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Head Hunter Network, Head For A Head, John Kerry Says Not To Use The Word Islamic!

Head Hunter Network (HHN) is a TV network showcasing be-headings and live be-headings is in full development, CNN denies having anything to do with the new channel, but insiders report it is funded by the backers of CNN through a foreign bank account at HSBC bank who is known for funding terrorism and laundering Mexican drug cartel money.
HHN TV: The Entertainment that Shock You
Jihad John is back, the media’s favorite “mystery’ headhunter who works with professional TV studio’s and uses blue screen to produce content for the Head Hunter Network. I have been in negotiations with the HHN to produce content for the Network and brainstorming about ideas for programs. I have suggested the following: A head for a head.
This would be a “peaceful” solution and would make great sensational TV, without the loss of innocent civilians getting hurt in the process. These days the U.S and some of its allies are killing a lot of terrorists by drones and target bombing, unfortunately this still causes a lot of horrific children, women and  civilians casualties. Surely these horrific burned baby corpses would bring great ratings when shown on the network, but for the Zionist backers of the new TV Network HHN, it would send the wrong message to their new target viewers community.

The recent Jihad John Japanese beheading's broadcasting's gave me an idea which will make exceptionally great TV. Surely by now the audience does not care anymore that the Beheading video series from Jihad John are produced in a professional studio with a blue screen or green screen, fake or not, the subject is attracting millions of viewers around the world. The bad Islamic terrorist in black and you have to give the terrorist producer some credit for creativity to have the hostages appear in orange prison clothing like the Jihadist’s are known for in their captivity in Guantanamo’s terrorist prison.
The first 200 million dollars of ransom money was demanded for the two Japanese hostages. CNN reports on some personal background information of the hostages. One hostage was a suicidal Japanese young man who was warned by the Japanese government to not go to Syria. His parents and the media were ashamed for his behavior that he did go to Syria and brought the country and the parents shame. A little bit of emotion can never hurt, so when the other Japanese hostage is upholding a photo with an image of his beheaded Japanese friend the viewer’s feel more emotions. No money for the terrorist so disappointment, but the demand changed now from money into the exchange for a female lunatic schizophrenic suicide bomber who failed to detonate her bomb vest Jordanian “Sister of Isis” Sajida al-Rishawi.
Surely some background images are now passing the revue, with some blown off limbs after the suicide attack, Sajida’s husband being the mastermind of the suicide bomb attack with dozens of deaths it is the result of an attack on a hotel. Surely like Jihad John we now have another player as the nick name for Sajida’s is made into the Isis Sister, which is remarkable as her husband blown himself to kingdom come for Al Qaeda. Great media coverage of this new face of terrorism ( everybody already forgot) Sajida’s the Isis sister. My suggestion is to surprise Jihad John with a professionally made video where we bring back the guillotine and show an image with the Isis sister Sajida with her head lying on the guillotine platform waiting to be beheaded. 

We put a huge ticking digital clock just above her head and we have a live coverage exclusive on the HHN TV. The HHN TV the network should hire that smiling enthusiast CNN network employee Lara Baldeserra wearing her red pullover and announcing to Isis that they demand the immediate release of the Japanese hostage. She warns with a big smile that if the Japanese hostage will not be released before the set digital time indicated above the guillotine, the Isis sister will lose her head, a head for a head. No collateral civilian victims and bombing innocents people and great TV. Sponsors like head and shoulders shampoo would pay top dollars. The sponsor revenues would go to Islamic Madrassa schools and funding of mosques and hate imams around the world, this will keep the flow of fresh young headhunters for making HHD TV a huge success. The main sponsor for HHNT will be Fedex and their slogan is “when there is no tomorrow.”
There will be a special anti-terrorist team kidnapping important Isis leaders and or other religious fanatics and other terrorist group leaders. All will head for HHN studios were there will be a Guantanamo type of prison, where the prisoners will be kept till they are needed for the head for a head show. While the time is ticking away, the network will show some water-boarding and torturing and background images from the terrorist. When the terrorist are in line for going to the guillotine the audience is more known how bad they are. The audience can also vote by sms which terrorist should go first to the guillotine, the HHN TV will be reward the first viewer who votes with a live ticket to witness the next be-headings in the studio.

