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The False Flag Attack By Jihadist Terrorist On A Paris Magazine, Debunked, Satire Will Prevail. USA Bankers WAR!

Before I get into the "facinating world"of False Flag Operations and the use of the word Hoax, this is my version of the Paris Attacks.

Breaking News for the infidel: @basboon007: Allah was not involved in the attack he was feeding and washing the prophet Mohammed’s flying white horse, it’s just been confirmed by Saudi Arabia. Allah is pissed there have never been so many Muslim cartoons in the media worldwide. Allah just spoke to King Abdoel and it has been decided that the attackers on the staff of the Charlie Hebdo magazine do not get any virgins. This is why the negotiations took so long and they did not blow themself into "paradise" immediatley, so they took hostages and waited to hear back from Allah, he refused. So no virgins just worms.

Professionals, yeah right!
Firstly I advise everybody to watch the French movie “Killing Zoe”,  It’s a great movie for some behind the scene shots of some crazy speed and coked up bank robbers at “work”. Several mainstream media reporters from CNN and BBC gave their immediate opinion and commented on the terrorist at “work” video and gave their opinion, it says nothing and it does not mean their opinions are right and it doesn’t mean the footage is what it seems, who knows. From what I hear from the reports and saw on the video footage It looked like the terrorists were in panic and unorganized running around, back and forward and losing a shoe and his ID card (his shoe or sock was used to carry his ID card), come on, give me a break! professionals? They first enter the wrong building which means they didn’t know exactly where they had to be although some media reported that they were very organized and knew exactly where they had to be. When they finally arrive in the correct building they have to ask people under the threat of Khalasnikov machine gus where the office is of the Charlie Hebdo cartoon magazine. Some conspiracy theorists think this is suspicious as most of the cartoonist and employees were all together that morning. Anybody who runs a magazine knows this is not strange at all to have meetings with most of your staff. It is also not strange that the person who was asked for directions told the terrorist where to go, you would be amazed what people would do when they stare in the barrel of a Kalashnikov when threatened by two men in disguise.
Very professional, according to some media reports, wrong building , losing a shoe and ID.
The Media reports attacks were prepared for years, WTF? The other terrorist who goes into a supermarket was a notorious robber and criminal from birth. He had to borrow 7K from a bank ( what about some Al-Qaeda funding?) just before the biggest terrorist attack on Paris soil would occur, yeah right. He goes into a supermarket and kills four Jewish hostages and asked a Muslim if there are more people in the back, The Muslim man says no and “Mr. Professional” does not check if there are more people in the back, he takes the hostage’s word for it? Mr “Professional” calls a French TV station and forgets to hang up the phone so the French anti-terrorist unit can hear everything which is said within the supermarket, well done! Not long after this Al_ Qaeda is claiming the attack according the media. If that are the “professional” trained Jihadist we have nothing to worry about, the average boy scout is smarter. Surely the media would want us to belief a long prepared terrorist plot and reviving the term Al-Queda next to Isis and Boko Harem, what a laugh! 
The Khalishnikov bullet did not hit the police 

Terror Attack on Charlie Hebdo Paris Headquarters

The police officer was not hit, the bullet missed him, so what? When the second shot was fired over the police officers head he might have played dead out of sheer fear, or maybe he got a heart attack or a massive stroke, maybe his aorta snapped out of fear, he should have been in severe shock. There are endless possibilities. But just because some news reporters comments on the first images available and report that it looks like that the policeman was shot in the head. Everyone believe it as fact? The conspiracy theorist community is reaching explosive proportions.

