). Good news came at the end of 2014 for Nawal Msaad, AKA ‘Jihottie' as she was cleared from funding jihadists in Syria. The “poor’ woman always thought her husband was working with aid convoy’s in Syria organizing picnics.

The Netherlands is a great country for the free education of radical Islam.

The Netherlands is no different these days and it is only getting worse: Recently on the internet the video of the Amsterdam Jihadist Lofti S. who used the “worrior” alias Abu Hanief. He drove a truck full explosives near a position of a bridge in Fallujah which was guarded by Iraqi soldiers, the explosion could be seen in the worldwide media. In one of the videos of Lofti’s delusional statements we can see the 19 year old “Dutch” Sultan Berzel standing right next to him still alive at that moment..

Suicide-bomber Al-Fallujah is Dutchman Abou Hanief-Lofti S.  

The problem with Isis statements is the same with any other media statements, there were no camera’s when Lofti detonated himself with the car bomb. Lofti  is a known radical in Holland and as many others did before Lofti  these statement of suicide missions could be used to lose the secret service tracking them. Like Khalid K was reported dead and three days later he revived like a real Lazarus. Some leaders of Isis have been reported as totally fictional characters to mislead the secret services.

Sultan Berzel ( 19 years old) from Moroccan decent traveled from Maastricht Holland to Syria to blow himself up near a police station. Holland’s Jihadist Yilmaz “retarded” former soldier in the Dutch army;
Dutch former Royal Netherlands Army soldier trains jihadists in Syria

January 22, 2015 Radical Muslims Soufian Z. en Driss D. from Then Hague Holland have been killed in the Syrian city of Kobani.
The authorities in the Netherlands are known for being utterly politically correct, you would not want to be labeled as a racist. Therefore the Belgium Jihadist who was recently killed was traveling back and forward on a Dutch passport (lookalike), I guess they both had “coincidentally” a beard.

The arrested Jihadist from Arnhem Holland Hakim B. (22) en Mohamed el A. (27) are free to go and will not be convicted for being an Islamic Jihadist planning to fight in Syria. The Judges did not see any reason to hold the known Jihadist any longer and they will not be convicted. The Dutch newspaper the Telegraph reports that both brothers were arrested in Germany, when they were arrested they were in the possession of 15K cash in Euro’s, forage caps, battle clothing and walki talkies, the usual gear you would bring when going on a picnic. The fact that two brothers of the arrested Jihadist: Abdelkarim el A. en Khalid B. are known Jihadist who are listed on the international terrorist list and fight in Syria had of course nothing to do with the pick nick gear which was found. Mohamed told the judge he was on his way to Syria to help people and start living in an Islamic country ( what a noble thought, what is he still doing in Holland?). Brother Hakim just wanted to go on a Holiday in Turkey, he might want to meet his brother at the border in Syria to give him some gear…. Hey you always should bring your “picnic” gear there is nothing more romantic and exited then to have a nice picnic in fighting gear clothes talking with walki talkies near a camp fire in the dessert at night. 

Picnic with my Kalashnikov... 

The 15.000 euro would be used to buy some Kalashnikov's with bayonets to spit roast some rabbits above the campfire, Kalashnikov can be used for multiple purposes and the stock of these machine guns factory is at an all-time high! Chapeau, a french expression for well done,  to the Judge who showed great understanding! He should have made sure they would never be allowed to return, the west is not really interested in picnic stories from the dessert, but I guess the Dutch judges really enjoy these type of stories.

In case you have some spare picnic money, get your Khalisnokov’s now, the demand is huge!

Putin gives Kalashnikov as a present to Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt:

Photo Credit: 360b "Excuse me where way to welfare office"?

There are "no" integration problems with Muslims....

Clearly  there is nothing wrong with the integration problems in the Netherlands and it’s the Dutch who should learn more about Islam. The Netherlands knows a great deal of kidnappings and we all should study more about the honor revenge. In 2003 in Almelo The Netherlands the 53 year old Özkan G was convicted to jail time after he shot his own 18 year old daughter with a hunting rifle. This prison conviction would never have happened at a Sharia law court as they would understand the insult to this man’s family. He trapped his daughter and with false promises she went from Holland to Turkey where her father shot her to protect the family from the daughter’s western behavior. Turkey did not have a Sharia law court, so he was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Özkan protested and was released a few years ago ( I guess the sentence was reduced with 20 years…). Özkan was back in court this week as he smashed a broken glass in the face of a Dutch police employee who asked Özkan to speak Dutch to him. What was this Dutch policeman thinking, why does he not speak Turkish? Does he not know this can be quit offensive for certain Muslims?