We should also have an hour of bloopers of beheadings failures, like the fake exposed videos of Jihad John and the failure of cutting of a dummy head or using fake knifes, endless possibilities. Bloopers of failure decapitations will be brought to you by Porche:- There is no substitute. Number one blooper topping the list is Dutch columnist and TV presentator Theo van Goch who was murdered by Mohammed, he tried to cut of Theo's head as he was insulted by Theo, but when he could not separate his head ( Theo had quite a big neck) he wrote a Jihad message letter and stuck it with the knife on to his chest.
A tribute to Theo Van Gogh (film director)
Instruction video’s for children is brought to you by 

Nokia - Connecting People:
ISIS releases new footage claiming to show a child executing two Russian 'spies' by shooting them in the back of the head.
ISIS Teaches Children How to Behead people in Training Camps
Who is the best and most popular headhunter, competition ( brought to you by Tag Heuer - Success. it’ s a mind Game? 
This would start with Khalid K the headhunter from Holland who used twitter for tweeting a photo where he is posing with cut off heads. Then he dies according to the media just to later resurrect him like a real Lazarus and possess again with multiple cut off heads near a fence which are photographed by a journalist from Holland. There will be a reward for the headhunter who can decapitate more heads then the prophet Mohamed’s record which is set at 700!
Bas Boon Says: About Be-headings and Khalid K...
We also should have a sports section on HHN TV brought to you by Nike - Just do it.
The recent threats about soccer hooligans made a great cartoon flag with a huge guy holding a sword and a cut of head, which is really creative and inventive for the times we live in. My suggestion is to have two teams of 11 soccer hooligans after each soccer match they attack each other on the soccer field with klewang’s and machetes. The person who survives, wins a trip to an island Melanesia which was once the habitat of very experienced and well known head hunters and cannibals. World Champions once every two year for the title: Don’t lose your head!

There will be an annual beheading competition between the 11 hooligan survivors of the season taking on the best 11 headhunters of Isis/Boko Haram and Al Qaeda. It will be called the super cup, the winner will take home a golden head trophy. Brought to you buy Mac Donalds, I’m loving it.
Polish club protest at their team's poor form...by laying 

out coffins on the pitch.
Yourheadtube: Platform to send your personal and 

professionally made beheading videos:

For amateur footage google ( see below) 
Muslims Be-head an Apostate, Muslims Be-head British Soldier on the Streets of London.MUSLIM4ISRAEL : Beheading of a young Syrian - قطع رأس الشاب السوري, Muslims Behead 50 People And Put Their Heads On Poles. Muslim Rebels ISIS in Syria Be-heads Christian - Disgusting n Evil Islam, HORROR: Woman Beheaded at Okla. At a workplace a Man Tries To Convert Co-Worker to Islam. February 2014 New Jersey USA Egyptian Muslim be-headed two Christians - end of times news. Fox News: Muslim Be-heads Wife Sharia Law and Honour Killings in America, What’s Next? Muslim reverts Nicholas Salvadore and be-heads British 82 year-old Palmira Silva in London

Everybody who thinks differently or speaks his mind is a Nazi.
CNN is broadcasting this week the Polish Jewish concentration camp Auschwitz documentary and it is also covering the opening of a new jewish museum. There is a lot of coverage of this kind, interviews with auschwitz survivors, KKK footage, skinheads, Ferguson riots etc. The purpose of these images and coverage on constant rotation at this time is intended to remind you as a viewer to have no “filthy” thoughts about immigrants and Muslims in your country, because if you do, well then you are a Nazi.
I am Swedish, but I live in "Absurdistan"
Absurdistan, Higest rape victims in the world Sweden.
Islam is not a religion it’s an ideology a complete guide 

on how every human being should live!
This is Islam
John Kerry suggest not to use the word Islamic!
Now for Jonh Kerry who does not want to use the word Islam: Quote "This is a terrorist group and not a state. I do not recommend using the term Islamic State because it blurs the lines between Islam, Muslims and Islamists”.
By http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/12/11/kerry-daesh-isil_n_6309664.htmle-Bye 'ISIL'? John Kerry Calling ISIS By Arabic Term It Hates

Picture by: American Spirit  Shutterstock.com
The HHN network is in exclusive negotiations rights with John Kerry to wear a secret camera and allow a drone with camera to hover above his head when Kerry brings his message in person to ISIS. It is wise to ask Isis if they could stop using the world Islamic as it confuses the infidel and the difference between good and bad Muslims, this will be sponsored by Burger King - Have it your way!
Ooh and Kerry while you are visiting Isis please visit these other Islamist terrorist groups and asked them to stop using the word Islamic and to not call themselves an Islamic terrorist organization:

The HHN TV is in serious negotiations with the government of Saudi Arabia and Yemen about the exclusive rights of their Sharia law verdicts and to show a reality program from the sharia court of the be-heading of gays, free speaking bloggers, witches, drug users, females being females, leavers of the faith and people who commit blasphemy. Saudi Arabia is a very important supplier of be-heading content and the main sponsors will be some oil companies.  More licensee money will be paid to terrorist groups and Islamic countries who can provide the exclusive live footage of the be-headings of famous politicians like the Dutch major Ebert vd Laan and on top of their list now is Dutch major Moroccan born Ahmed Aboutaleb from Rotterdam Holland who said for the second time now to the Muslim community in Holland if you do not like it in this country: Fuck off, sponsored by Austin Martin - Power, beauty and soul.
Dutch Mayor to Fellow Muslims: If You Can’t Take a 

JokeThen ‘F*ck Off’
The HHN TV is also negotiating with big Hollywood 

studios to use the images to produce a new

horror movie.