1.There is no blood, no kidding he was not shot in the head. Many pictures now going viral show how a shot to the head looks like, people are angry it’s a hoax, it’s fake. Rest assure it was not a Mossad ( the secret service of Isreal) operation or false flag attack, because if it was Mossad none of these mistakes would have been made. They also would have used Hollywood effects like skulls exploding and tons of fake blood, not a problem.
2.The person on the ground which is actually a police man was in on the plot, or he was shot through his body and died.
3.The Person on the ground was an Arab and the terrorist realized it was a brother and decided to deliberately miss the final head shot.
The Video was edited

France False Flag Shooting -- Attackers SPLICED IN + COPS cut out + Man in bullet proof vest watches

1. Maybe some of the raw footage was edited by an amateur film maker or the media, if the Mossad would have been the producer, there would not be any consistencies to be found. The Mossad would hire professionals and there would be blood and implosions of bullets when they would impact a victim. For the people who are not so familiar with Hollywood, it is run by mainly Jewish people and they mastered the art of film, illusion and fake blockbuster hits quite well. 
2.Another possibility is that some YouTube videos are edited by ISIS and the Iranian secret service to cause misinformation and blame the Jews
3.The security on the roof with a bullet proof vest is suspicious. It is possible, the magazine editors received many death threats and in 2011 it was firebombed, so it is possible that security was present or maybe they were filimg a movie on the roof when the terrorist attack started ( like the youtube video gone viral about the syrian video about snipers of Assad shooting children turned which turned out to be fake/ hoax). The filmmakers admitted that it was fake, but the video had been seen by millions already. Damage done.

NATO Using Fake Viral Syrian Hero Boy Video To Invade Syria

4.The person(s) on the roof were not police or an anti-terror unit, but there is another explination.
5.The video is clearly edited so those people could have been on another roof 3 months ago preparing for a drug raid. 
Red Alert One Robber Loses His ID Card, 
This must be a Hoax!
Losing a shoe and an ID card? Apparently one of the robbers did not tie his shoelaces before committing the most despicable act of terrorism on French soil, but hey, shit happens. How can one of these “professionals” lose their ID? 
Here are some theories:
1.The ID could be from the owner of the stolen car, if they drove a stolen car.
2.The ID card could have been left on purpose to leave a false trail.
3.The ID card was from the person who’s car was stolen.
4.The robbers were masked and brought their ID Cards so if they would be stopped later without being disguised they were in possession of ID cards.
5. Maybe they panicked.
6. Both “professionals” are heavenly drugged with coke and speed and other amphetamines like in the movie “Killing Zoe” ( that would explain their amateur behaviour even if they had some training).
7.Number one reason, plain stupidity, there actually have been much smarter criminals who got caught making dumb mistakes. For example from Holland: According to the Dutch police there was a very well organized gang responsible for the kidnapping and murder of Albert Jan Heijn (Albert Jan Heijn was the owner of biggest grocery store franchise in Netherlands).. After months the truth came out, everything was organized by one man a 45-year old engineer Ferdi Elsas from Landsmeer. Gerrit Jan Heijn was killed on September 9th,1987 kidnapped and murdered. This was a very famous case in the late 80’s in the Netherlands. This Ferdi “the engineer” retrieved the ransom money by riding with his bicycle to the place where the ransom money was dropped (miraculously he retrieved the ransom money without getting caught, yes on a bike), doing everything himself, April 6th, 1988 he was arrested. He stupidly spent a 250 guilder note of the marked ransom money at an AH store ( same store from his kidnapped and murdered victim) and this led to his arrest, This was an engineer and a very smart individual making one of the most stupid mistakes you can make after fully outsmarting the police special task forces and other criminal "experts" for months.
Motive, who benefits:

Israel who is angry at France to acknowledge the Palestine state and Israel would definitely not want this. USA will use the Paris "incident" to continue to justify their agenda on the war on terror. That does not mean Israeli forces orchestrated the attack in France, but it could mean that The French intelligence service was less active or overworked (pushed by higher people who know). This could lead some people from team delusional who came back from Syria do some damage ( plenty of nutcases around). There were tons of threats against the satire magazine editors and cartoon artists and in 2011 this resulted in a firebomb explosion aimed at the workers from the magazine. I can assure you intelligence services around the world do not talk about many terror attacks they prevent from happening because of security and intelligence reasons. Recently an MI5 agent came forward and claimed to have stopped 20 terrorrist plots from happening since 2013.