Za 07 feb 2015, 19:18 Ankara Turkey
Woman cuts off Man’s head after he wanted perverted Sex.

Turkey used to be a country with a decent Christian population now 96% of the population is Muslim (A century ago Christians made up 20% of Turkey's population, the figure is now just 0.2% ). Surely the Armenian genocide did not help to trust the Muslim “brothers” for their tolerance for other religions. These historic facts are obviously not known or studied by Dutch political leaders and other leaders from European countries (we would not want to be called racist now would we).

A 49 year old Turkish woman confessed that she cut of the head of her 67 year old husband as he wanted sex with her like he saw in porn movies. They were married according to the Islamic law and the woman said her husband used a lot of violence and wanted sex every day. Surely this was never a reason to cut off her husband’s head, but when he started to ask for sex like in porn movies she was very insulted. Normally with a lot of rage with such an insult you would stab, poison or shoot the person if you are a drug user, raging alcoholic, or schizophrenic but who would asked such a terrible insulting thing? But she was married according the to Islamic law and she takes this very seriously so she cut of her husband’s head with a knife.

This must have taken a lot of power of the “poor” abused insulted woman her 12 year old son protected his mother by knocking down the father with an antenna and then mom finished him off by taking her husband’s head ( the 12 year old child had now problem watching the beheading as he reads the Quran multiple times per month), great material for the head hunter network, who is trying to approach her for an exclusive interview: Head Hunter Network, Head For A Head, John Kerry Says Not To Use The Word Islamic!

Australia avoids terror Attack:11February2015

The Media reports two suspects have been arrested who wanted to commit terror attacks in name of Isis ( I guess the “Hollywood” film production of the Jordanian fighter pilot is gaining popularity under team delusional). In the building the police entered they found hunting knifes and a machete and a self-made ISIS flag. A video was found with a testimony of one of the suspects who admits they want to do the attack. On Tuesday some Australian citizen would have been beheaded, but police won’t confirm that part yet, I hope the judges in Australia have an understanding for Islam and that these suspects like the suspects in Holland with the AK 47 only wanted to go for a pick nick in the woods. Another rumor is that the family could not get a royalty deal with the HHN network for streaming the beheading live on the HH Network.

Egypt soccer match goes ahead despite clashes that killed at least 19 fans

More footage for the head hunter network, the network is currently in negotiations with the Egyptian soccer leagues and several Egyptian hooligans groups. Muslims killing Muslims during soccer matches is much in demand these days. The footage of killed Muslim "Hooligans" and mountains of shoes which were left after the soccer riots looked like a picture from the Auschwitz death camp in 1945. Previously a riot match between soccer team Al-Masry and Al-Ahly  left more than 70 people dead three years ago in Port Said City. The Head Hunter Network did not exist at that time but this time it is negotiated that the hooligans and certain soccer teams will get Machete’s sponsored by the network and a bonus who can cut of the most heads, embrace yourself 2015 is going to be the big break through of the network. I guess Dutch Feyenoord and Ajax hooligans are “quire singers” compared to Muslim hooligans, they have a far more aggressive way of fighting as both Islamic Hooligans have Allah on their side and when they are getting insulted well then they have to kill.
HHN would sponsor swords, knifes and machetes.

The HHN is in negotiations to contract Ali as the permanent anchor for the network!

Iraq's Comical Ali.

I really miss the TV performance of  the former Information Minister Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf of the Iraqi Ba’ath party during the Iraq war. He is fresh in my memory because of his unforgettable speeches and positive attitude. His sarcasm, humor and proving to be the propaganda specialist of the century is a perfect fit for the Head Hunter network. While Iraq was bombed back to the stone age and the whole studio was shaking Ali was reporting that the the US army was defeated and slaughtered, Oooh I can’t wait till the HHN starts broadcasting. So exited to be living in the 21st century broadcast technology these days and HD quality plus the effects portrays real live medieval torture and atrocities all in the name of Islam. It is the death of the horror and psychopaths movie genre business all the above events happened in less then a week.

