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Not All Lives Matter, Black Violence, Testosterone, Ego, Mentally Insane! Solution for Gun Control!

Not All Lives Matter, Black Violence, Testosterone, Ego, Mentally Insane! Solution for Gun Control!

Alison Parker (24) and Adam Ward (27) two white people are murdered on camera and it is displayed by a Black Gay Murderer on social media.
Pretty much live on social media and on TV the gruesome images of the two journalists being murdered are being shown as it happened. But no coverage of the white people rioting in Roanoke, no shops on fire, no looting, no cars on fire, so why is there such a difference in response in anger and emotions? Are we going to ban the Gay Rainbow Flag now because of this gruesome act of racism and murder? When I lived in Holland I grew up as a kid with show The Dukes of Hazard on TV, I loved Boss Hogg, The Duke brothers and the car General Lee, that car and that flag reminds me still to today of the long legs of Daisy, her big earrings and great ass in tight jeans, not once when I see that flag on that car it would trigger some racist thought. The performance of Lynyrd Skynyrd singing the song Sweet Home Alabama at their concerts had many times the confederate flag present, should we also ban their music now?

Black Gay Shooter murders two White People, We Should Ban This Flag
Confederate Flag banned after White Mentally Insane Person shoots Black People!

Why not white riots? This should be the question and the topic in the media but as always the politicians ( and the media they control) are pushing their gun control agenda and others will defend the right to have a gun, both with valid and good arguments. CNN invited a Sandy Hook mother Erica Lafferty talking about her loss and her opinion on guns. No word on how looting a supermarket and electronic stores could ease the emotional pain because a white police guy shot a well-known criminal like Brown. At the same time this incident happened a 9 year old black school kid was killed in a drive by shooting committed by a black gunman (not in the news). Very few would like to take responsibility for our self for our own actions and behavior, we like to point finger and blame others

This black woman’s YouTube message went viral, this black woman is mad and she nails it:
Viral Video (US)St. Louis woman Slams Black Lives Matter /CNN Interview.

Let’s start with my thread title “Not All Lives Matter” sure this is done on purpose, it’s provocative and the first response would be that I am a racist, which I am not. However my opinion is that certain people simply do not qualify for that title, such as rapist, kidnappers, murders and pedophiles molesting minors. Sure there are more people we can be put on those list such as war criminals and cult leaders. Bottom-line there are people who inflict death and pain on others, in my opinion they do not qualify for the sentence that All Live Matter, it does not for them, why should I tolerate such a behavior? I am not a religious person but I understand the phrase

““So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets” Matthew 7:12.

“What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others.” Confucius

However if we look at those phrases we all can agree this would not be the rule for serial killers like Ted Bundy or Charles Manson, the mentally insane and people with no empathy.

What are the numbers?
In the Dutch Telegraph newspaper I just read an article that black people from the Dutch Antilles have 13x more murders among them than white people.

The US is not any difference whites were the victims of black violence by more than 5 x! New 2015 DOJ Statistics on Race and violent crime!

Quote: “A black is 27 times more likely to attack a white and 8 times more likely to attack a Hispanic than the other way around. A Hispanic is eight times more likely to attack a white than vice versa.

The questions we should ask is why are black people so much more violent?
The father of one of the victims will make his life a crusade to do something about crazy people in getting guns. This person actually says something very interesting, he refuses to blame the gun for the killing but the mentally insane person who committed the crime. I wanted to know more so I did some research:

Serum Testosterone Levels in healthy young Black and White Man

The article is interesting it is scientific research about why Black males that have 2 to 3 times more chance of developing prostate cancer. This all has to do with the higher testosterone levels in the Black Males, according the NCBI between 15 and 21% higher. Now I have some experience as a fight manager and coach on what steroids like testosterone can do. It makes humans more aggressive, not to mention the disastrous results if these black males use steroids for their football, wrestling, fighting, cycling or Olympic careers. The aggression becomes very severe and their emotions become very unstable. The amount of money which is involved is staggering for the athletes future but also for the distribution of the steroids.

Here are some headlines:

Bill Cosby would lead the chart  (drugged his rape victims).

Michael Jackson would be coming in on a second place (pedophile drug user).

13 September 2010 Floyd Mayweather  Beat the Mother of His Children over having Sex With Another Athlete.

Former UFC champion Jon Jones now suspended had multiple cases of DUI and tested positive for the use of Cocaine.

Usian Bolt Says Tyson Gay should have been banned for doping 24 April 2015 The Guardian

Golfer retracts claim the Tiger failed drug test 2nd march 2015 USA Today
Up until 1987 steroids were not even banned in the NFL, during my trips to the K-1 and Pride Fighting Events in Japan I witnessed the best fights ever. It said in the rules that steroids such as testosterone were not on the forbidden list. Now we are reaching the point to say: cool those days we saw the best fights, you could asked yourself if the fighter who used the most steroids won? It’s like cycling if everybody uses and Lance won the tour 7 times would that mean he used the most enhanced forbidden drugs? People who are professional sportsmen understand that it is not physically possible to ride a bike 6 to 8 hours without using special supplements and enhanced drugs to practice the sport of cycling going up mountains like Alps and the Pyrenees just by eating a plate of Spaghetti.

It’s the audience the public, the viewers and the fans who push the athletes to incredible performances with or without the use of enhance drugs. The pressure for the young athletes is huge, their drug use starts already at college football. The injuries and the need to play all the important games or not missing an important fight as a fighter because of injuries is huge.

The receipt for disaster! Young African American Athletes with already a 20% higher testosterone level use more testosterone. On top of that the young athletes go out and use drugs such as coke, Viagra and alcohol  while “enjoying” an night out and the combination of the mix of so much dangerous substances results often in disaster. Not to mention drinking some cans of coke, monster and red bull energy drinks putting their sugar levels to astronomical proportions with the intake of alcohol and drugs. A sleep disorder is developed as well which will result in more mood swings and aggression!
The same can be said for the rest of the population who drown away in an oblivious Alice in Wonderland state much of the time because of their heavy use of pharmaceutical described pills for whatever aches, pains and headaches they have.

August 14th 2015 FDA approves  OxyContin for Children as Young as 11

OxyContin is a synthetic heroin that is highly addictive, then there is Ritalin and many other over the counter and prescription drugs that are prescribed for children and adults that are so terrible for your health. How about the anti depressant drugs.  There is a prescription drug for everything. The FDA likes their young customers as young as 11 to make them heroin junkies for the rest of their short lives. It’s government approved and we can trust the government, can’t we? If you believe people who are rich would not end up dead or in jail because of their addictive behavior you wrong. The list of dead rappers is impressive, they rap about their testosterone levels, their cocks and sexual performances and above all their bling bling and cars and their rivals. Biggy, TuPac,  Just to name a few, there is, Whitney Housten and her daughter that ended up dead, Michael Jackson, Jimmy Hendrix sure tons of whites with drug and addiction problems can be mentioned as well.

