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Counter Movie Proposal for "The Interview". Open letter to Kim Jong-Un Leader of North Korea!

Open letter to Kim Jong-Un the Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea , son of the great Kim Jong-il and grandson of Kim Il-sung.

Date 31-12-2014

Dear Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un.

My name is Bas Boon and I have been in the entertainment business for 35 years, I have produced several movies in Hollywood and I would like to make a  proposal. I’d like to collaborate on a film about the Zionist and the Americans and the profuse propaganda in the U.S. The film could start out with a love story / comedy about your personality and the real face of Obama and the Zionist. The movie would be a counter “propaganda” master piece to the movie “the interview” which certainly would change the opinion of the worldwide view on your personage and how you rule your country and conduct your foreign policies.

Please do not bomb the white house or conduct any nuclear attack because of the movie “the interview”. I know you are not behind the Sony hack and that the Sony hack has been a fabrication of the CIA. The recent video of you threatening to blow up the white house is the next propaganda stunt to push the Zionist movie “the interview”, clearly orchestrated by Sony with the help of president Obama. I suggest some similar propaganda measurements to promote your / our movie “the American lie”.

Several media platforms reported that North Korea is negotiating in secret with the same car dealer from Texas who delivered the Toyota trucks to the ISIS warriors (I know this is also false). The American vehicles soon can be seen in a huge row of trucks in north Korea with north Korean military personal waving North Korean flags and showing their guns to the spy satellites ( and some journalist)  from the back of the open Toyota trucks. If you see this video note it’s not produced by North Korea but by the CIA in Hollywood.
For the people who did not see the movie 
“the interview” yet:

The newest Zionist propaganda movie “the interview” from the US about the current leader of North Korea, in a few words:
The movie “The interview”: Jewish obsession about , media, butt-holes, anal hiding places, female sexy secret agents, violence, propaganda, luxury toys, gays, orgies and honey dipping, smelly dick, blow job gestures, fat kids, judgmental, satire, sarcasm, god, heads on plate, massacre, nuclear threats, death and killing of the leader of North Korea Kim Jong-Un by a paparazzi journalist from the US
I have been thinking about the script for a movie co produced by Kim Jong-Un. Movie title:  “The American Lie”, which could be as follow, synopsis.

The love story about president Kim Yong Un falling in love with Michelle Obama - when she was very young kim and Michelle fell deeply in love, she would later become President Obama’s wife. As part of the plan Michelle Obama is a long time spy for North Korea while being the first lady.

In reality Kim’s a great guy who is actually a big philanthropist. Michelle Obama and Kim frequently secretly meet at charity events and they continue to have a secret relationship  resulting in three kids Kim 1,2,3. Michelle is so in love with Kim that she is willing to sacrifice her life as the first lady. She is doing an excellent job being a spy -  giving passwords to North Korean hackers to expose the truth about Obama and America:
Flash back to the interview movie is now on screen: After the CIA recruits a journalist / TV show host “movie flashes of the interview, courtesy of Sony” to kill Kim Yong Un.  Michelle warns her real love Kim Young Un of the assassination plot and Kim hires a stand in who is killed in the helicopter blast. Kim Yong Un flees to the US where he becomes the producer of the movie The American Lie.
The Truth about Obama.

Obama’s Lawyers Officially Admit Birth Certificate is Fake - See more at:
Deport Obama? Petition Urges President’s Removal From The United States
Kim is actually not a racist and a great lover of humanity. Obama's secret is coming out through a “leaked” sex tape ( courtesy of Michelle ). Obama can be seen having sex with multiple young virgins and under aged Korean kidnapped boys who were delivered at bohemian grove were Obama participated in sodomy, orgies and human sacrifice. The American Lie, the 54th president who is a puppet of the Illuminati Hackers proof  ( Michelle gave them decoding keys for hacking) the bohemian grove child rape and pedophiles like Obama and many other political leaders around the world.
The Guantanamo detention camp will never be out of business or forgotten.
It becomes known that Obama is a pedophile and member of the Muslim Brotherhood pushing a Muslim agenda in order from the Illuminati.
EGYPT'S LARGEST NEWSPAPER: Barack Obama Is A Member Of The Muslim Brotherhood...
Then all U.S political criminal pedophiles and bankers are transported to The Guantanamo detention camp to be water boarded for years, the secret children from Kim and Michelle will lead this task, Kim 1, Kim 2 and Kim 3.
 Trailer of "The American Lie".
Trailer of the Movie The America Lie, sex child cover-ups and pedophilia all on the music of Motorhead’s song “The whore house blues” ( watch celebs in movie)
CNN- Satanic Child Sex Ring Is Ran By U.S. Government!!
John DeCamp Alex Jones Interview (FULL) - The Franklin Cover Up ( Bohemian Grove)
David Icke: Royal Political Paedophilia.
Savile and the 9th Circle ( Must See )
See my blog on pedophiles: God” loves pedophiles, Hells Angels, Yusuf Estes hates Shakespeare:
God” loves pedophiles, Hells Angels, Yusuf Estes Mohammed....
The movie The American Lie opening 