Hollywood blockbuster like Friday the 13th Jason taking on Isis in an epic movie with an avalanche of rolling heads.
Exclusive interviews with secret cameras of HHN TV has obtained footage of Michael Moore stating in private he would kiss the feet of American Sniper guys like Chris Kyle. Moore admits that if he ever was captured by an Islamic terrorist group, he would be scared to death that his decapitation would takes hours as he has a huge fat pig neck. He rather would be saved by a “racist” sniper like Chris Kyle then suffer 1 second by the hands of some Islamic headhunter, sponsored by Calvin Klein - Between love and madness lies obsession.
Negotiations with the producers of a Joe Cocker song are also in full swing to make another version where the word hat will be replaced with head!

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Royal Scum, King Abdullah the "merciful reformer"dies, Who counts the dead Propaganda?, Deadly Banana Peels and Nazi's!

The worldwide propaganda machine is working overtime to push Europe into a civil war. The euro is at an all-time low and the dollar is strong. Muslims are offended again by satirical cartoons and the infidel that ridicules their prophet or Islam and does not show enough understanding for the religion that is being promoted as the religion of Peace. 

The religion of Peace now is associated with violence, terror and death!

First of all we need to understand that calling Islam the religion of peace at every opportunity possible on Television and then followed by a TV broadcast with terrorist attacks worldwide by terrorist groups will eventually lead to the deterioration of the word “peace” But worse than that it’s purposely done to associate Islam with Peace although this notion is unfathomable it is happening. Regardless of the fact that there is nothing but violence, inequality and terrorism surrounding Islam. Society will still associate Islam with Peace and violence/terrorism if it is drilled into our brains long enough. Subliminal messaging? 

Why are they promoting Islam as the peaceful religion?

The media is pushing this agenda to silence anybody that is a critic or tries to voice their opinion against Islam and a non multicultural society or tries to expose the failed integration program in Europe. These people will be labeled as a racist. CNN is in the frontline of pushing that agenda, they praised King Abdulla of Saudi Arabia for stepping up against a blogger who was convicted and sentenced to get 50 lashes every week for a period of 5 months and a 10 year jail sentence for expressing his feelings as a blogger.  The fact that someone in the 21st century is publicly lashed in the middle of a city centre is insane and mind boggling. CNN states that the king showed sympathy after the first 50 lashes and postponed more lashes for now, what a guy! What? How is this king getting praise?  CNN praising King Abdul for fighting terrorism and cracking down on Islamist fundamentalism. 

Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud "the reformer" dies at 

age 90!

Clearly the king and his royal family have been feeling threatened for years by Islamic extremists who seek the royal power and money ( 15 hijackers of the official story of 9/11 came from Saudi Arabia)! There are Muslims that think The kings relationship with America is inappropriate as well. The worst form of Islam is Wahhabism which originates in Saudi Arabia, hundreds of billions of dollars are used to build Mosques and spread the message of Wahhabism Islam around the world by Saudi extremists for decades. Would it be difficult to trace these money transactions and funding of terrorist groups and hate Imams around the world? No, it would not be, but hey the former King Abdullah was such a reformer according to CNN, he stopped the blogger from getting more lashes after his first 50 lashes (still in the news today). Saudi Arabia the most important country for Muslims 97% Muslim and a big part the other 3% is immigrants who work for pennies and too often die in the process building palaces from oil dollars (oil dollars made by the western capitalist system). 

Saudi Arabia, the hell of migrant workers

Majority of Nepal migrant deaths 'should be treated as murder

This week on CNN, Auschwitz, KKK and the Nazi's are the politically correct weapon against anybody with a different opinion.
This week CNN is broadcasting old footage of a Neo Nazi guy who left the Nazi group and started a company to learn people about hate, Nobel pursuit. Then CNN will soon show you documentaries on the Holocaust  (Voices of Auschwitz) Skinheads and old KKK footage to imprint in our minds the association  between evil and Nazi’s and above all racism. Remember CNN, Fox, BBC, the media is controlled by people with an agenda. We are being brainwashed without knowing it. This is all scripted to push the multicultural agenda ( and create some more hate between black and white in the states ) and label any critics with accusations and questions about the failed government integration policies.

If you do ask questions or are against the current state of events, you are a racist and or conspiracy theorist. Previously I wrote a blog about the pope being used, his white robe as being “the good” and then CNN switches to the evil Islamist terrorist groups (mostly in black) like Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, Isis and the Taliban. In the Israeli media we also witnessed the photo in Paris with the march of the hypocrites with many world leaders except for Angela Merkel. Angela was in Paris and did walk in front with the other leaders, but not on the pictures in some newspapers in Israel, she was photo shopped out of the picture (religious extremist who controlled that media).