My point is the combination of these drugs with a young African American man with a naturally higher testosterone level - results in walking aggressive time bombs who will reach an attitude of a permanent state of offense. So what can we do about it?  I would suggest to ban all these drugs and  substances including all those approved FDA pills. Let’s people take responsibility when they drink or use legal and illegal drugs which makes zombies out of them and make them understand this could make them a potential candidate for becoming the next mass shooter.

Death from prescription Drugs the New epidemic Sweeping Across America.

Now pay attention youngsters: let’s start with the African American male and female, the urge to produce children because of higher testosterone levels can be explained because of their higher testosterone levels. However having 6 or more children being on welfare and then to start protesting about unfair treatment makes you labeling yourself as dumb and not responsible!
The result of eating cheap junk food, taking steroids at young age plus the usage of coke and alcohol will cause the following problems:

Addiction. Heart failure, mental problems, diabetics, prostate cancer, leaking gut syndrome, hormone imbalance, mood swings, anger issues, aggression, relationship problems, family problems, racism phobia’s, delusional, stress, anxiety  the list is endless. I would suggest to inform these athletes and non professional athletes at very young age repeating the message about these dangers with a good educational program and -  Show disastrous examples, let them understand what it does to their bodies and what is does in the next 5 to 10 years. Let them know that some of the damage they cause with the use of these drugs will result in damaging their bodies and organs beyond repair. Or worse they will find themselves being the headlines in the news as the next mass shooter or murderer if not ending their lives themselves ( see article prescription drugs cause more deaths now in the US then illegal drugs).
Picture Rena Schild
Activists fueling the conflict, not helping!

The Ego of the Human male.  Black Lives Matter movement is bias! What can the media do?
The recent African American shooter had a midlife identity crisis.  A black gay man watching gay porn feeling rejected. Filing a law suit against his former boss and was drowning away in a pool of negativity. He tried to identify with other victims who are treated unfairly with the Charleston shooter ( delusional drug using white boy being brainwashed) and his final despicable act was to be famous and be known and heard of on TV. The parents and people in his surroundings could have pushed the alarm button, this failure of society was a born looser the moment he dropped out of his mother’s vagina. A freak of nature a mistake, you could see his freckled up face and picked eyebrows with no emotions in his eyes, just emptiness and sexual frustration.

Media should not mention names and motive from attention seekers who murder and commit terrorism to spread their message!

My suggestion is to not name the shooters and terrorist anymore in the media but call them mentally insane Mr X. These attention seeking mentally ill delusional retards do not deserve a letter of their name or delusional messages in the media. Screw their messages and bullshit, Shaun King has a disturbed personality, he is very white but the main activist for Black Lives Matter Movement. Shaun claims he is biracial, but he actually could mean bisexual. Shaun’s mustache reminds me of Adolf Hitler, a person who seeks to have authority over others, who seeks leadership, control freak, but in reality is probably a bisexual, in the closet with a fascination for black African American men fulfilling his sexual fantasies. 

The Oprah Winfrey brainwash network gave Shaun a scholarship. I am also against police brutality and had some negative experiences with some cops in my life time, but this Shaun guy tops the list of cry babies who screams for media attention and through the racist agenda he and others like him are getting these international platforms by the media controlled networks and politicians who use these schizophrenics for their own political massages. These “activist”  attention seekers are personally as responsible for the escalation of members of the retard club to start mass shootings. Wake up retards your country has a black president and movie stars like Will Smith and Morgan Freeman, watch what Morgan Freeman says against a Jewish reporter: STOP TALKING ABOUT IT!

 Morgan Freeman on Racism! Jewish interviewer is perplexed!

The same rule should be applied to activists such as the leader of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Gun ownership.

Check gun owners for drug and alcohol use mandatory every three months this could be done form a new created institution “Check Gun Owners for Safety” (like Olympic drug testing). This new institution can randomly check gun owners, gun owners can pay extra tax for this new job creation initiative. They should check for prescription drug use and mentally illness even sugar and steroid levels. Mandatory eye test and physical health and back ground check of mental illness in the family. I have no problem in good guys having a gun in a legal way. Surely they can understand that to have a gun there should be rules to ban retards from getting guns or at least make it a lot more difficult.

So let’s put this to work instead of endless conversations with the next victim’s family members talking about political agendas of politicians and the media seeking crazy’s for sensation and often is controlled to push certain agenda’s. Those people who push those agendas in the media are amongst the most dangerous psychopaths the world has ever seen creating diversity in race, religion and sexism.

In a recent science experiment I saw on TV. An interesting test was conducted, they had white individuals doing a gun shooting test. They were shown at a distance a white person holding a mobile phone in their hand or an image of a white person with a gun in hand and the shooter had 1 second to make up his mind, to eliminate the threat or recognize there was no threat at all. The result: yes more white people did shoot the person in black mistaking the phone for a gun. You would say this is racist based!
Then the same test was conducted with a black person holding a gun or mobile phone in his hand. The test continued now they would have black person shooting and repeat the test. Black people shot also much more if the person who carried the phone or gun was black, so black shooting black. Now maybe this has something to do with the subconscious of the brain that more dark colored people are identified as a more dangerous. At least the test proved that white and black people doing the shooting test would have the same result!

We should learn that we all are responsible for our own actions, take responsibility hold yourself accountable and do not point fingers or blame others. Put the hands on your own chest, improve your own behavior and try to inspire others. Do not try to create a movement based on hate and revenge which encourages more violence instead of a peaceful solution. Religion and race is all man made and we should recognize we are all humans living on a planet called earth, dividing ourselves into groups and labeling these groups with certain names is promoting separation not unity!

Bas Boon doing a motivational speech about winning and team building for the CLSA Group in Tokyo, Japan!


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Donald Trump the King of Media, People, Don King, Dana White and Vince McMahon Pay Attention Here!

Donald Trump the King of Media, People, Don King, Dana White and Vince McMahon pay attention here!

Picture by Tinseltown

The GOP presidential race has never been more exciting than as in the last couple of decades with the run of the Donald. It is a perfect example of and individual who knows exactly how to play the media game and he has me as a fan. Everybody should pay attention to The Donald, the reality TV star of the apprentice taking the political landscape by storm. What people should understand is what TV does to the majority of humanity. The propaganda minister of Adolf Hitler Joeseph Goebles a media expert once said quote :

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it people eventually will come to believe it”. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” I do not say what Trump says is a lie ( I am a fan) but repeating his message is a strategic method.