Opening shot of the movie “The American Lie” ( music welcome to the jungle from Guns and Roses):  Fat Obese kids in the U.S on schools yards who have to have insulin injections as they're young diabetic patients. Then adults and kids are asked the names of the neighbouring countries which they do not know. Picture fades to: white trailer trash families, in trailer parks heading to the grocery store with their  food stamps.Veterans of war, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq -  living homeless on the streets. The empty city of Detroit the Ferguson riots, police killings, fast food joints, school shootings, rape, adultery and murder. Text scrolls through the picture saying: the youngest country with the most wars and deaths to its credits in the shortest period of the existence of any nation.
Music played during opening shot: 'Welcome to Hell' by Rhino Bucket
Close up of Joan Rivers and her weekly visits to the plastic surgery, we hear Rivers insulting everybody including Michelle Obama. Scroll of text over the shown footage video and photographs of all plastic surgery failures with close up of huge lips and humans changing into monsters. The scene ends with Rivers dying in agony.
Followed by: Tribute to dead rappers
 Then a huge list of deaths “artists” on drugs and alcohol overdoses:
 1 Robbie Williams , depressed suicide artist.
2 Hunter S Thompson, hells angels book writer, loved alcohol, drugs and firearms.
3 Steve Mc Queen: wife beater and drug abuser.
4 Michael Jackson the billionaire pedophile.
5 Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood slut and president fucker.
6 Freddy Mercury from Queen, homosexual died of Aids.
7 Whitney Houston, cocaine overdose.

Music of Nashville Pussy: Good Night For A Heart Attack:
100 Americans die of drug overdoses each day. How do we stop that?

The Satanic Pedophiles Of Hollywood & Their Corruption Of Children
Bill Cosby facing litany of allegations.
Quote ” Though the star has vehemently denied most of the accusations that he drugged and sexually assaulted young women seeking career guidance”

The camera fades to a graveyard and we hear the music of ACDC Highway to Hell  (Australian Bon Scott lead singer of ACDC who died of an overdose). A huge list of dead celebs that die because of overdose can be seen in a scrolling text over the graveyard footage.:
John Belushi, Anna Nicole Smith, Janis Joplin, River Phoenix, Brittany Murphy, Bradley Nowell, Nirvanna, Anissa Jones, Bridgette Anderson, Scotty Beckett, Dana Plato, Corery Haim, Chris Farley, Ken Kaminiti, Layne Staley, Mitch Hedberg, Sebastian Horsley, Brent Mydland, Hillel Slovak, Jimmy Hendrix………………
77 Celebrities Who Have Been Charged with Domestic Abuse
Music now change to Eric Clapton- Cocaine, new graveyard is shown with all famous celebs died of overdose.
IMDb: Top 70 Alcohol/Drug Addiction Movies - a list by ...
Kim can be seen in multiple promo shots: 
Promo shot Kim exposes secret US, 
Saudi oil deal to cripple Russia.

Picture By: Astrelok
Kim exposes the US / Saudi deal, blue screen background we can see Kim standing in Saudi oil field ( music now by Pink Floyd “Money” ) > The US fails to bring down Russia with their oil scam agreement with the Saudis, oil 20 dollars but the Saudis keep pumping.
SAUDI OIL MINISTER: I Don't Care If Prices Crash To $20 — We're Not Budging
The Saudi’s who keep pumping oil is the reason the Russian Ruble is in a free fall (a clever deal between the US and the Saudi’s).  The BRICS countries won’t trade in dollars anymore, but Yuan and Ruble and other payment methods. BRICS is the acronym for an association of five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.
The Future of the BRICS Development Bank
Clearly the US does not like this ( will cause mass devaluation of the dollar), so first they made a global worldwide anti boogey man campaign on Putin and Russia ( Putin’s missile, “Ukraine invasion” and Putin was accused of being guilty of  the downing of flight MH 17) . Obama called America’s Bin Laden Saudi’s oil friends and made a deal, this deal is that the Saudi’s keep pumping oil even while the US has enough ( USA have their own increased oil production and they mix the oil to have a bigger stock pile). Kim show’s on live TV the recordings of the deal between The Obama administration and the Saudi’s.
Did the U.S. and the Saudis Conspire to Push Down Oil Prices?
Publicity stunt, forget the Sony Hack, use 
nukes for selling the movie.