Anchor Jim Clancy Leaves CNN Following Abusive Twitter Exchange With Pro-Israel Activists

If you speak your opinion as a journalist and it is not scripted expect some serious repercussions from the network. After 34 years at CNN Jim Clancy quits because of a twitter exchange with a Pro Israel Activist. Left and quit means he was in this case kicked in the butt, fired, if he is lucky he will get some benefits, but for sure problems will occur when the time comes to collect the benefits and soon Jim will be in the news again dying of heart failure is my guess.

Jewish newspaper Photoshops female leaders out of a ‘Charlie Hebdo’ marching photo.

Who counts the dead?

“The ISIS Leader Does Not Exist”: The US Military’s Stunning Conspiracy Theory Emerges From The Archive
The Isis leader is a fictional person invented by the CIA or by ISIS itself, more and more Jihadist report their own deaths from the battlefield to avoid secret services from different countries to track their whereabouts. I wrote about Khaild K (months ago) an Islamic delusional schizophrenic headhunter terrorist from Holland who was also raised from the dead: Propaganda, The Rise of Isis. The Osama Bin Laden circus and CNN. Putin the “bad” Wolf.

Don’t get me wrong, this does not mean there are no religious lunatics wanting to create their own Islamic state! This does not mean Europe does not have a huge integration problem with Muslims.
Charlie Hebdo massacre predicted in tweets: Did ISIS plot the Paris terror attack? The Battle between Al Qaeda and Isis who claims responsibility, so both claim they were behind the Paris attack, somebody is clearly lying! Maybe the Paris terrorists were confused as home grown France Jihadist did not know the difference between Al Qaeda and ISIS, what a mess!

I always asked myself who is counting and who informs the media about the next terrorist “results” attack for example in the Taliban school killing. Did some journalist from CNN just happen to be there, did the correspondent in Pakistan from CNN run to the bombing scene and started counting the dead and wounded, do they count with a teller/calculator or by head? Do they speak with the local coroner and how does the local coroner establish the victims dead and identities sometimes just one hour after an attack ? Do they have a teller or do they get the information from the Pakistani intelligence? Why is one of the mothers standing there with a picture of the victim of the sandy Hook shooting? Did she not have a photo of her own son and just happen to print one from the internet, what kind of bullshit is this? What about the Taliban and Isis, do they have a PR firm who gives their press releases and beheading “promo” videos to the western media, surely they would not have an agenda to manipulate their “news” in any way? What can you  believe these days in the media, well in my opinion nothing or turn the news 180 degrees and you get at least part of the truth, asked who benefits, who had motive and above all follow the money and madness. Who in Nigeria makes the report more than 2000 were killed by Boko Haram, who’s counting? I do not say it did not happen, hell for all I know it could be 20.000 who were slaughtered.     


Deadly Banana Peel!

The Paris terrorists were all shot dead and it was said they had ties to Isis, more interesting connections were made with the Boston Bombers (The Boston Bombings was a total Hoax in my opinion). The trial against one of the Boston Bombers would connect them with the same terrorist Islamic fanatics. The trail had just started and guess what Dzhokhar Tsarnaev slipped over a banana peel in his jail cell. He must have slipped about 20 times as the blood is everywhere it looks like a complete slaughterhouse. I mean common media stop this bullshit, try to hide it at least a little bit, WTF is that picture all about (see link)? I guess we should stop making bullets and start bombing banana’s and throwing banana’s they have a monstrous deadly devastating effect, far more worse than bullets. The link reports that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev may never walk or talk again, no kidding. Chiquita must be furious about this anti banana propaganda, I will never look at a banana the same way ever again! Later the Aryan Brotherhood claimed responsibility, the banana lovers are relieved again. If this important terrorist suspect had not been isolated or protected, who knows what more he can reveal, he pleaded not guilty? Dzhokhar Tsarnaev cannot give us that answer anymore, I guess a guard accidentally fell a sleep after eating to many bananas!

Accused Boston Marathon Bomber Severely Injured In Prison and may Never Walk Or Talk Again
The Grey State film producer found dead with his family under mysterious circumstances.
Conspiracist Filmmaker Family Found Dead in Murder-Suicide, Spurring Fresh Theories

The American conspiracy filmmaker becomes a conspiracy himself with his dead family. The young filmmaker just started to produce a film called the Grey State: expose the government that is planning a new world order. David Crowley, 29, his wife Komel, 28, and daughter Rani, 5 were all found dead under suspicious circumstances the official story is murder suicide. Clearly this is crazy considering that his wife and daughter played a role in the documentary and David was overly excited to produce this film the Grey State. In 2012 he raised 60.000 dollars to make the film. The people who knew him do not believe he committed suicide and for sure he didn't  kill his wife and 5 year old daughter. 