Donald knows how to trigger human emotions.

Media Slogan: Make America Great Again!

Now let’s look at Donald Trump, he is an expert in media appearances being one of the most successful reality TV show hosts in the history of American television. For example look at The Donald’s appearance in the Ladd-Peebles Stadium in Mobile Alabama. He enters the stadium with over 25.000 supporters with the music from Lynyrd Skynyrd Sweet Home Alabama. Music is also very important to put your image and message in the minds of the people. The next time they play a song they associate this with Donald Trump, surely the Donald leaving the stadium with Twisted Sister song “We Are Not Going To Take It” is all carefully planned and not a coincidence. I wonder when we  will ever have a politician using the song all we need is love, but apparently the word peace and love is not what the majority of the sheep voters are familiar with. Good people like John Lennon, Kennedy and Martin Luther King get shot, they end up being murdered. Let's hope the Donald does not step to much at those psychopaths toes! People love entertainment, if Matt Hughes would fight in the UFC, the first thing I think about it the country song from Hank Williams Jr: A Country Boy Can Survive!

Bomb the oil fields to cut of the money supply to Isis.

Take a stand for what you believe!

Trump was attacked by military generals which were put on CNN and asked their opinion about bombing the oilfields and taking the oil from Isis to stop their money flow ( solution from Donald Trump). These military generals went to war because their military intelligence said there were weapons of Mass destruction in Iraq, which was a lie. They went to war because 15 Saudi’s hijackers  parked their planes in the WTC, what did the US do, did they go to war with Saudi Arabia, no the generals agreed to go to war with Afghanistan and Iraq? Did they bomb oil fields and secure oil fields? No, they bombed Iraq's infrastructure and entire cities! These were the generals who talked on CNN saying you can’t enter a sovereign country like what Donald would suggest. Next time when they  bring up  this subject Donald, slaps them around the head with this statement.

Sometimes a bankruptcy is necessary and healthy!

Bankruptcy of the Donald

Bankruptcy case of the Donald had been discussed in the press and the Donald’s response - he used the possibilities within the law. Now that is a healthy situation, if you can’t pay your creditors anymore you go bankrupt. Look at Greece, they’re getting the third bail out and then pay their previous debt intrest off with bailout money a few billions to the ECB bank, it’s madness. For that reason running a country like a healthy business is not even a bad idea. Adolf Hitler did not want to work with the banking system and use the Rothschild’s and British bankers. He started his own note for work and barter deals system and the nation became the strongest within 5 years while all other countries were still suffering from the 1929 Wall Street Stock Market Crash and worldwide recession. Don’t get me wrong I do not agree with many things Adolf Hitler did, but there were things he was right on point about.

The Donald at work catching media headlines on a daily basis.

Then there is Megyan the Fox TV anchor who was unfair to the Donald (sure she was) but when the Donald fires back it’s an outrage:
They tried to catch the Donald and proclaimed he was a woman hater ( if I look at his current wife and ex-wife’s, I must say he has a great taste of woman and must be a woman admirer)

“One of the things people love about you is that you speak your mind, don’t use a politician’s filter,” Kelly said. “But that has its downsides, in particular when it comes to women. You call women you don’t like ‘fat pigs,’ ‘dogs,’ ‘slobs,’ and ‘disgusting animals.'”
Donald Trump replied: “Only Rosie O’Donnell,”. Bam Media Hype!

Recently another tweet of the Donald : @megynkelly must have had a terrible vacation, she is really off her game. Was afraid to confront Dr. Cornel West. No clue on immigration!" The media and Fox  TV to make statements again and : All with special thanks to Megyan! Bam Media Hype!

Lawyer: Donald Trump called me 'disgusting' for request to pump breast milk
A woman comes forward with a breast pump story and the Donald makes a public statement she wanted to feed her baby right in front of him by breastfeeding the baby. Bam Media Hype!

Controversy used for personal branding the master at work!

Senator Mc Cain heroism was discussed and questioned by The Donald. Bam Media Hype!

The Donald is putting out the mobile phone number of Lindsay Graham’s during one of his speeches on TV. This was the response:
Gawker publishes Donald Trump's mobile number – and tells readers to ask him about his 'important ideas' Bam Media Hype!

Trump responded, thanks for the publicity do not forget to listen to my auto response when dialing the mobile number it has a great political message. Bam Media Hype!

Surely the last stunt with the Univision's Spanish Journalist being removed from the press conference but then is allowed in by the Donald will be the next media hype to be seen with the Donald at the center of all the attention.

Half a Billion dollars for the Donald not for his campaign but for himself.

People should realize that it has been said now multiple times in the press that The Donald has a 500 million dollar lawsuit against Univision. Trump even mailed his contract to the media to show he has nothing to hide and will win this case against Univision. Now what people should understand is that Trump is paying already some of his hands warning  lawyers and especially judges. Those judges are going to be very careful in judging a case ( Univision) with the involvement of the possible future president of the United States. This is another great advantage for the Donald he does not even need to take 1 dollar from lobbyists ( he publicly denied a 5 million dollar gift in the media). The Donald cancels his TV Apprentice contract and gets a present for political correct stupidity from Univision, they are going to bleed.
I would suggest Danna White from the UFC, Vince McMahon from the WWE and Don King from Boxing to take a seminar with the Donald on how to work with the Media ( Ok, I admit I would love to be there myself as well).

My experience with the main stream Media.

Bas Boon and Sonja Barend at Barend & Witmann

I have had my experience with the media at young age especially during the rise of MMA, I remember a TV interview with a famous Dutch TV talk show host named Sonja Barend in a program from Barend & Witteman ( known for her left wing views). The interview was after I had held my first Cage fight on Dutch soil and the media hype was at apocalyptic proportions. Never as a promoter of fight events had I had that much free media hype for an event I promoted. My timing was also perfect as no other sport events or big headline news subjects were taking place, my Cage Fight Event from Emmen Holland topped the charts. It even became a political question which was debated for hours in the Dutch politics.  It was argued that kickboxing and MMA was a barbaric, blood sport and our culture was going backwards, it should be forbidden. The result was a sold out show with tons of international media present with live broadcasting and tons of revenues in the sales of TV footage and ticket revenues.