Islam religion of "peace", define peace?

Muslim-majority countries are involved in violent conflicts, Muslims killing Muslims, their neighbors or creating havoc in the countries they are supposed to be integrated in. The media and political correct power figures like Obama whose repeating on TV that Islam is a religion of peace is utter bullshit. Importing more Muslims into European countries is utterly insane as well.  The historical events and the current state of events prove those facts beyond any doubt. The above report is my opinion on world news  from the last week and unfortunately it is only getting worse. There are more and more foreign fighters joining Isis or other Islamic terrorist groups, especially after the execution of the Jordanian pilot ( live burning Hollywood style production full coverage in the world wide media). In Belgium 47 Jihadist are now on trial ( just another “incident” this week)) and the press coverage is huge, whatever the sentence will be it will not help. The media is promoting Isis and Islamic fundamentalism so do the political correct leaders of countries. If you would convict all 47 Jihadist with 5 years in prison it will accomplish nothing. The damage the news coverage does is because it creates publicity for the political Islamic agenda. This results in another army of foreign Islamic lunatics to start fighting for the Islamic state and some home grown suicide attacks all in the name of the religion of “peace”. Islam comparing with Peace is the same as nominating Adolf Hitler for the Nobel Peace prize.

Bas Boon Says: Isis Propaganda and Be-headings


Monday, February 2, 2015

Holocaust Documentary "Night Will Fall" Is Full OF Inconsistencies And Propaganda! Palestine & Israel questions.

I Just finished watching the TV documentary Night will fall also called the lost footage of the holocaust.

Please note I am not a holocaust denier nor do I try to say that this horrible event did not take place, but after seeing this documentary I have some questions and in my quest I hope to get some answers.

Footage shows Germans warn Allies against Typhus in the Concentration Camps.

In the beginning of the documentary footage is shown of the British arriving at the first concentration camp, suddenly two Germans ( 12 April 1945 ) arrive with white flags and they asked to talk with the general of the British troops. Their message is that terrible diseases have broken out in the camp such as typhus and they advise the British troops to not enter the camp for the fear that Typhus will spread through out the population. The Germans offer the British a safe passage without shooting them and the filmmakers even show witnesses who confirm they were very surprised that the armed Germans gave the British soldiers a safe passage behind enemy lines, they had respect for the Germans for keeping their word, not one shot was fired. The story was told by the Germans that in many of these camps typhus and other diseases broke out and this is straight from the documentary Adolf the untold story!!! Famine and disease is not pretty.

Read more here in my blog: Our history is fake, April’s fools, propaganda for decades, Adolf Hitler and the monetary system, the bailout scam.

I was surprised they showed this part in the documentary where the Germans warned of the diseases in the camps. However in the documentary the footage is edited for the purpose of letting the viewer’s believe the Germans had something to hide and did not want the British to go into the camps. Surely this is horseshit as when the British and Russians liberated the camps many more died of typhus, its clear the disease got out of control and there was nothing more the British could do as the Germans did.

The Germans claimed that because all of their cities, roads and bridges were bombed and the country was flattened and years of boycotts, there was no food supply anymore during the last months and this created famine among the prisoners. With famine comes malnutrition and a weakened immune system which allowed typhus and other diseases to spread including to the German Camp staff. 

Then we can see how the British and also the Russian soldiers enter the concentration camps there are many witnesses who state in front of the camera that the stench and what they are witnessing are indescribable horrors, images they never would forget in their entire lives. The camera’s show piles of dead humans that simply looked like a sack of bones and are laying through out all those camps in piles, like staples of garbage bags.

This does not make sense, it only does as propaganda!