I am deeply ashamed of my country Holland politicians and royals.

I am deeply ashamed of my countries politicians! How far will they go to cover up major issues and why?
The number one strange thing right now is one of the most ridiculous things I have witnessed,  is the Dutch governments recent statement stating they wouldn't publicize the findings of the reports on the shot down plane full of Dutch people in the Ukraine (5 months ago).  

I wrote about this in a previous blog. Theres a link of a treaty signed between Holland, the Ukraine and other countries that has the representatives from these countries to never publish their investigative findings: Whaaaaat?

MH17: Nations Conspire To Keep Investigations Classified – Leaked Document Reveals
Many countries are boycotting Russia because of the accusation they were behind the downing on the Mh17 plane. These boycotts are also partly the cause of the devaluation of our Euro and the Russian ruble. The biggest reason of the devaluation of oil prices and the rubble is the deal the Americans made with the Saudi’s they keep pumping oil which results in a low oil price. What about all those days of propaganda of the home coming of corpses from the crash site to Eindhoven being televised live all over the world? A disgraceful showing of propaganda to push agenda’s from some very sick people. The link also informs us that the Ukraine government informed the Dutch diplomats that three days before the passenger plane MH17 was shot down, Ukraine Antonov transporting plane was shot down on the flight route ( Ukraine stopped flying over that route from that time). Why not change the flight routes of the passenger planes with that information?

Dutch security services ‘work for the US’, says whistleblower Snowden

It’s becoming clear all of these so called new facts is why they hide the real reason that the involved countries (which had casualties in the flight disaster) signed an agreement to not speak about the results of the investigation. Even if the plane was shot down by accident or on purpose, the Ukraine plane crash incident is used for massive propaganda purposes.
Chevron has a 10 billion dollar investment and Royal Dutch shell has a 10 billion dollar investment in that same territory in the Ukraine. The IMF just lent 17 billion dollars ( if Ukraine would open their doors to Monsanto) Billion dollar deals everywhere. Especially the sanctions the US and other countries including the Netherlands put on Russia has resulted in Russia closing the flow of oil and gas through the Ukraine (Ukraine was also stealing oil out of the pipe line from Russia ). Russia now delivers its oil and gas to Turkey and Greece and tells the Europeans (that need at least 25% of their gas and oil from Russia) build your own pipeline. Russia also wants to receive its payment in gold, no kidding (wonder why?) Switzerland just made a bold move which made the euro even more problematic. So a huge interest by America as well as Europe in the Ukraine, wonder why we do not have to know the truth about the shooting down of the plane, that’s why! The US dollar was backed up by petro dollar ( deal the US made with the Saudi’s backing up dollar value with oil) the gold is long gone, with the low oil prices a collapse is imminent for the US, especially with China and Russia creating the new Brics countries http://rt.com/business/173008-brics-bank-currency-pool/ . The US needs war, they are causing the conflict in the Ukraine (their puppet president from the Ukraine), they need terrorist, so they fund them, they need war and make weapons. If they don’t, it does not take long anymore and a bigger depression then the great depression will hit the US and Europe.

Chevron and Ukraine Set Shale Gas Deal.
Picture by: Taina Sohlman Shutterstock.com 

Shell to Drill First Wells in $10 Billion Ukrainian Project.

It is in the interest of shell and Cheveron and many other countries that the Ukraine stays stable. It is in the interest of current ‘American” installed Ukraine puppet president that things are stable, when there is a lot of unrest,  billions are not coming in for the puppet president. The people who are in control of the Ukraine should not be some separatist Russian rebels, but a president they can trust (or manipulate and control ). The Ukrainian president who appeared in a press conference showing a plate of metal with holes in it on CNN ( reminds him how Ukraine people get slaughtered) was half begging for help because of the atrocities against the Ukrainian people. Now that is a nice display of American propaganda with an American controlled Ukrainian puppet president (Willy Wonka). 

Royal Dutch Shell Nazi Secrets Part 8: Nazi Connections!

