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Humans are all guilty of, Jealousy, Racism, Murder and Hate. Sinterklaas is a lie! Furguson madness.

Abraham Lincoln assassinated

All through out history we can see segregation, too much national pride and propaganda. The first Republican president ever, Lincoln led the Union to victory in the Civil War and ended slavery in America. With firm conviction, Lincoln declared South Carolina's secession illegal and pledged to go to war to protect the federal union in 1861. During the four years of the American Civil War, the president steered the North to victory and authored the Emancipation Proclamation, which dealt a severe blow to the institution of slavery in the U.S. Lincoln led the Union to victory in the Civil War and ended slavery in America.

"I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: 
We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal."

Martin Luther King Jnr - I have a dream Speech delivered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC 28 August 1963

Martin Luther King Jr, the great civil rights leader, spoke these words on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, USA in August 1963 to a crowd of over 250,000 people who were demanding equal justice for all American citizens.  

So why were these two great men were assassinated when they stood for equality? Ponder that question..

There are a lot of riots in Ferguson these days, blacks looting local stores and supermarkets all because a young black teenager was shot by a white cop. Regardless if the shooting was justifiable/ self defense or not the looting is their way to remember Michael Brown, for the looting gang a couple of stolen sneakers and a stolen microwave is their way avenge their deceased friend (sarcasm). When they walk on their new sneakers or heat up food in their new stolen microwaves they will remember Michael, no funeral needed.

There are many photos circulating on social Media. Brown allegedly holding a gun with a stack of money in his mouth ( real gangsta style). Later this turned out to be a photo of an Oregon murder suspect (many do not know about this).
But the picture goes viral and does damage, more whites angry, we need more police, these lowlife black looters all need to be shot or go to jail.

Huge news worldwide about the rioting looting gang in Furguson and that outrage that the white cop who shot Michael Brown gets off the hook.
It reminded me of the OJ Simpson case, everybody knew OJ did it. Then the race card was played during the court about a racist white cop (how convenient and inappropriate and well timed). The high paid super lawyer Robert Shapiro (Jewish, but they have no race problem as money heals all racial disputes) got OJ off the hook. Outrage in the land: whites angry and blacks celebrate on the streets. White female. OJ’s wife a murder victim, black murderer, defended by Jewish lawyer, goes free because of a racist cop’s mistake. Can I have more popcorn and a coke please! 
Blacks scream we won, justice, do they realized they did not win crap? Did it pay their mortgages of their houses, do they have less children's mouths to feed, did they get richer……they did give TV broadcasters high ratings and 1 years of daily drama content of black vs white that will be repeated for years to come.

Everybody just got scammed, brainwashed by the media show. The racism problems have been deliberately created for political and financial gains. 

The Sinterklaas boat says Spanje (Spain), but he actually comes from Turkey.

Do not think these ‘racist” problems are only found in the US, no it’s a ‘worldwide marketing campaign. For example in Holland we have huge problems now with a children festival called Sinterklaas (similar to christmas ). Here a headline in the NY Times:

A New Holiday Tradition for the Dutch: Arguing About Blackface

For as long as I have been alive I can remember Sinterklaas and there never was a problem with the black Petes,  Sinterklaas’s black helpers. It was a national tradition for family to gather together to give each other presents like with Christmas ( both Sinterklaas and Santa Claus are equally fake) .

The media knows how to entertain their sheep and to keep the sheep focused on the Kardashian’s gigantic butts or the Hello Ross Pro Gay TV propaganda show. People are getting brainwashed and dumber by the second.

Recently the face of black Petes were painted different color for political correctness.

Only black victims of police violence matter

Well for all people who cannot read and are too dumb risking their lives by getting shot as they are looting to remember their black friend, here is something to think about:

 Inconvenient Truths about Race & Slavery.

Let’s start with the word slave, where does it come from? Slavish people come to mind. Ding ding, bingo you are correct? Yes the word slave comes from the Slavish people. Ahum does that mean that the Vikings were the first to have slaves, those white barbarians, nope it does not. The slavish people were slaves for hundreds of years by the hands of African Muslims: WHATTTTTTTTTTT????? Do not think it was only the Slavish people who were used as slaves by the African Muslims , no actually it happened throughout the whole Mediterranean. Later the Dutch and English used to transport slaves as they were great sailors and shipbuilders, but the majority of slave owners and traders with African Muslims.

I have always been fascinated by history, although I left school when I was 15, the only  diploma I have is a swimming diploma and drivence license. 

My brother recently called me from Holland and informed me his friend went with the kids to see the arrival of Stinterklaas (by boat its tradition) with his black Petes (they are black helpers working for a white guy, this is where the racist cards is played by the media). Sadly the arrival was disturbed by a fighting mass and rioting police (pro tradition sheep vs left wing racism sheep ) leaving the children crying and upset. 