Here is where things get strange for me, in one camp Bergen Belsen there were more than 30.000 dead corpses according to the documentary narrator, however the editor Mike Lewis said he saw a few hundred dead corpses that's a huge difference. The deceased were found lying everywhere throughout the entire camp and yet they found the Nazi camp commander Joseph Kramer and the German  prison camp staff still there? What exactly were they waiting for? Waiting for the British to shoot them, or did they wait so they could start carrying all the dead corpses with typhus and other diseases to mass grave yards at gun point by the British (like is shown on the black and white footage in the documentary)? I asked myself that question a few times and some people told me it was because the Allies surprised the Germans. Ok let’s say this is true, maybe all the Germans became deaf and could not hear bombs, machine gunfire and mortar fire from the allies approaching the camps. Why would the camp commanders leave all these dead corpses with typhus and other diseases lying around throughout many of the German camps? So they can get some disease themselves, they like going to work in an unbearable stench of dead corpses every day? What happened to their famous ovens and burning the people who were gassed? We are talking about the Nazi's who's uniforms and boots  were designed by Hugo Boss. We are talking about the Germans "Deutsche Pünktlichkeit" ( German efficiency/punctuality and discipline) . Why not cremate or bury those corpses with typhus, why allow a pile up dead corpses with Typhus throughout several of those concentration camps and let them rot and stink for months in the open air ( 30.000 corpses in Bergen Belsen alone according to the narrator of the documentary) ? So more prisoners get sick? So they get sick themselves, it does not make any sense. Unless you are a hired camera man for shooting a propaganda film. Notice that the documentary starts with the message that military cameraman were instructed to construct a propaganda film ( yes the word propaganda is even mentioned). Sidney Bernstein was hired to make short propaganda yes they use that word in the documentary films for the British.
Picture by: Poster for Nazi Propaganda Film.

Scientific proof that the gas chambers never existed.

Mgr. Piguet, Bishop of Clermont-Ferrand, wrote that Polish priests have passed through the "gas chambers" of Dachau. However since 1960 it has been officially recognized that no one was ever gassed at Dachau

Was Dachau a concentration camp? Not according to Simon Wiesental and there is evidence!

Quote: Stephen F. Pinter, who served as a lawyer for the War Department of the United States in the occupation forces in Germany and Austria for six years after the war. He made the following statement in the most widely read American Catholic magazine, Our Sunday Visitor, for June 14, 1959:

"I was in Dachau for 17 months after the war, as a U.S War Department Attorney and can state that there was no gas chamber at Dachau. What was shown to visitors and sightseers there and erroneously described as a gas chamber was a crematory, nor was there a gas chamber in any of the other concentration camps in Germany.We were told that there was a gas chamber at Auschwitz, but since that was in the Russian zone of occupation, we were not permitted to investigate since the Russians would not permit it. From what I was able to determine during six postwar years in Germany and Austria, there were a number of Jews killed, but the figure of a million was certainly never reached. I interviewed thousands of Jews, former inmates of concentration camps in Germany and Austria, and consider myself as well qualified as any man on this subject. "

Bas Boon has taken the Dachau tour multiple times!

I have visited the Dachau camp multiple times myself and it is a cold dark place which gives you the creeps. One thing stood out is the perfectly organized structures and how the camp looks like it was just newly built. What came to mind is that I only saw a few ovens which were in perfect shape, with brand new chimneys and a room which was supposed to be a gas chamber. I had several different tour guides who spoke German and English during my visits in Dachau, I happen to speak and write both languages fluently and it came as a total surprise to me that our history changed a few times by the comments of the different tour guides. I was doing business with a company which was based in Dachau, so I  visited Dachau quit often. I took the tour multiple times at the Dachau camp with different tour guides. One said these are the ovens and these are the gas chambers where the Jewish people were gassed. Then several months later I had a tour guide who said that the so called gas chamber doors are repainted, they painted over the words “lebensgefahr” which means life danger, and “achtung gas ” careful gas and braussebad which means shower. These “gas” chambers were used for delousing and Typhus repercussions and nobody was ever gassed in Dachau according to the tour guide. Another fact I witnessed was one room which was presented as a shower room with a sign which said shower room, after a few years the sign with the inscription "shower room" was removed. From that moment on, I became fascinated why different tour guides would tell a totally different story about the history of events ( I was not alone in witnessing these contradictions, see link David Icke below).

This is why I don't believe anybody was gassed in Dachau.