One of the main stock holders of Royal Dutch Shell company is “our” Queen of Holland Beatrix ( 25% ). She was married to Georg Wilhelm Otto Friedrich Gerd Von Amsberg a former member of the Hitler Youth and in 1944 he joined the German Whermacht. The mother of Beatrix, Queen Juliana married another German named Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld, the Dutch population was divided in approving the marriage. Bernhard not only took huge bribes which later became known as the Lockheed scandal, but he later started a group called the Bilderberg group, which many now claim is one of the groups that are responsible for making all the world policies (behind the scenes). Bernhard was a former member of the Nazi party not only that, it is well documented he was with the Reiter-SS (SS Cavalry Corps), and the NSSK. To keep the family tradition high “our” current King  Willem Alexander married Máxima Zorreguieta Cerruti the daughter of Jorge Horacio Zorreguieta Stefanini he was the former minister of Agriculture at time of the regime of former president dictator Videla. This military dictator Videla ruled Argentina from 1976 to 1981, he was responsible for the kidnapping and murdering of 30.000 Argentinians. Surely the father of Maxima knew nothing about these atrocities ( yeah right), he was not allowed to be at the wedding of his daughter in the Netherlands. These royalties are the people we have to trust (lockheed bribes, nazi’s and war dictators families), who make “our” countries policies ( behind the scene very powerful) and they just happen to have a huge interest as one of the biggest shareholders in Shell in the “outcome” ( or better formulated, no outcome)  of the truth regarding the downing of the MH17 plane.
Recently there is an investigation to Joris Demmink a high level pedophile who just happen to be a high court judge in the Netherlands who handles high profile pedophile cases and child abuse cases. It’s like Pablo Escobar being a judge in high profiled drug cases. To read more about the atrocities of the royals, bankers and politicians and their sick rituals:

Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice.

It’s time we throw some deadly banana’s at these scumbags and get rid of all of them, we can claim it was an accident and that they all stepped on a banana peel simultaneously with deadly consequences, if they don’t believe the people's banana story, we blame the martians!

Bas Boon Says "God" loves pedophiles...


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If I was a God, this planet would be awesome, wishful thinking!

Can you imagine having God’s so called power? Religious people claim God is almighty and all knowing. God decides what happens to everybody in this earthly life whether or not you are bad person or good person he will send us to heaven or hell (according to the believers).  But how about God can we hold God accountable for all his wrong doing and misery he has put on us humans and the planet?
Or better yet can we look for responsible preachers and writers of these so called “holy” books who claim the writing and preaching represents their conversation with the “almighty”?
I mean God made some pretty bad judgments when it comes to “his” work! He had a problem with an Angel in heaven ( Gods problem was with the angel, not the fault of humans), I am not interested in whose fault it was, God and a bunch of angels had problems, we have to believe God’s written word for it through a human who wrote this). God outcast an angel from Heaven and sent it to Earth as punishment, this angel is also named Satan/Devil. Now that is some pretty fucked up shit, God gets a problem in heaven ( I guess not everything is perfect in paradise if God himself fights with Angels for whatever reason) and sends the devil to earth, thanks a lot! 
Another alternative is hell and reincarnation or just believe it’s all nonsense and create your own success and path in live take responsibility for yourself.
Polar Bears underway to Noah's Ark.
God asked Noah to build a boat and gather every living animal species in pairs to survive the big Flood  ( God was going to kill every living thing on earth by letting it rain for 45 days, one of his bad days in heaven ). Anybody ever ask how the polar bears, sea lions and penguins got aboard? Did they march in from the Antarctic over land to catch their boat ride? What about whales, kangaroos and poisonous spiders?
Were are the miracles of God?
I always asked myself why God was doing all these wonders in a time period people did not read or write and why God needed different humans to speak different languages? He could have just make these holy books appear in multiple languages or better imprint his will and rules in our human brains in a language understandable to everybody to avoid any interpretation mistakes (there were way more humans that were illiterate so that would make a lot more sense)! Why are those “holy rules”  books in Hebrew and Arabic, written by some writers in the dessert? He could have at least appeal to more writers let’s say two in each country in the world, just to avoid any misinterpretations. What happened to these wonders, God’s countless miracle performances in the writings of the “holy” books? We are now 2000 years further and no resurrections from the dead, not one human, no Elvis, John Lennon or Kennedy only Zombie movies and Walking Dead TV series. The only guys levitating and running on water are Chris Angels, Dynamo and David Blaine,  well known illusionists, but nobody considers them holy ( they would have been if they lived 2000 years ago)!

 Freedom of Speech, separation of Church and State.
Mohammed came and died so did Jesus ( if we believe those books), since they are deceased things have gotten a lot worse for humans on planet earth ( according to the bible Jesus came back for a few days, but then left to never return). The power of the Church and domination came to a halt after (a lot of bloodshed for 400 years). The church lost its power to humans with common sense, who fought for separation of Church and State. It’s because of this and the freedom of speech a lot more inventions were made and the industrial time and technology made a huge step forward for the benefit of mankind. Radical thinking or out of the box thinking and handling was punished by the Church and many other religions by dead.
If I was a God!
If I was a God, there would be no jealousy everybody could fuck everybody without ever a wrong word from anybody ( all wars started because of religion or a woman), You could gamble and never lose, you can use drugs and never become an addict. Every supermarket and shopping mall would have a GoGo Bar.
There would be no famine and every human would have plenty of water. All humans would have a home and there would not be any crime (so no need to have torture punishment writing in “holy” books as so called guidelines. There would be no disease or wars, because I would not allow it. There would not be jealousy and I would make sure the weather would be perfect with lots of sunshine a cool breeze and a beach near everybody’s home. Every man would find the perfect woman, every woman would find the perfect man. There would be no addictions and only humor, love and tons of sarcasm. It’s almost if planet earth want to show us humans to stop thinking and believing in the supernatural and behave rationally. I would not want to be worshiped as a God and would not accept any atrocities in the name of faith or any atrocities at all in that matter. I would make sure everybody has the confidence to develop their own “magical” path to enjoy life on this beautiful planet, without worshipping any Gods or listening to his so called messengers, they simply would not exist.
 The Pope does not speak with the divine!