The traditional arrival of Sinterklaas in Holland is with his ship from Spain and he brings presents and candy for the children. But actually St. Klaas comes from Turkey and not from Spain as many including myself when I was a kid thought. So the Petes were south Mediterranean and had dark skin so then the racist card was played. The story emerged that the Petes were coming through our chimneys to deliver presents, so they became more black. There was no racial issue up until this point with Sinterkaas. The chimney story was used to avoid racial issues.

 Aanhoudingen verricht bij de intocht van Sinterklaas in Gouda - 112HM
Arrest on the arrival of Sinterklaas

Its 2014 the riot police is ashore waiting for Sinterklaas to arrive with his black Pete’s to make landfall with his boat.  You could describe it as a mini D- day landing, the child fest turning into a riot zone with candy and presents flying through the air. Black Petes fighting with pro white racism sheep and the riot police against everybody, with the riot police bashing in the skulls of both and arresting dozens, all in front of the children ( civilized 2014). Many journalist present with photo and video cameras and hundreds of smartphone camera’s to show the spectacle on YouTube and other media outlets. Mission accomplished, very frightened children at a very young age witnessing the law at work.

Picture by ES

More over the story of the legend Sinterklaas who lived in Turkey is full of miracles. The myth says that this “holy” man brought back alive butchered murdered kids and he saves three young girls from becoming prostitutes. The usual portion of miracles to show how holy and good Sinterklaas was ( the bishop in Myra near Antalya). The trustworthy Sinterklaas who is an old man who likes to give candies to young children and has black petes with him to scare the children if they are up to no good. Ahum, I grew up ( some say I never did ) now knowing the real story of Sinterklaas it sounds that the Sinterklaas character is just another pervert who comes to seduce children with candy and scaring tactics (saving butchered children bringing them back to life, like Jesus revived alcoholic Lazarus from the dead), reminds me of my from my previous blog: 

“God” loves pedophiles, Hells Angels, Yusuf Estes hates Shakespeare”

I feel angry, first they make you believe this man is real and brings you presents. In all fairness he arrives on every canal in Holland on the same day with dozens of ships (not from Spain or Turkey but from the local fish harbor around the corner). All Sinterklaas beards are fake and his “pope” head is very reconcilable (church like figure). His black Petes are made more dark as they were just Mediterranean man, no as a matter a fact it was the neighboor guy who painted his face black coming with uncle charley who is chosen to be Sinterklaas this year ( I suspected by the smell of Sinterklaas alcohol breath something was strange when I was 6 ). The presents were bought by my parents all lying through their teeth. Promoting a guy who lived in Turkey but change the story that he came from Spain. Everything based on lies and myth and now also used by the media to stir up some more controversy, hate, racism and violence, what a circus.

Sinterklaas, you are no holy man
Based on a lie, a myth, member of the evil clan.
Riding from Amsterdam to Spain
accompanied by black petes slaves taking the blame
Sinterklaas arriving per boat from Spain
Actually he is from Turkey another lie how lame.
Sinterklaas not holy and not from Spain
Fuck the kids, teach them fear,hate, lies and pain

For the rioting people in Ferguson, please notice you live in the land of opportunities.

 Listen to the guy who gives the interview pissing of Morgan Freeman: I am Jewish ( I am a racist) he should have said I am a human from planet earth.

Morgan Freeman who became a very successful movie star and is very outspoken when it comes to discrimination. There is no racism if people just stop talking about black, White, Spink, Chinese, Japs… but just call each other humans. The racist card does not fly anymore, you got a black president, black sports heroes, black movie stars, Wesley Snipes, Samuel L Jackson, Denzel Washington, Will Smith black comedians like Chris Rock, you got billionaire Oprah who even owns her own TV network, you got thousands of black artists, such as billionaires Jay Z and BeyoncĂ©. But the people in Ferguson and around the world are brainwashed by cooperate media, to divide us humans and to spread hate and fear.

 Ego, jealousy and greed and above all stupidity.

Rapper Big Paybacc is shot dead at Los Angeles burger joint, here some more rappers who got shot: DJ Scott La RocRk, Tupac, Mr Gee, Yaki Kadafi, Seagram, OTF Nu Nu, Stretch, DJ uncle all, camouflage, Sabotage, Hitman, Mac Dre, Blade Icewood, Proof,

Check this list of deceased hip hop artist.

Wtf is wrong with these Hip Hop artists, they are keeping the vicious circle and their bad reputation alive. All these rappers have huge ego’s and mostly singing about orgies, sex, violence, killing, their cocks, chicks and being black. Some songs are really catchy and promoted by multi millions dollar contract record labels such as sony, bmg etc.Video clips of the cars with huge rims with the black rap artist driving the car showing the drivers fingers full of diamond rocks and his neck covered with gold and jewels and on both wrists a gold watch fully convert with diamonds. Bosco Albert ( alias BA from the A-team, BA stood for Bad Attitude). It was said that on any given day BA’s neck was covered with 2 million in golden chains, The NBC TV team was mostly watched by kids and was one of the longest successful running TV series after star trek.
Then there is the boxer Mayweather who has to place every winning bet he makes for hundreds of thousands of dollars at the time on Instagram and Facebook. He never forget to post about the new Bentleys he is buying. He even created a nice clothing line called MT (money team). Resulting in more juicy stories for the press are the affairs and love life of these celebrities.