Ridicule of religion or anything, I am ok with that. What 
happened to  Freedom of speech.

Are the conspiracy theorist now claiming that the 40.000 burning cars during the riots in 2005 were set on fire by a Jewish Crisis actor, yeah rightAll the riots and hundreds of deaths and thousands of wounded Muslims worldwide were the result of the Danish cartoon artist, surely these were all Jewish crises actors disguised as Arabs. One of the Terrorists was much taller than his ID indicated, Wohoooo spooky, Does this means that I should be a terrorist as well as my height isn’t the same as on my passport. Or what if  the shooter was not the guy in the ID that was shown on TV at all. Maybe the guy whose  ID that was shown was waiting 2 miles from the scene in a get-away car? Maybe there were three terrorists and they’re now on the run with the female terrorist and live in hiding on an island with Elvis. Those people in the attack all died no question,  is there a conspiracy (did the French secret service let it happen), who knows? Is there an integration problem in Europe with humans calling themselves Muslims, YES! Is the religion of Islam a Totalitarian ideology, Yes It poses the same threat as indicated in the YouTube video Charlie Hebdo the Hidden Agenda exposed. For me it is not a hidden agenda and both lunatic psychopath human groups are blind and engulfed in fanaticism and will continue their stupidity with a predictable end result.
France and Europe does not have an integration problem according to the left politically correct anti-racist community, all of these religious fanatics are just a minority group. To know a little bit about history and the problems of integrations in other places in the world, check my last blog:

Welcome to Europe, is that you in this picture?
“Minority” Groups Of Muslim Caused “Incidents” Of     Genocide In History, The “Bin Laden” Monk And Private Bank Religion.
What about all the deceased editors and cartoon artist, they get a secret ID and never have to draw a cartoon again in public or were they offered a position in the false flag scenario? I am not blind with hate, I am a realist and have nothing with the invincible man in the sky. Do not dare speak your opinion because then you are an Islam hater, fuck that! The Children of some of the murdered cartoon artist surely all conspire and act for TV and at the funerals we should all watch who can control their emotions and if somebody does not show tears, fuck those crisis actors. All these efforts to make Islam the religion of peace look bad, sure.

Don’t blame delusional Islam fanatics, but the Politically correct multicultural promotion team left wing anti-racist team and the bankers. Yes left wing anti racist socialist with political correctness and the explosion of the coming wave of religious violence is the result of their policies. Not from False Flag operations even if some false flag operations are true, the end result is religious brainwashed people spreading hate, death and misery among humans who think differently and oppose their religious laws. We are all humans, we all go to the toilet, sleep, eat, love and die, we should treat our fellow humans with respect and love. Unfortunately the majority of humans are sheep and follow the herd.

Holy books for humans who are 
delusional, satire will prevail!
As long as an old “holy” book gives delusional schizophrenic religious fanatics an option to justify rape, murder, pedophilia and suicide bombers we will continue to witness an avalanche of “religious” violence. 
Rewards to the mentally insane and weak minded delusional retards who are promised an everlasting paradise in the form of a whorehouse in paradise with a line of a minimum of 72 virgins. These incredibly nice and delighted attractive future new everlasting habitats are for the Jihadist who sacrifice themselves for Allah, by committing murder and killing the infidels all in the name of religion. The problem with the reward policies from holy books such as the Quran is that it is a hoax. It is a lie as there are simply not enough virgins to supply the ever rapidly growing death toll of jihadist and martyrs who are dying like flies. Maybe The writers of the Quran never anticipated so many killed Jihadist Muslims and casualty deaths of fellow Muslims. The Quran gives no directions on how to deal with an Isis warrior or Taliban fighter or what to do if a female Arab fighter pilot drops a load of bombs on their head (except a warning that if you are killed by a woman no virgins for you in whorehouse paradise). Total craziness? Ahhh yeah.
Arab woman pilot who is poster girl for Gulf states' blitz on ISIS is 'disowned by her family' for bombing 'Sunni heroes of Iraq and the Levant'