When I continued watching the documentary “When Night Falls” there are just a few images from Dachau ( which is very strange as the hired producer going through the Dachau footage said they were watching 4 hours of these horrible images) and immediately I noticed something “odd”. Most of the pictures of the piles of corpses had a different background like it did not look like Dachau. Not only that, effects are used in the few seconds of shown footage and the quality is quit blurry and the majority of footage is shot inside. Like the close ups of dead victims have been edited with special effects and it looks strange. This is weird considering the testimony of the editor who says in the documentary they were looking at 4 hours of this horrific footage, why show a few seconds with Hollywood effects? Then the editor shows perfectly clear footage of the neighbors of the Dachau camp where Germans are fishing in a small river, clean air, beautiful fat cows. This is to show the contradiction of living, the same thing is done in the beginning of the documentary where you can see footage of beautiful fat cows and Germans eating and having fun a few miles from the camp. For propaganda it does the trick, you see piles of dead corpses and people dying from disease and hunger in the Concentration Camp on the other side the Germans living it up and are in full denial or simply do not care what happens in the "death" camps. Surely this must have had something to do with Alfred Hitchcock who found it very fascinating that such atrocities could be done and then in the surrounding area people could just live normal lives. I think the difference in the footage quality is because they filmed the footage of these Germans much later and then edited in the movie as Hitchcock came much later to England and Germany to work on the film. Another question is if you have hours of this horrific footage from a camp like Dachau why would you not show more footage and why was there not one image of the infamous gas chambers, just a few seconds of horrific piles of dead people with weird effects?

Why did the producers not use the same good quality footage of entering into the death camps as when they filmed outside of the camp?

Only the German footage from the surrounding areas of the camp neighbors is clear even while it is shot in black and white? Does it have to do with the coincidental footage which was shot in the camps that was saved in film canisters for decades and was damaged? The other footage shot outside the camps was preserved well? The documentary ends that Bernstein who hired Hollywood top producer and filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock ( famous for his horror movies like Psycho) actually never finished the movie? Near the ending of the documentary more footage is used from the Bergen Belsen camp mass grave but from another angle ( same footage from the beginning of the documentary). So for 70 years the footage and half-finished documentary about the darkest page in the history of mankind stays on the shelves and is not used? The British explain: we do not want this movie to be shown in Germany there is enough shame and blame and misery, secondly they felt guilty themselves as hundreds of thousands survivors (yes you read this well, hundreds of thousands survivors from those camps) did not want to go back to Poland or their home countries. In Bergen Belsen 20.000 prisoners stayed to help the other survivors and many wanted to go to Palestine / Israel. Britain said we have enough problems ourselves we cannot take all these people, try do say that now in the 21 century and you are a racist. Europe is full of refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan it is very sad but true. According the documentary the main reason the documentary film was not finished and used.

Picture by: Sergey Kamshylin

The story of Dachau, as told by tourist guides:

The demonizing of the enemy!

In the first world war the Germans were accused of all sorts of imaginary crimes, such as crucifixion of Canadians, cutting of the hands of Belgium Children, using corpses for making soap and using dead skin of victims to make products like lampshades and gassing soldiers, surely the Germans would say the same about the French. Interesting is that French prisoners ( secret army of French Patriots) from the resistance who spend years in Auschwitz included French hero Jean Moulin who hated the Germans for how the were treated. When they were liberated they never said anything about the gas chambers, they all denied that the Germans had a mass murder programme.

In the documentary “Night will Fall” there is also the famous scene of the display of two cut of shrunken heads and the presentation of tattooed skin of prisoners ( which has been debunked as a hoax and propaganda), not sure why use this footage again in a documentary 70 years later? When first sound is edited with the shot footage at the Belsen Belsen camp a soldier brings the message, we know now what we are fighting for, the same is repeated by Churchill, This is what we are fighting for, now it becomes clear that it is a strong message to a low moral fighting spirit among-st many of the British soldiers. Many do not really see the Germans as their enemies and hate the fact they now themselves are allies with Russians who are supporters of communism, while the Germans were fighting communism.

Exposing the Holocaust™ Hoax Archive - A HolyHoax Museum

Albert G. Rosenberg, The American “Jewish” Lieutenant who was in charge of documenting Buchenwald (see table shrunken head), was working for the Psychological Warfare Division of the Allied Forces.