Mayweather, look at my watch!!! Picture by: Kobby Dagan

The Human ego at work.
Please other humans see how rich I am, see how successful I am, please look at me how much more I achieved then you. The sickness continued when they fight in court for money disputes:

That is considered normal and lucky (going to court with exes and opponents and rivals) because most of these guys constantly fight over ego crap which other say or think about them in the media (list of dead rappers comes to mind). When they get shot or end up in the hospital they end up in prison. In prison the separation and racism “tradition” is kept alive as you either join the black brotherhood or white supremacist, Muslims gang and surely there is a department with only Mexicans. The messenger of God is always in prison for everybody regardless what race, the church welcomes all fools and especially sinners. Great breeding ground for becoming a homosexual as well. A priest will take your sins away and you become a member of the Christian gang. Mohammed Ali and Tyson and Malcom X ( Malcom X when released from prison died by shot wounds) were converted to Islam in prison (another gang), but it never did them really any good. The prison and their owners love the system as they make money on every prisoner, black, white, Chinese, Mexican its ding ding.

The Prison Industry in the United States: Big Business or a New Form of Slavery?

Wonder why Zuckerman creator of Facebook became one of the youngest richest guys in the world? Everybody is looking for outside appraisal and recognition people take photos with their smartphones near cars they don’t even own. They Photoshop photos of themselves or use celeb photos as a profile photo. There is a big need to have a lot of likes on our posted photos and videos.

At the end it is all about our state of emotion and our ego which is responsible for us humans making huge mistakes. Sometimes the response of one of our emotions leads to a life in prison or even death. Surely all promoted by the media gang who are supported by the big corporations, keeping the scam going forever.

The married woman brought the children to school and forgot to bring the sandwiches for the kids, She rushes home to get the sandwiches and fells and hurts her knee. When she comes back from bringing the children to school the post came and brought two envelops with a total unexpected tax bill of $16.000.- dollar. While she is making dinner for her husband and the kids to come home she overcooks the meat/food because her sister is calling to tell her she had cancer. Dinner time: the husband gets a burned piece of meat on his plate followed by a sneer that he is late. He says his meat is burned and the spectacle starts: the wife now screaming, make your own fucking food. The youngest kid is starting to cry and the older one is repeating with sarcasm, fucking food. The husband kicks the shin of the elderly son who screams of pain. The kid kicks the dog who is lying under the table who bites the youngest in her leg as a panic response. The husband did a very good business deal, slept well that night and was in a good mood. He embraced his wife who then busted into tears and told her about her day explaining what happened. But if the man would have just been fired and hit traffic plus received two speeding tickets, that family would maybe no longer exist.

Good stories do happen every day, but they are not put out there much in the mass media as it does not get good ratings.

The media likes this better, so we can find lots more of it.

'Mommy! It hurt' Tragic last words of Down syndrome man, 26, who died in handcuffs on the floor after he refused to leave a movie theater

We should all learn to control our emotions as hard as it is we should always try not to judge people and try to see things from their perspective, stand in their shoes. Let’s imagine somebody just lost a family member, has a kid with down syndrome or had a parent beating the crap out of them for 15 years. There is a reason why people respond emotionally, let’s not try to take that as an insult and a reason we have to defend our ego with screaming or violence. We do not need to take everything personally. There is no racism like Morgan Freeman said, only media and other humans profiting from the stupidity of other humans. We are all humans and none of us own a piece of rock/land we all live together on planet earth. We sleep, eat etc.. everyday regardless of race, Black, White, Asian, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Hindu, Buddhist……………..Be happy, helpful and healthy and laugh as much as you can and we should all enjoy this wonderful planet as long as we are alive! 
Let's study and improve ourselves, be honest with ourselves and break the chain of slavery and mental slavery.

 There has always been propaganda and negativity in the world but we can create our own reality. Let’s stop blaming and stop playing the racist card, as you can see whites were more victimized then the blacks, so what, its history! We should learn from the past and all live together in peace. The Jewish people only marry Jewish people and play the victim of the holocaust at every occasion. The second world war killed between 50 and 80 million people , yes 6 million Jews were slaughtered, so were others, its history, done! It’s our own behavior we should take responsibility for, regardless of  race or what you believe. My grand grandfather died in a death camp by the hands of the Japanese people, should I hate Japanese people now for the rest of my life? Let’s Stop hating, stop being angry, stop being a victim and take life into our own hands.

How do we solve this mess: read my blog:   

I just solved the world’s biggest problem. No more wars. No more poverty
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