The Pope visits what’s left of Tacloban in the Philippines a town completely destroyed by hurricane Haiyan, ironically the pope has to leave Tacloban in a hurry as hurricane number 21 hits the Philippines this year at the same time the Pope is visiting Tacloban. God showing “sarcasm and humor” the pope comes out of the plane when it landed and the wind blows off his white kippah (skullcap), “God” taking the piss! Amazing how millions of people stare in a mass hypnotized way to an old man in a white robe. The pope telling millions of Filipinos who became victims of terrible weather disasters that gays are ruining the family life of the Filipinos ( thanks pope for that advice this really help us move forward in any talks with God to blow the wind the other way in the coming year?). Next thing coming out of Mr ”Holy’s” mouth is a remark that it’s ok to punch somebody in the face if they insult your mother or religion. This remark is a direct result of the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris( printings of French cartoon satire magazine), never let a good crisis go to waste to do some soul winning ( referring to insulted Muslims and Religion). This coming from one of the wealthiest  powerful men in the world who bought off sex scandals for hundreds of millions of dollar.
The Pope gives a Hug to a 12 year old street kid, thanks Pope, now go back son and eat and live on your garbage mountain again. If I come back in 5 years and when you have died from Hepatitis , I will make a cross with my hands and say a prayer ( what a guy ).
Ex-street kid weeps as she asks Pope why God lets children suffer in the Philippines.
The Wishful Thinking Community
Religious people are in the billions and they should be called the wishful thinking community. What if today we would put a hold on secret service and intelligence agencies and just have God decide if there would be a terrorist attack? Majority of religious people decide to take their chances being protected by secret service and intelligence! Right I thought so, it’s like being on the top floor of a 20 story building and taking the elevator down and you ask the religious person to jump from the roof to meet him downstairs, just fly from the building and pray to your God for a safe landing. For some reason faith and praying for the outcome is not taken that literally and seriously anymore when common sense, fear and knowledge takes over. Israel could say we break down the wall and our security check post and trust in their God, but they don’t. Even with the tight security today there will always be lunatics who find a way to do some slaughtering:
Palestinian man stabs people on Tel Aviv rush-hour bus.
Picture by: Chameleons Eye Shutterstock.com

Hamas followers keeps praying to Allah 5 times a day, but they are getting slaughtered and loose more and more territory to the Israelis. America puts billions in security and surveillance while 30% of Americans believes the written word of God in the bible. Another 50% of the American population is a little bit more moderate Christian” whatever that means”, so why not pray to God for a good outcome? The majority of religious people would rather have protection from CIA,FBI, Government and pray as well, double dipping just to make sure. Imagine if everybody would not touch any fire arms and just stay home and not fight whoever commands them to do so, just trust in God. Humans are hypocrites, the religious fighters would thank God if they just won a fight and scream God when they go into battle, but if they get knocked out or loose a leg in battle, they suddenly don’t make any religious signs or remarks any more.
‘Boy Who Came Back From Heaven’ actually didn’t; books recalled
Always question everything! 
Quote” Tyndale House, a major Christian publisher, has announced that it will stop selling “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven,” by Alex Malarkey and his father, Kevin Malarkey.:”
The story is about a boy who has been in a coma since he was 6 years old. He awakens after two months, but it leaves him partly paralyzed. The boy recently wrote the following open letter to Christian bookstores: “I did not die and did not go to heaven” and I never even read the bible. He made up the story to get attention and attention he got especially from the Christian book  publisher Tyndale House. They sold over 1 million copies and continued the sales even after Alex’s mother had asked them to stop selling the book as it was painful to watch the lies, she continues to explain the real reason she and Alex no longer wanted to participate in the hoax/scam: She describes some reasons, but the main reason of course is that no royalties were paid from the book to Alex ( not even $1.-), nor his needs have ever been funded by the book. 
So the Christian publisher will stop selling the book now, those greedy “holy” bastards could have made some more millions, if they just would have paid some royalties to Alex. Surely all the money made from the book by the Christian publisher went  to the “Lord” and all the received profits from the book selling is now distributed by the Pope in the Philippines to the Filipino street children, Oepsss, sorry I caught myself in wishful thinking. The book will not be sold anymore which is strange? People love good stories and especially the wishful thinking community, why stop selling the book? This is just extra publicity and people forget after a few months a whole new load of wishful thinkers don’t even know about the confession of Alex. A few million more copies will be sold, mega profits for the Christian publisher. I guess the owner of the Christian Publisher has a conscience or is simply pissed off as a good Christian wishful thinker he was selling the truth, but it turned out to be a lie ( and the truth shall set you free).
Kiss me I change into a beautiful young princess, no I rather have a speaking frog!