Holocaust expert rejects the charge that Nazis made soap from Jews
The Testimony of Höss is far from the truth! 
In the testimony of Höss he states the following: "Beim Leichenschleppen assen sie oder rauchten." While pulling out the cadavers from these chambers the German soldiers were eating and smoking.
Höss continues:  ("als wenn es irgend etwas Alltäglisches wäre"). This means like it was something they did everyday like it was the most normal thing. Quote: When extracting the gold teeth, when cutting off the hair, when dragging them toward the furnaces or pits. Höss even adds this outrageous remark: "At the pits they used to keep the fire going. They would pour accumulated molten fat over the new cadavers, and they would poke around in the mountains of burning bodies to create a flue."

I eat and smoke while working in the gas chamber...

The few German witnesses who made testimonies during the Nurnberg trials were forced to confess by the British, their families and loved ones were threatened. This is why details declared by Höss were used to paint all the Germans as monsters, which resulted in 1.5 million Germans dying after the war from being sent to the Gulag working death camps and many died from hunger, rape and disease. It is also clear that after studying the testimonies that they were scripted ( by the British and the Russians) and not really done in a smart thought out way as there are a lot of inconsistencies. How do you smoke and eat at the same time with a gas mask and rubber gloves working with gassed corpses? If they did not use a gas mask and rubber gloves and suites the Germans who had these jobs would soon be dead themselves.

Scientific proof the Gas chambers did not exist at least not with the use of Zyclon B gas.

The use of the Zyclon B gas is mentioned during the Nurnberg trails and the witnesses that were filmed in Bernstein’s  footage,  now we know that it must have been scripted by overly angry British and Russians who never really gave much thought to what the threatened witnesses had to say ( testimonies written by the British and the Russians): The usages as of Ziclon B gass would be very inefficient to gas people, there are many technical impossibilities concerning these “gas” chambers. The DEGESCH (Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Schädlingsbekämpfung: German Company for Pest Control ) controlled a great part of the distribution of Zyklon B. The director Gerhard Peters was brought many times to testify: Quote “He said he had never heard during the war about any homicidal use of Zyklon B.”

Nur NI-9098, recorded only on 25 July 1947: a brochure entitled Acht Vorträge aus dem Arbeitgebiet der DEGESCH emberg documents (documents with the prefix NI, which means Nuremberg, Industrialists):

NI-9912, recorded only on 21 August 1947: a public notice entitled Richtlinien fur die Anwendung von Blausäure (Zyklon) zur Ungeziefervertilgung (Entwesung) (Directives for the use of Prussic Acid (Zyklon) for the Destruction of Vermin (Disinfestation).)
It is now clear that the use of Zyklon B gas to commit mass murder is simply not possible as described by the few German witnesses who were all under the threat of their Russians and Allies conquers.

In the documentary Night Will Fall we can see pictures of Auschwitz and a Jewish man praised the Russian filmmaker for lining up Auschwitz survivors giving them clothes and putting up the twins children ( one of the twins also can be seen in the CNN documentary voices of Auschwitz) in the same outfit in front of a huge row of former camp prisoners who are instructed to walk through a barb wire fence pathway. This illustrates that despite what those prisoners witnessed the Russians used the opportunity to use the survivors for a scripted scene. If Auschwitz was the most famous death camp then where is all the footage of the gas chambers? Why show the only scripted scene I just described, that does not make any sense in the focus and assignment was to show the German dead machine and their gas chambers. A few ovens can been seen in the documentary but it is like a normal cremation room with two or at the most three ovens, no gas chambers! A short image can be seen in one of the camps were the German word Bad des Desinfections is written which means disinfection bath room ( not gas chamber). The word Bad des Desinfections is not even mentioned or translated in the documentary which is utterly strange as the German dead camps are known for gassing people with Zyklon B gas

Quote: ”The Leuchter results were almost too good to be true, with a three orders of magnitude difference between the cyanide levels in the delousing chamber walls (about one part per thousand) and those in the washing chambers (aka 'gas chambers'), around one part per million. They are not published in any peer-reviewed chemistry journal, for obvious reasons. The only way to hold a debate on this subject appears to be in a courtroom, while being prosecuted! It is hard to reach the calm condition necessary for replication of chemical measurements. Nonetheless people have replicated the fundamental result[8], and even folk with no interest in chemistry can appreciate the pretty blue color on the outside of the de-lousing chamber (where the Ferro cyanide has seeped right through the wall) and its complete absence around the so-called 'gas chambers.' Let's face it, the case is established: the cyanide poison was used where the German records state that it was used ­ for delousing mattresses, clothing etc - whereas it was not used where the US and UK (at Nuremberg) alleged.”