I noticed something in one of my first TV appearances and it was how the interviews were done with the candidates to attend the TV show of Sonja Barend. They would call you and ask you questions:  would you say this and that on TV, they would try your emotions with certain questions, they were looking for characters who were pro Cage Fighting and characters who were against it, and stereo types what to think of a Cage fighter and promoting such a show? When I was present during the live studio broadcast the following happened, they had one of my cage fighters who was scheduled to fight the following show answering some question. He was asked to explain what he did to a burglar that broke into his car and also how he wanted to demolish somebody in a Cage. Then it was my turn to give my opinion, the problem was that the Cage fighter would be allowed to talk for 15 minutes and I would get less than 1 minute airtime. What is also very important is to talk in a nice relaxed way and not get annoyed or frustrated which would make you look aggressive ( I learned this later from a professional). The next show was with Katherine Keijl another Dutch TV personality by now I learned, I stayed relaxed answered politely with timely answers and opinions. They invited a politician a woman who was strongly opposed to MMA fighting. But she had no media experience and started shouting and interrupting my answers. This made her look unprofessional and she lost her audience, now I was getting more time to speak and even woman in the audience applauded me, I learned how to play the game.

Jacobse en van Es - De hele teringzooi van De Tegenpartij

I remember two comedians in Holland named Kooten en de Bie and they were doing political sketches during their shows. One of their sketches was called “De Tegenpartij” which mean the party of the opposite. When the Dutch went to vote that year, tens of thousands actually wrote “De Tegenpartij”  / part of the opposite)  on the vote paper (Kooten en de Bie’s Tegenpartij was not a political party) and tens of thousands voted for them. It all has to do with communication, being relate-able, humor and not being a dull political puppet whose voice is controlled by the big corporation's, those days are over!

I can’t wait till Donald Trump becomes president even better his wife would rock as the first lady!!
picture by: Everett Collection


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The Media's very obvious avoidance of the words, Islam, Muslim, Islamist and Terrorism in the Headlines. Rise of Fascism. Thalys Train Shooter

The Media's very obvious avoidance of the words, Islam, Muslim, Islamist and Terrorism in the Headlines. Rise of Fascism. Thalys Train Shooter 
Are you crazy thinking I am a Islamic Jihadist Terrorist, I am just a poor skinny drug-user that wanted to commit a robbery!

There is a new trend in the media and it is intentional and well-orchestrated decisions to not use the words Islamic or Muslim when  terrorist attacks take place. John Kerry said to not use the word Islamic anymore in the press, let’s look at some of the latest press releases.

Three wounded by shooting incident  in Thalys from Amsterdam to Paris. Dutch Media 

The shooter in Thalys Train has been over powered marines. Three wounded. Volkskrant newspaper in Holland.

French Train Attack American and British Heroes honored by President Hollande.  Telegraph UK Newspaper

Two US service members helped foil a potential terror attack on a Paris-bound train:  The business Insider 

Attaque du Thalys : sans eux « nous serions tous morts Le Monde newspaper France

Attaque du Thalys : le tireur présumé a travaillé deux mois en France Le Figaro newspaper France

Thays_ZÜGE  Fahren ab jetzt mit Polizeischutz  German magazine

Ok you get the picture the word Islam and Muslim are not used anymore in the headlines. If you thought you heard it all and you thought you seen it all, we seriously are seeing the following headlines a few days later:
Train Robbers wanted.....

French train gunman claims attempted robbery rather than ‘terrorist intentions’  

Yes the 26 or 25 year old boy (media is divided about his age) was just a poor Moroccan and like the Chattanooga shooter he was just a poor “normal” good boy looking for a job according to the Muslim community and his father. According the lawyer of the poor boy ( they always have lawyers those poor victims of society ) his client was walking in a park and saw a huge bag with knives, a Kalashnikov, guns and ammunition. His client picked up the bag and thought it was a nice day and opportunity to rob a train. He felt so lucky finding that bag and his luck did not run out as he coincidentally walked passed all the train security and nobody saw this poor boy enter the train. According the lawyer his client was very sick, suffered from malnutrition and was very thin, this could explain how he could pass the security. Being that weak there could have been another lucky finder who was ultra-skinny suffering from malnutrition accomplice because the bag with Kalashnikov, knives and ammunition must have weighed more than the lawyers poor skinny victim client.
Another lucky Moroccan victim found a weapon stash: (they have a talent for finding weapons) picture by: Dona_Bozzi 

France train attack: What do we know about the suspect?

Yes the title’s still suspect and not terrorist attack, but we are going to take this a step further , the poor, malnutrition suffering, drug using , skinny Moroccan “victim” admitted to have traveled to, Spain, Istanbul, Berlin and lately the 25-year-old poor Moroccan victim  said to have visited numerous European countries, including Austria, Germany, France and Andorra, in recent months. To finally end up sleeping in a park and finding a bag of guns and knives.
Quote the lawyer on his poor client: "He clearly had no firearms training whatsoever," said Alek Skarlatos, one of the Americans who tackled the gunman. "If he knew what he was doing or even got lucky and did the right thing, he would have been able to operate through all eight of the magazines, and we probably wouldn't be here today."

Skinny Moroccan wrestled with 4 people shot one person in his neck,  almost cut off the thumb of marine and cut him several times and managed to cause a black eye on a marine who practiced  MMA.

Skinny Morroccan “victim” shooter almost became the incredible Hulk.

The skinny malnutrition poor Moroccan victim did not know how to work with firearms according to the lawyer and one of the marines, but he did manage to fire some shots. The skinny Moroccan victim even managed to almost cut off the marine’s thumb  and stabbed him multiple times ( you can see the wounded tall black eyed muscular marine in the press conference) and wounded another train passenger who wanted to take away his Kalashnikov and drew a pistol and shot him in his neck and that passenger almost died. He must have gotten a sudden hulk moment when this poor Moroccan victim was attacked by a teacher and three marines, what a shock for the poor victim. 
No questions about the poverty stricken Moroccan traveling to all those countries during the last couple of month and who paid for that?  He clearly must have been sponsored by a person who felt pity for this skinny malnutrition Moroccan victim. Great there are still people who care and provide for such a great lawyer and press statements.

Not terrorism just a victim who was walking in his orange outfit in the dessert and bumped in to some robbers, robbery gone wrong

The secret service of multiple countries warned multiple times against this radical as he was known for his extremist Islamic views, except for the US secret service they did not know shit about him. The public is warned again that the services do not work together and that the poor Moroccan victim could have gone on a plane to the US without alarm bells ringing ( he sure was an experienced traveler according to the poor, skinny Moroccan victim’s last month’s travel reports). They could have made a mistake as this victim became so skinny and poor, many of the poor unemployed job seekers have a beard and a white hat and are skinny, which could be confusing with identification.
Talk about the law of attraction, fuck, you finally want to get your reward of 72 virgins and then a bad function Wi-Fi, fucks up your orgy. Yes the Wi-Fi was not working in one of the train wagons so the three marines moved to another train wagon. One US Marine just came back from Afghanistan and then meets a Jihadist sorry I mean skinny victimized train robber in a train from Amsterdam to Paris, what are the odds? CNN report from today calling him a bad guy (still no word of terrorist or Islamist jihadist) as American heroes speak out.
Exactly the same profile for Chattanooga shooter and other robbers. 