Their website says; Quote “Tyndale House is a Christian community dedicated to researching all the primary evidence relevant to the study of the Bible”. I guess Alex was one of their pieces of evidence for the "Divine" and gave a whole new dimension to the word evidence!
We should treat all the so called “holy” books the same way. Remember this book of the story of Alex was ridiculed and questioned many times, there was such pressure that the mother and Alex finally came forward with the truth ( and not getting royalties sure helped to reveal the truth). If we just believe blindly in what is written in books, in the media and in our government we are basically dead with no sense of inner self. All of the religious guidance for humanity isn't doing anybody any good. The people that control everything and dictate what must be believed and how one should behave are creating mass separation and war. 
We should always question dogma!
Why would God, if he does exist and is a good God transcribe the following rules for people that insult him being punishable by death and tell stories of beheading's and stoning people to death?What good peaceful God would recommend such terrible violence? 
Leviticus 24:16 Holy Bible: Quote “anyone who blasphemes the name of the Lord is to be put to death. The entire assembly must stone them. Whether foreigner or native-born, when they blaspheme the Name they are to be put to death”.
Koran: 47:4: “Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers (in fight), strike off their heads; at length; then when you have made wide Slaughter among them, carefully tie up the remaining captives”: thereafter (is the time for) either generosity or ransom: Until the war lays down its burdens.”
5:33: “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution [by beheading], or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter.”

5:33: Those that make war against God and His apostle and spread disorder in the land shall be slain or crucified or have their hands and feet cut off on alternate sides…”
So the beheadings of the Saudi’s or Jihad John are a result of the writings of this book the “Koran”.
Quote “8:12: “I will instil terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off.”
8:12: “Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.”
8:12: “I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, strike off the very tips of their fingers.”
Now these "holy"books with fear mongering punishment rules for mankind simply does not work. Indonesia and Saudi Arabia have the death penalty for drug use, trafficking and for blasphemy. People are getting killed on a daily base for breaking the laws in those countries. It's also mind boggling why a God would describe in a holy book how his prophet is slaying people and cutting of heads. Where is the love, peace, harmony, compassion and empathy....
A popular need for the religious cult leaders like Yusef Estes from Peace TV is to show people from the other faiths like Christianity convert to Islam (like he did himself). Religious propaganda.
Christian man asks yusuf estes a question then accepts islam.
And on the other hand we have Christian propaganda where Muslims convert to Christianity.
Changing Tracks: Mario Joseph, Muslim Imam convert.
It is fascinating for me as a freethinking human being ( without a label I prefer to not be called an Atheist, just a human with his own opinion)  All these people that are so busy with the written words of books published thousands of years ago? If they would concentrate on their own path, create their own success and put energy in love, peace, progress and success and just hold themselves responsible we would make a huge step forward. Stop believing what others write or say, especially when it promotes serious violence,  believe in yourself! Let’s all work towards pushing humanity forward!
It is mind boggling to me that so many humans in the twenty-first century with a bit of sense would follow such nonsense.
Clearly an all-knowing, almighty God shouldn’t transcribe such “rules” and torturous guidelines only a schizophrenic, violent, delusional power seeking human would. Maybe the holy books were changed by the hands of some seriously messed up people, who knows. It shouldn't be followed nonetheless. If God is the epitome of peace he wouldn't have have rules for stoning people to death or decapitating the heads of “unbelievers”. God is almighty and all-knowing so why does he need humans to do some slaughtering in the name of the divine? 
We shouldn't listen to people advising us to be violent, not from a book, not from delusional voices in our heads and not from priests, Imams or other self-proclaimed “holy” messengers of God on Earth. Never ask questions or ridicule religion or be violently put to death! what kind of crap is that? Religious people  have the right to live on a flat earth (an earth not round or spherical) and believe the earth was created in 6 days and the sun is revolving around the earth ( tens of millions of people to this day still believe this). I would really like to live on this planet without other people dictating to me what I should believe or how I should behave and what to say and write. I will always ask questions, love satire and ridicule religion, if this resulted in only one person to start doubting religion and start behaving rationally it is well worth it. Shit, I just caught myself in wishful thinking, I guess all humans do it!