Freedom of Speech?

The freedom of speech or doing research in the camps will only lead to prosecution, denying the holocaust is officially a crime with a sentence of many years in prison. I am not denying the holocaust but I am asking questions and there are clearly some inconsistencies and questions that needs answers. It says the pile of shoes and other belongs were reconstructed after the war in 1946 this fact was revealed in 1992 by Dr Franciszek Piper the senior Curator and director of Archives of the Auschwitz State Museum. Many descriptions of the camp have been erased from our history books such as the camp orchestra, shower units, a swimming pool and a morgue a huge collection of pictures from the camp art classes. More can be seen in the story
Adolf Hitler the greatest story Never told.
'Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story NEVER Told' Parts 1-27 @TGSNTtv

The reason these facts and findings are wiped from our history books is that it could lead to denying the Holocaust and we would not want that, would we? Scientist (The Leuchter results ) from around the world did do tests to find out if the Zyklon B or any gas was used in these so called gas chambers the results were negative and surely never published and the scientist locked up in prison.
The  Red Cross records suggest that there were no gas chambers at all the red cross reports 271,301 died during World War Two in these camps, mostly from typhus. The red cross who were stationed in all those camps wrote a letter to the US State department, stated: “We have not been able to discover any trace of installations for exterminating civilian prisoners.”
None of the Western Allies , Canada, USA, Australia, France, Britain ever liberated a camp that had gas chambers only the Russian did that, which they did not show on film?

The British secret service had cracked the code of the Germans in 1942 , years before the war ended and they monitored the camps. There has never been one order recorded or found of mass execution by gassing prisoners.
Like the first world war the Germans had to pay for the victims for their atrocities.

The Jewish Shoa Business: Trillions of dollars for Jewish "victims"..

Germany was forced to pay trillions of dollars to the Jewish people which helped to set up Israel after the war, they are still paying today, that would be a good motive to silence scientist who could prove there were no gas chambers. Third generation Holocaust victims still getting compensation money paid by the Germans. The same reason why Detroit is an abandon bankrupt city, but billions of US tax payers money is still paid to Israel. Question any of this and you are a Nazi, racist bastard who according to mainstream media and the “law” will convict you and you’ll get prison time. People who did research and do ask questions like Ernst Zundel would find himself in a never ending trail around the world and received death threats, broke up his family, house was firebombed and he ended up in prison for 5 years, his findings and opinions were not “valued’ to say the least. It’s clear they wanted desperately to shut him up.
“Shoa” is the term used by certain Jews and Zionists to describe the alleged Holocaust. After the Second World War Germany was forced to pay trillions of Dollars in compensation which helped the Jewish people to set up Israel and the Germans are still paying to this day. There are now second and third generation, the children and grandchildren of alleged Holocaust victims, who receive compensation from the German Government and various German Corporations. The American Government also use this as an excuse to give billions of American taxpayers’ money to Israel, although the real reason behind these payments is the strength of the Israeli lobby in America.

Holocaust or Holohoax05: Twenty-One Amazing Facts

What and who is a war criminal?

War is an ugly thing, it shows that we humans cannot resolve a problem in a decent mature way of dialogue and diplomacy and at the end we humans loose especially the civilians woman and children. I am not denying the atrocities of wars neither do I deny the camps and the cruelties of the Germans. I do think Typhus and disease were a huge part of the incredible horrors in the German concentration camps especially during last few months of the war. I am convinced all countries who were involved used propaganda as a tool to manipulate the masses. We do not call the British and Russians war criminals now because when they took over the death camps still thousands of people in many of those camps died of Typhus and other deceases. We are not calling the British and the Russians war criminals for raping mass amounts of  German woman and sending millions of Germans to death camps themselves. Bottom line, if the war would not have started to begin with there would have been no death camps and no typhus and other disease outbreaks. There would be no need for propaganda and pushing an agenda of demonizing other human races. 
The tragic part is that some of these historic events are used still today to shut people up who asked normal questions. You are a racist Nazi bastard and a fascist and your opinion is sometimes punishable by imprisonment or worse. I do not believe the official 9/11 story, so this makes me not patriotic and it makes me not respecting the victims and it makes me a conspiracy theorist the list is endless.