Lots of similarities with the Chattanooga shooter

In all the media title the word Islamic or Muslim ( extremist ) will not be mentioned except maybe for Fox News and the Jewish press. There were even some who questions if the shooter even was a Muslim, the media would even go further:

Chattanooga Shooter Failed to See That True Islam Rejects Violence

Bas Boon Says:

Islam Was The Motive For Chattanooga shooter Abdulazeez And All Other Islamic Terrorist Attacks.

Severed Head Found After Suspected Terror Attack at French Chemical Factory

This news came at the same time when a gun man stormed two hotels in Tunisia in the city of Sousse, killing 37 people, mostly British tourists that were laying on the beach sun-bathing. Notice again the title is Gunman ( not Islamic Fundamentalist terrorist), not even using the word Terrorist, Muslim or Islam, the word  Islamic State was only used that day as on the same day a Mosque blast in Kuwait killed 27 people and this was claimed by the Islamic State.
Remember most of the media headlines worldwide do not use the word Islamic or Muslim in these attacks: regardless of the fact that the idiot who cut off someone’s head was an -  Islamic fundamentalist retard which sent an Islamic jihadist war text message and had an Isis flag on the spot (maybe just a Jihadist fan?).

French attack: Country faces fresh horror over decapitation and factory explosions:  Telegraph newspaper in UK

Some of the French media would even go so far to say that it was a personal grudge the poor Muslim had against his boss, I mean WTF one of the fireman was tackled this retard could hear him scream: "Alahou Akbar" but it has nothing to do with religious madness, just a guy who was angry at his boss and decided to spike his head on a fence?


These days we see a new trend by the delusional religiously insane, just deny you are a terrorist, blame it on the western society and play a victim role.

ISIS reported to have blown up ancient temple in Palmyra

Isis recently blows up the temple Temple of Baalshamin, now kidnapping and taking oilfields for money is just something all countries would do, so nothing new. But deliberately blowing up old Temples and destroying ancient artifacts can only be done by the religious, delusional and insane.
The Taliban and other Islamic groups don’t like any proof of an intelligent culture which was there before them or that spread a different message then Islam, so:


I wrote about this in my blog:

“Minority” Groups Of Muslim Caused “Incidents” Of Genocide In History, The “Bin Laden” Monk And Private Bank Religion.

Quote from that blog: Malaysia Kota Bharu city has a Buddhist society but in 2012 they were told that a new temple could not include any Buddhist statues or figures, it should resemble a Mosque.( note) in 2005 the Party Islam Se Malaysia it was officially declared Islamic despite the fact that more than 30% were Buddhist and Christian in that City.
Like Lebanon, the Maldives or this city in Malaysia please understand that these examples are all just incidents. Islam does not want to conquer a country and convert their inhabitants or murder their inhabitants, those are just the “small” incidents of ideas of a “minority” groups of Muslims. Not all the Germans were Nazis or bad, not all communist under Stalin were bad. The multicultural anti-racist human rights group can assure you that the bigger part of any population would never follow the smaller extreme group and their extreme agenda, would they?

Muslim-Buddhist Conflict in Asia: and how to understand it

Fears of a new religious strife

Conflicts and the future of Islam and Buddhism in SE Asia

I’ve lived in Thailand now for over 7 years and I am also confronted with the latest bomb attack:

Bangkok blast: Mohamad Museyin identified as prime suspect in bombings by Thai police

The worst single mass casualty attack in living memory in Thailand. The Thai police does not exclude members of Thailand’s southern Malay-Muslim insurgency, International Jihadist,  China’s Uighur Muslim minority even militants in Thailand’s on both sides with personal or individual grudge.
It would not surprise me if the Bangkok bomber that will be caught is dubbed a poor skinny, disturbed, confused man who found a bag of explosives in a park. He just wanted to relocate the bag as it was disturbing his daily walk in the park. That the Bangkok bomber is identified as Mohamad Museyin should not be the reason to suspect any Jihadist or use the words Muslim Islamic terrorist, it’s just a coincidence…..

picture by: Anton_Ivanov

Neo Nazi’s and far Right parties on the rise in Europe!

But America and some of its allies keep  bombing -   Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan and now riots in Lebanon as well, we can expect the exodus of millions of more Muslims from those territories who will flood Europe which already has 50 million Muslims. It would be no surprise that the Muslim culture and religion plus their anger will cause a civil war in the future in Europe. Then the country who bombed those countries on a regular base the US can come to rescue Europe with a military intervention and we all can thank the American’s again for centuries for freeing us from tyranny ( something similar like WW2). Expect Anti-Semitism  to be on the rise in the next coming years to start in Germany which has 11 million Muslim refugees and many more millions of illegal and legal Muslims ( 20% of population). Surely this was all orchestrated and Germany had to take care of all these refuges in the hope the country would became multicultural, we should not want to have a pure white fifth generation SS German, would we?

Germany's anti-Islam rallies met with larger protests

Record 17,000 join 'Pinstripe Nazi' anti-Islam march in Germany

 Deutschland im Herbst - Böhse Onkelz 

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Bullshit King of Bulgaria saves “50.000 Jews” + Bad Nazi’s movie propaganda, RoyalHeilness.

The Bullshit King of Bulgaria saves “50.000 Jews” + Bad Nazi’s movie propaganda, RoyalHeilness.