There are complaints from paradise that the virgins are getting as young as three years old and that the little infants do not have any experience. A group of 80.000 dead Jihadist in paradise have protested in paradise by marching to the place where Allah lives (A sweet penthouse suite in paradise whorehouse nbr 1, located on cloud 6, surrounded with many 6 year old virgins) . The “Paradise Crabs” is an STD which you only can catch in Paradise, the virus is caused by the genitals of the virgin little infants. Allah’s wish to give many martyrs an everlasting erection is now resulting in tens of thousands Jihad warriors screaming for treatment which there is none. They have a department of armed virgin nuns, but all Jihadist stay away from them. The book is simply not up-to-date

If we do not provide a reason like religion to fight and go to war and commit terrorist attacks, there would be no need for false flag operations. Religion is about control, power and money. If American, Jewish and British military leaders and soldiers refuse orders to bomb and kill other humans then the bankers are powerless.
We should always ask questions and  
never be ridiculed for it.
1.People who think they belong to another camp (religious or race or whatever) and will portray you as a racist because you speak your opinion is very popular these days.
2.Ridicule you for having disrespect to the victims.
3.Being not patriotic. ,
4.Conspiracy Theorist.
5.Crazy, you should belong in a mental institution.
7.Sympathizer of Zionist or Athe├»st

I have been named: Dog, cheese head, pig head, nigger lover, clown, Mongol, cunt, prick, homosexual, pedophile, gangster. schizophrenic, drug attic, psychopath, thief, monster, dog head, Jew, asocial, asshole, clown, coward, attention seeker, STD collector, sperm eater, cocksucker....... despite all these insults I never hit somebody because of those insults or kill another human being because some verbal insults!

If there is no free speech and we are not able to ridicule or have an opinion on religion or any topic then we just become sheep and property of the mass media agenda’s for us to believe and absorb whatever they feed us, nazi germany!
Integrations problems and being the religion of offence is created by Muslims with an ego problem and identitiy crisis.Do we hear any protests from the immigrants from India in England? Problems in Vancouver because of the many Chinese immigrants? What about Dutch and Spanish guest workers in the Netherlands you won’t hear a word of in the press? What about the Asian immigrants in France any problems? Russian or Brazilian immigrants all these people migrated to France yet there is only one group which is constantly in the news and is outgrowing the existing prisons in France and other European countries and are the kings of being offended.

My Top 10 False Flag Events.
1.Religion: Man made hoax for power, money and to control    people.
2. World War 2,1939-1945 When France and Great Britain declared war on Germany, Hitler was still optimistic of a diplomatic solution. Then the ship Athenia was hit by a torpedo as the ship behaved strangely by zigzagging in a very calm sea. Hitler had ordered not to attack any passenger boats, unfortunately the first boat which was shot  by the submarine was a passenger ship ( according to the captain it was dark and he could only see a silhouette of the boat and it was zigzagging. The Germans tried not to be provoked  by several acts of war by the Americans.

3.   In 1931 The Manchurian Incident Japan blew up their own railway and blamed it on the Chinese
4.In 1933 Nazi’s set fire on the house of parliment “the Reichstag” Hitler assured that the Communist were to blame, the next day president Von Hindenburg signed the Reichstag Decree, the nazi’s were elected and Hitler came to power.
5. The myth of Pearl Harbor, there was no sneaky attack. The United States manipulated Japan into attacking.
6. Israeli Terrorist Cell uncovered in Egypt: In 1954 Israeli was targeting American and British targets and blame it in on the Arabs, this is done to prevent the USA from becoming close allies with Egypt.

7.The Gulf of Tonkin Incident: in 1964 American warships come underfire, but it never happened, this started the Vietnam war.