The Holocaust is used to demonize people with a different opinion or asking questions.

Some Zionists keep using the holocaust to labels others as Nazi’s and racists, this also works against them as many of the brainwashed sheep such as teachers have spread these messages for the last several decades and as a result the new and old generation will keep being politically correct even if a Bomb would go off right next to them. The British did not want to show the propaganda documentary Night “Will Fall” because it was not in their best interest despite the historical value. The British did not want to take on helpless poor Jews who had typhus and other diseases, they even shot and blew up boats with Jewish refugees.

For the Muslims this is not a reason to express victim-hood, bad things happen in life and we can either be the victim or the victor. Being a victor is not terrorizing humanity as pay back it is dealing with and facing your own fear, anger and darkness and coming out better for it.

"Palestine" The Desert Land promised in Holy books to the Jewish people.

Palestine was a desert waste land. In the holy Quran (and the bible) of the Muslims it says that Israel is the promised land of the Jews. In 1967 three Arab countries prepare to attack Israel and got their asses kicked in the 6 day war. What did Israel do, did they stay and occupy those lands, no! They stayed in Gaza to protect Jerusalem and Israel and when they left they got an ongoing barrage of rockets shot to Israel almost on a daily base. There are about 7 million people Israel and over 1 million are Muslim, Arab woman have even voting rights and Arabs have 14 seats in the Knesset. There are also 130.000 Christians and 100.000 Druze inhabitants in Israel. We can see throughout the world anything will be destroyed if it is not in line with the Quran and Islam, Buddhist statues in the mountain are blown up in Afghanistan, in Pakistan museums and ancient artifacts of Buddha have been destroyed and vanish. 

In September 1996, Palestinian rioters destroyed a synagogue at Joseph's Tomb in Nablus.
In Israel: Rachel's Tomb near Bethlehem has been repeatedly attacked since 1996.
In October 2000, Joseph's Tomb was torched and rebuilt as a mosque
In October 2000, the ancient synagogue In Jericho an ancient synagogue was destroyed by arson, another  historic synagogue was damaged.

My Questions about "Palestine".

My questions are when was Palestine ever recognized by any other country? What was the name of the currency in Palestine? What is the religion of Palestinians? What caused the demise as there is no such country? Up until 1967 there was never talk of “occupied territory “or a Palestinian State. “Coincidentally” this changed after Israel was victorious in the Six day War, a war which was initiated by 3 Arab countries.

None of these historic events should be used to justify the behavior
of extreme Islamic terrorist groups today and radicalization's of Muslims. The same goes for Orthodox Jews who try to play the racist and Nazi card (holocaust third generation victims) in any occasion they can find. There are too many tragic injustices in history, still it should never be a reason to attempt to justify inhumane crimes against humanity. This insanity only leads to more hate, war and misery, this is what history has taught us, so we should start acting like human beings with empathy and get rid of hate and the role of the victim.

Lets learn from history and not use it to justify new atrocities! 

The biggest issue and sad conclusion after watching this footage and this horrific piece of history in our human existence is we did not learn anything from it. The Vietnam war followed based on a lie and war propaganda, the Gulf of Tonkin incident. We almost “achieved” a third world war by acting on a false flag in the Cuba crisis. The War in Iraq was started because of propaganda lies, there were no weapons of mass destruction. 9/11 propaganda was used to start two wars -  Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of these wars are manipulated by Zionist who do not care who wins and how many people get slaughtered as long as they get richer. There is a huge difference in a Jew (secular) and a Zionist (orthodox). Not all Germans were bad and Nazi’s and not all Russian were bad and Stalin worshipers and not all Muslims are terrorist and extremist, but at the end it only takes a small minority with the right piece of propaganda and the rest of the human sheep forget every piece of history, our stupidity, ego, anger and reptilian brain takes over and we go to war again, enriching a few Zionists and other delusional humans with war agenda’s and power games with our blood and stupidity. Do not give these people the chance to keep pushing their war and hate agenda. Stop fighting start loving and living and lets learn from history!