In a documentary with Amanpour on CNN there is an interview with the son of the former King of Bulgaria and it conveys how heroic his father King was in saving 50.000 Jews. It’s now almost 70 years after WW11 and our TV’s are full of documentaries and movies to remind us about this tragic world event. Surely the story of saving these 50.000 Jews is a very strange event that almost nobody in the world had previously heard of in the main stream media and Hollywood land, we all know the book propaganda of Anna Frank ( Jewish Dutch girl hiding in an attic in Amsterdam and then murdered by bad Nazi’s). The book is Banned in Lebanon for "portraying Jews, Israel or Zionism favorably, or the movie Schindler’s list (pure fiction), but used in many American schools as reality “educational” material. 
It made me think why CNN is coming up with this story now about some heroic King? Well the royals have a history of collaborating with the Nazi’s. Recently on the front page of the English Newspaper the Sun was the following headline: Royal Heilness
Leaked footage from the royal archives showing the royal mother and young queen Elisabeth bring the Nazi salute.
Front page of the Sun Newspaper Royalheilness!
As the sheep of the world still admire other humans, which are labeled as royals and give them all sorts of power ( royals who basically became very rich from slavery and the opium trade ), we need some good news. The King who saved 50.000 Jews would be a great way to put the royals in a better picture. Schindler’s list move over, here comes the Heroic King of Bulgaria !

picture by: Sergey Kamshylin  Shutterstock
Most of the royals had ties or were even married with Nazi’s:
Queen Juliana of Holland was married to Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld  ( this Nazi is the founder of the Bilderberg group). Queen Beatrix of Holland  was married to Claus von Amsberg. Princess Sophie, Cecille, Thodara & Margarita from Greece all four married a Nazi. The Duke of Windsor had no problems in dealing with Adolf Hitler. King Edward III supported the Nazi’s, other royals with links to the Nazis. Baron Gunther von Reibnitz, the father of Princess Michael of Kent, he was a party member of the SS. Prescott Bush helped finance the Nazi’s with the Rothschild’s, well you get the picture if the Nazi’s are painted as monsters throughout history it would not be good for your image as royals or political leaders to have links or relations to the Nazi’s. 
The digital era with hackers in the digital world are not helpful for royals or political hypocrites who have dark secrets (political leaders, let’s call them traitors). So the leaking of royals making a Nazi salute made headlines around the world, if people would really know the true history they would understand that people that are in political power or kings always will align themselves with the most powerful.
This is exactly what happened to the King of Bulgaria, he joined the Nazi’s for his own gain when they where strong (according to the Bulgarians and CNN now, he did all this to protect the 50.000 Jewish people living in Bulgaria).  It was only at the end of  1944 when the Nazi’s were in a difficult position and losing the war fighting a much stronger allied army that the Bulgarians decided to join the Allies. But the king stopped the deportation of 50.000 Jews (28th of August 1943 the King died mysteriously, that’s before Bulgaria decided to break their alliance with the Nazi’s, therefore the king officially died being an ally of the Nazi’s) , somehow that story just did not sit right with me so I did some digging. 

The Jewish Press writes the following:
Bulgaria did deport 13.000 other non Jews according to the Israelian press:
First of all it is important to know that the story of saving Bulgarian Jews was gaining popularity in 1998 because of a Jewish Bulgarian man named Michael Bar Oar who wrote a book called “Beyond Hitler’s Grasp,”. Michael Bar Oar migrated to Israel and later the USA ( Bulgaria’s population was only 8 million). The first copy of this book was presented to the Bulgarian prime mister  by Abraham Foxman in 1999, the national Director of the Anti Defamation League.  Alarm bells start ringing now in my head, I mean book promotion by people with an agenda. How did this Jewish immigrant know so many details about the heroic king who saved 50.000 Jews, why publish this book only in 1998? , Anna Frank was published in 1947?: see my blog how to sell a book:
How to sell a book: Obama “Change”, Oprah, Dalai Lama, Nazi’s: please vote for us. We are good Christians and please buy our books.

Another Jewish writer who was caught lying is Herman Rosenblat and he is not the first person who wrote a fake Holocaust memoir and tried to promote his "cause" on Oprah Winfrey. Other memoirs titles who turned out to be complete hoaxes: writer Binjamin Wilkomirski, produced another Mickey Mouse memoir: Memories of a Wartime Childhood, or Misha Defonseca, A Mémoire of the Holocaust Years in 1997.
The Germans were welcomed in many European countries.

Now for people who need some refreshments about our history, like the royals and the church were making deals with the Germans and in many cases even started families with Nazi’s, many countries welcomed the Nazi’s. Das wirtschaftswunder  ( industrial miracle) was very welcomed for example in my own country Holland, the hunger winter and wall street stock market crash in 1929 in the US caused poverty and misery throughout the world. My grandfather from my mother’s side had a small butcher shop in Holland, the family had six children including my mother. My grandmother told me later if it was not for the Nazi’s who came with weekly orders for meat the whole family would not have survived ( I would probably not have been born ). In the beginning Holland counted a lot of NSB’rs (Dutch Nazi party) collaborator’s with the Nazi’s some estimated these Nazi collaborators party grew by more the over 1 million ( official number was 100.000). The few Dutch soldiers with a bike on the border with a hunting rifle were no match against team Blitzkrieg, so there was not really much fighting. The same goes for Austria were not one shot was fired, when Hitler drove into Austria’s capital there was a sea of flowers thrown at him at every place he went. Bulgaria did basically the same (joined with the Reich), the resistance against the occupation in Holland grew like Bulgaria and other European cities when many of those cities were completely flattened by bombardments and there was no food . Surely people who stare death in the eyes have a tendency to do what’s necessary for survival and want to belong to the winning team, time to switch sides.
Huge problems with tally devices, confusion over thousands of deported Jews.
At the end of 1944 ( when the Russians were almost at the Bulgarian borders ) The Bulgarian nation switched sides and choose now to fight with the Allies, 30.000 Bulgarian soldiers died in the war. So what about the rescuing of 50.000  Jews?  According to the well documented book of Bar Zohar’s Approximately 12.000 Jews perished from Macedonia and Thrace, both Macedonia and Thrace were stripped from Bulgaria, after W.W.I . The book writer knows: I think he personally was sitting near the borders with a tally device. So officially those Jewisch people who were deported from those territories were not from Bulgaria. King Boris the third forbids the deportation of Bulgarian Jews during the year of 1941 till he dies.  Now here is where things get really weird for me, according to the book and TV documentaries King Boris is the hero. But the story has huge holes in it and does not make sense, for example On October in 1941 the Germans deported approximately 183.000 Austrian, German and Czech Jews to ghettos and death camps. Let’s look at the timeline: in 1941 The Bulgarians receive a present from Adolf by giving them back Macedonia and Thrace which Bulgaria lost after the first WWI. Bulgaria did deport  12.000 Jews from Macedonia and Thrace, but it could be 13.000 see Jewish press article. The tally device of the book writer or from the Jewish article writer could have had to be renewed ( 1000 more Jews deported or not we should not bitch about those details…. ) Bulgaria deported those Jews from those territories as a favor to the Reich, so the story goes.