8. Operation Ajax. In 1953 Iranian coup d’etat orchestrated by the British and the Americans.
9. 9/11. Buildings do not fall to ashes from burning jet fuel. This attack was entirely orchestrated by a man that was based in a cave in Afganistan, no outside help. He allowed Saudi’s to commit a coordinated attack on the twin towers and the pentagon. The original government version should be considered as the conspiracy theory as there are way too many inconsistencies. The Pentagon is the most secured building in the U.S with over 500 cameras and yet there was not one good shot of the plane flying into the building? Rumsfeld was going to speak about a missing budget of 2.3 trillion, the next day 9/11 happened. And a Minority group of Saudi’s made the attack, but the U.S does not go to war with Saudi Arabia but Afganistan and Iraq.

10.The CIA invents the Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS, now Muslims don’t get off to much in thinking everything is the fault of the infidel. The people inventing these names ( bankers plus friends ) and setting up the promotion of evil groups need delusional Muslim fanatics to push their agenda’ s which they have an endless supply of.

"CIA worked with Pakistan to create Taliban".

America Created Ak-Qaeda and the ISIS Terror Group
I personally think these following events were a hoax, but that is just a personal opinion.
Sandy Hook shooting Hoax

Sandy Hoax-Full Docementary 

Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an Hoax.
Boston Bombing Hoax

Boston Marathon Smoke Bomb Staged False Flag Attack Hoax. All Smoking Gun Evidence in One Vid.

Now for the sensation seekers amongst human kind I suggest a weekly live reality TV show where humans who are delusional  and have high testosterone levels and ego problems will fight out their battles in a hand to hand combat fight. Muslim vs Jew, Hindu vs Christian: the winner gets a promise from their God that they will receive special treatment in paradise. Both "combatants" have to follow a course to become a human by converting to a new "religion" called homo sapiens and love for all human kind without praying to any God except showing respect for all life. Second option is that the looser gets waterboarded 4 times a day for two months. Viewers can send a text and gamble on who will drown first. 

Ken O'Keefe Dares to Say What others Do Not. USA, British and Jewish Bankers Are Responsible For All Wars

Politicians and world leaders will fight against the CEO's of Multinationals on the same weekly fight card under the same rules, winner has to study the mandatory course of empathy for as long as it takes, looser will be sent to Tibet for one year to practice a meditation course on the top of a mountain being alone by himself for a whole year without speaking. Option two: loser gets shot full of heroine and has to live in a Ghetto, the public will vote on how long he will survive by sending live text messages. Bankers will also fight on the weekly card, winner and looser will be dropped at the end of the fight through a hatch into a basin with salt water with great white sharks, vieuwers can bet who gets eaten first, sponsord by Burger king. Lawyers and judges will combat with prison inmates, winner will not get sodomized by 2 meter tall black male judges. Then end of the year there is an 8 man tournament: Black vs White, Jew vs Muslim, Politicians and World leaders vs CEO/ Multinationals plus Lawyers/Judges vs Prison inmates. I will be the producer and the Live PPV revenue plus sponsorship money will be donated to charity.

War on Drugs and War on Terror Everlasting Bankers Hoax.

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars - FULL version

The Intregration polcies have failed in Europe, with a huge young part of the Muslim generation being unemployed. They kill their daily time by living off the state smoking hash and comitting crimes. The promise of an everlasting sex adventure in paradise by some radical delusional Jihadist finds listening ears easily by many weak minded uneducated Muslims. On the other side you have the bankers and powerfulyl rich mutinational owners who controll the politicians and will do everything to keep the war machine running as it makes more profits for them.To stop the madness we have to change our monitary private banking system and convince people that we all live on a beautiful planet and that the only religion is peace and respect for all humans regardless of race.

Propaganda, The Rise of Isis. The Osama Bin Laden circus and CNN. Putin the “bad” Wolf.

Bas Boon Says: Bullshit: US / Jewish Propaganda

(c) Bas Boon