From this database (see link below) it were 11.000 Jews deported from Macedonia and Thrace, that’s  2000 Jews missing or it could be explained that the  tally devices, were not accurate or a few thousands Jews were just added?
Now in 1941 the Germans already were deporting Jews from an allied country like Austria, but they left Bulgaria alone? March 1941 Bulgaria made the alliance with the axis of evil. So WTF, did King Boris from Bulgaria have some dirty pictures on the Fuhrer, did he have a terrible secret weapon? For three years the Germans do not insist on the Jews  being deported in Bulgaria or they do, but they just leave the Bulgarian Jews alone? In the final year when the war was lost for the Germans  the Bulgarians switched sides and then the Germans were not amused they felt betrayed to say it mildly. Immediately the Germans ask for deportation of Bulgarian Jews ( ask?) , the years before these 50.000 Bulgarian Jews ( could be 30.000 but hey who’s counting accurately)  was never an issue apparently. 
German Troops in Bulgaria warm welcome

According to this newspaper ( May 23,1961 ) see below  the number was 40.000 Bulgarian Jews deported (not 50.000).
The same article (May 23, 1961) writes about 6 million Jews who were exterminated, a “nice” round figure!
Not that the red cross has such a good reputation, recently they built 6 homes for the 500 million they raised for the earthquake victims in Haiti ( they started with rebuilding the billionaire houses). You would also expect a nice typed official letter instead of a written statement looking like a restaurant bill (maybe that was normal in that time ).
Tally devices had some serious issues and they were not as modern as the new models we have available now, maybe we should aim somewhere in the middle? Adolf Hitler created 6 million jobs for the suffering Germans and was named the miracle man, maybe the figure 6 million “murdered” Jews has something to do with that, who knows? We should also know that in the Jewish scripture (The Ashkenazi Jews ) believe in a prophecy and therefore making the number 6 million History  is very important for them, so the prophecy would not happen in the future. I am not claiming that no atrocities were committed by the Germans and that huge amounts of Jews were murdered,  just stating a fact of different numbers in the media. 

Almost 200.000 suicides a year in Germany and 1.5 million died of hunger before Adolf Hitler came to power, price of 1 loaf of bread 100.000 marks, the inflation was absurd. But the French marched into the Rhein Ruhr territory (German industrial district ) and kept hammering for war repayments for the first WWI, a war the Germans did not even started! 
The Bulgarian King’s bullshit story, but for sure he switched sides at the right moment!
But the hero King said no and one of the documented excuses for this fact why it must be a true story is that the German war machine was overstretched so they gave the king a free pass to not deport those Jews ( we seem to forget 30.000 Bulgarian soldiers died so there was some serious fighting after the Bulgarian’s switched to the winning side, forget asking for deportation? ). The King was already deceased at that time. The Germans must have known  those 50.000 or 40.000 ( who’s counting….) Bulgarian Jews were in hiding, they just tolerated them for 3 years to live In Bulgaria? Then after 3 years The Bulgarians switch from being an ally of the Germans to a friendly nation to an allies ( sounds like a coward move to me just to save your ass ). The Germans finally ask let’s say more strongly for the deportation of the Jews as the Germans  were always very polite? I mean they become their enemy , 30.000 Bulgarians die as there is fighting in Bulgaria against the Germans and the Germans ask for deportation of the Jews? The hero King (son ,6 at that time said also no apparently, they must be talking about him now in 1944) says no again. So we are the believed that before some letters of the Church and strong words prevented the deportation?
The Reich "Fears" The Church, Maybe...
We need some good news to promote the Royals, strong letters from the Church and King of Bulgaria.
We need some good news and what better then promote the Royals and the Church. According to the Bulgarian Orthodox Church they protested in 1943 for the deportation of the Jews and saved many for example by baptizing them, some water on the head of a Jew, so no more Jew ( it’s not really clear if they really were converted  to Christians, but who cares). The church wrote letters they were against deportation and helped organizing protest in many Bulgarian cities and of course the Germans waited patiently? The story contradicts that Jews were not asked or forced to be deported until the King was “asked” more strongly by the Germans to deport the Bulgarian Jews at the end of the war as the Church claimed they were protecting Jews from deportation (Hitler made a deal with the Catholic Church in Germany, the path of the religious are mysterious….). It could be possible that the Nazi war machine was terrified of the Orthodox Christian Church, they might pray the Nazi’s into defeat and make the King of Bulgaria heroic. The Church must have had some secret magical Merlin powers to keep the Germans away for 4 years, so I guess they just let them be for 4 years…….
The Truth, why not many Jews from Bulgaria were deported!
The truth was that many people did not even have proper identification papers and most of the Jews in Bulgaria were not religious. In many cases when the  Jewish people did have ID papers it didn't made much difference as in many cases there was no indication of their religious views or heritage printed on those papers. They were poor like all the other Bulgarians and most of the population in Europe at those times, they blend in so to say, just humans with a nose, mouth and ears, those humans with Jewish blood lived and were integrated in communities all over Bulgaria. There was no racism, Bulgarians saw Bulgarian-Jews as Bulgarians and mostly  did not even know about their bloodlines or religion. The Jewish people did not oppress the Bulgarian people in anyway. We should learn from this folks.The result of no racism or knowing a religious preference results in harmony among the human species.  Who cares if somebody was labeled a Jew, Christian or Hindu when you have no food in your belly and no synagogue. Hell they did not even have money to pay for a Jewish Kippah  on their head ( better than a yellow star patch for recognition ordered by the Germans) and even if they would have been given a yellow star patch, who would have sewed it on the clothes they possessed? Sorry, Hern oberstormanfuhrer I have no papers, but I would like to rapport I am a Jew, could you please get me a yellow patch and sew this on my clothes, yeah right! 
Picture by: 360b  Shutterstock
The whole story smells again like propaganda  a Jewish writer who is promoting a book and story for enriching himself and above all promoting the Jewish cause ( massive war repayments). Nothing wrong with writing and publishing books of course there are plenty of people doing that even Adolf Hitler wrote a book ( forbidden in Europe and Russia) his book Mein Kampf was a bestseller with millions of copies being sold. The interesting thing is we see these writings now as very dangerous for society. 
Great Ottoman empire rampage through Europe and Bulgaria.
Bulgaria was invaded by the Great Ottoman empire (Humans calling themselves Muslims) before the first World War. When the great Ottoman empire invaded Bulgaria and the rest of Europe they killed millions. Just Muslims following the Koran and their hunger for expansion, territory and wealth, convert to a Muslim or die. I always wondered why there are no repayments from those Muslim atrocities to the many people who were killed and  stripped of their wealth and the illegal taxes they were forced to pay? What about a memorial day or a day we can see hundreds of documentaries on TV of the atrocities of these Muslims who went on a killing spree through Europe? Muslims were also the biggest slave traders (the African Muslims), can I get some war/slavery reparations as my grandfather and far relatives really suffered? How about some holy books on the forbidden list? How can third generation German children still pay war repayments  for a third generation Jewish people? The victim-hood card and racist card is made into apocalyptic proportions and the books and films and propaganda documentaries just keep on coming: 
Blog Bas Boon Says: Holocaust Documentary “Night Will Fall” Is Full OF Inconsistencies And Propaganda! Palestine & Israel questions.
Movies and documentaries used for propaganda, sure!
Recently I was watching the movie Casino again with Robert de Niro and Joey Pesci  directed by Martin Charles Scorsese (great movie). There is a passage in the movie where you see a Nazi flag on the television in a house they enter and then there is Joey Pesci who is screaming you filthy Jew bastard to casino director Robert de Niro who is named Mr Rothstein in the movie. The movie is about the casino bosses and Italian mafia gangsters, so why highlight this racial jew statement in the movie?
Poster by the Germans of a propaganda documentary movie about Jews, surely the Jews made some propaganda documentaries and films them self (picture by 360b Shutterstock )
Raiders of the lost Ark is full of evil Nazi’s and in Inglorious Bastards, Brad Pitt is going to kill evil Nazi’s with a very special group and Nazi’s will be burned in a theater.
Since 1930 the movie industry worked with the Germans (censorship) and even during the war build up, Germany was a great movie market (march of the hypocrites):
Hitler must not have liked the performance of Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator, but not to many words on this! There is a member of Hitler's staff Reinhard Spitzy who said the following: Hitler saw the film twice and found it amusing, he considered Charley Chaplin one of the best performers in the world. Spitzy even suggested that Hitler’s toothbrush mustache was the result of Charley Chaplin.
Check this list of Holocaust movies and the filmmakers:
List of Allied propaganda films of World War II
They even made a highlight of Holocaust movies and documentaries named:  Imaginary Witness

People do not even realize how much TV networks, newspapers, social media and movies are full with subliminal messages and human mind programming.
Blame the Nazi’s and their sympathizers for all the evil in the world.
BBC Documentary: Neo-Nazi threat in new Ukraine: NEWSNIGHT
The MH 17 disaster propaganda campaign is now more than a year old, it was Russia who is to blame the US and its allies know for sure ( still no proof today ), boycotts, and above all the arrival of the corpses in Eindhoven Holland for days to be seen live on TV worldwide. Anybody saw such a parade and media hype after the airplane disaster in Tenerife  27th of March 1977? Because of a bomb explosion at Gran Canaria Airport and multiple terrorist  threats many planes were diverted to Los Rodeas Airport where eventually KLM Flight 4805 and Pan Am Flight 1736 collided and 583 people died. 
Blame the Nazis, problem solved!
But there is hope for Russia and the world regarding the problematic tensions because of the shot down plane. Just blame the Nazi’s in the Ukraine ( see BBC documentary ), this way the Ukraine government with installed puppet president  from the USA goes free and the Dutch who lost so many lives in this senseless act can finally start exporting cheese and tulips again to Russia. This way the Nazi’s are of use and the whole world will except and agree the Nazi’s shot that rocket  and everybody can live with that, a solution to a major problem (maybe the BBC documentary is preparing us for this news)! Joseph Goebles was the propaganda master for Adolf Hitler, all countries were all guilty of misleading the masses (what’s new). The Sun Newspaper  in England produced a front page picture of president Putin, claiming it was Putins rocket who shot down the plane (not long after the disaster). The article is published in mass media outlets around the world. On TV we can see the same propaganda, RT TV a Russian TV station has completely different reports, blaming the Ukraine military. Latest reports says that it was a missile made by Israel shot from a Ukraine fighter plane. The American push for a boycott and have their own agenda all on the tragedy of civilians that were shot down from the sky and still no proof. My suggestion, blame it on the Nazi’s so everybody can walk away with their head held up high. Who cares about a year boycott and that the Russian ruble lost 45% of its value. In Pattaya where I live thousands of Russians who put their life savings as a down payment for a holiday apartment lost their money because of the political agenda of other countries with their propaganda, orchestrated by some very disturb humans. But at least Russia could also agree if the Nazi’s were involved they're easy to blame.
Illegal immigrants into Europe is partly the price of bombing countries.
Don’t ask yourself why  fascism is growing it “surely” would not be because America, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are bombing Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and Syria and millions of refuges flooding into Europe ( Trump, who is going to build that wall in Europe which would be far greater than the great wall of China to keep illegal immigrants out?). Illegal immigrants who have no education, home or money and when they arrive in the promised land “heaven” Europe they can make only a living on the street by distributing drugs, prostitution, robberies ( see CNN recent documentary )and other crimes. Germany has now 11 million immigrants (registered are 11 million not the amount of illegal immigrants, this is  unknown ) and has the most asylum seekers in Europe, better believe some fascism is around the corner. CNN repeats project freedom where we can see Egyptian children reaching the source of Italy under false promises. The same CNN shows some really fat Arabs from the Egyptian government excepting a 5 billion dollar arms deal from the US ( to push the Kerry agenda for the Iran nuclear deal).  The English Channel tunnel recently was stormed by 2500 immigrants trying to reach England. 
Channel Crossing: 1,500 migrants storm Eurotunnel in France (could be 3000, several guys with broken tally devices detected)
New proposal for the Movie The King’s wife of Bulgaria really saved 189112 (not a round figure, but looks very professional) Jews from deportation.
The CNN Freedom Project human trafficking project is brought to you by Will Smith's wife, she explains repeatedly how children are used in the illegal human trafficking. The wife of Will Smith – Jada Pinkett Smith plays in The TV series Gotham a powerful woman who has girls fight to the death and runs the Madame Savannah pleasure club (such a good example) her new role is in the stripper movie Magic Mike XXL. The latest news says Jada and husband Will Smith will divorce after 17 years. Recently the gossip press is informing us that Will Smith ordered male prostitutes, let's hope those male prostitutes are not some Egyptian or Syrian immigrant boys who came to the US through Italy, that would be very ironic. I suggest that Jada Pinkett should do an audition for the new upcoming film: “The incredible King of Bulgaria’s wife” the woman who was the real voice behind the Kings decision to not deport Jews and poisoned her husband. Surely with her in that role there would be big Hollywood media hype and before you know it 50 years later that movie is used in history book s and educational books in the USA and stated as facts and absolute truth! By then the amount of Jews saved would be around,  let's say 200.000.
Guns N' Roses - Civil War (Music Video)