Music by: Carnivore - Thermonuclear Warrior
As a publicity stunt forget the Sony hack, throw a few nukes on Israel and Palestine a few days before Kim orders to push the button the North Koreans hack the computers of the government of Saudi Arabia and leaving a digital trail that points evidence in their direction. The hack should reveal that the Saudi’s knew a film was produced which showed proof that the religion of Islam is false and insanity and that their prophet Mohammed was a pedophile and not a prophet. This was discovered by the Zionist, the proof also showed that the Jewish and other religions are a man-made farce to control people. The Saudis would not wait for the new release of this movie which would cause the collapse of a faith which they promoted with trillions of dollars of oil money. One billion and five hundred thousand followers all fooled, so they took action to destroy Israel. Now that is a stunt to promote your film, this makes the Sony hack look like garbage and it solves the Israel Palestine problem forever, no more three “holy’ religions in one city in one place, just nuclear waste, radiation and the blast flattening everything.

For some extra publicity after the wipe out of Palestine, Israel and Saudi Arabia ( Saudi Arabia is nuked by the United Nations as a retaliation for "the Saudi's" nuking Palestine and Israel), the former staff of the white house and CIA admit their atrocities and conspiracies in the movie The American Lie. They were behind blowing up the twin towers with the purpose to go to war with Iraq and Afghanistan. They conspire these atrocities with help of the Saudi’s and Israel as all would benefit from kickbacks from the contractors they would send to the war zones (which was decided long before 9/11). The Contractors would retrieve oil in those territories, confiscate opium, divide conquered land with their resources and profit from the sales of weapons. This would beat the confession of Enenim being gay in the movie “The Interview”. I do  not really know why the interview also used Rob Low as he is known for a leaked sex tape were he has sex with under aged teenagers and a man and another woman
More Promos of Kim and North Korea 
Pictures of a Gallier Village in Bretagne ceased by Romans who just can’t conquer the little village, Astrix and Obelix are shown with Kim in the middle.

Music by: ASTERIX SONG: We Are One People
North Korea in reality is the Astrix and Obelix story with North Korea being the Gallier village, they are surrounded by the great China and  separated from South Korea by the demilitarized zone with lots of American soldiers. The country is boycotted by almost every nation. North Korea will not bow to other nuclear super powers or boycotts. North Korea show they became a nation which have nuclear bombs and long range rockets and it scares the other superpowers shitless.
Some more promos of Kim arresting more celebs of the 
Hollywood elite:
Bill Maher on Cosby’s Accusers: ‘There’s No Glamour in Saying an Old Creep Forced Himself on You
The satanic elite (pedophiles) run Hollywood
Like Stalin people see Kim as a God and people love God(s) , 80 percent of America believe in God that’s why they even print "in god we trust “on their money. Combine both Gods with the marriage of Michelle Obama will united the Gods and please many people. You might want to split open a sea here and there to convince the non believers, but that will not be a problem with me as a producer.
Good deeds are shown from Kim during 
his new leadership of the US:

Since Kim took over the leadership again of North Korea he wins back the heart of the North Koreans, the female North Korean traitor of the movie “The Interview” is also transported to the Guantanamo detention camp. Kim now becomes the leader of Korea entirely and the U.S ( with the help of Michelle Kim commits a successful coup de ta in the U.S), with Michelle on his side the country has no more poverty and drug addicts
Prescription drugs are also stopped being sold, saving millions of American lives:

Kim closes all Churches in the US and pedophilia drops with an astonishing 80%, Priests are also deported to the Guantanamo detention camp. The confiscation of money in offshore accounts from the church helps to settle to entire deficits of the US and North Korea. The churches never paid taxes and took all the money from the poor and raped their children. Kim introduces a new method of payment without the use of money or banks.
The Church paid off sex scandals for sums like 660 million dollars all with money from the poor only to settle the sex scandals of the Church in 2007. Then the priest would confess and start the vicious circle again, rape for the people paid by the people, amen.
There is so much rape in the US that some activist are promoting to teach 5 years old kids at school about sex:
Kim stops school violence and rape and has a statue at every school and public building in the US. Music now changes to Hank Williams Junior: The American Dream.

The movie ends with Kim Yong Un standing in front of the Pacific Ocean and splits the sea in two ( I can do this as a producer no problem we can even make it a reality event), just so that 80% of the Christians in The U.S know who their new Messiah is.
Music: Slayer Angel of Death, Judas Priest deal with the Devil, Anti Nowhere league I hate People, 2 Pac Fuck the World, Pink Floyd Money, Asterix and Obelix Song we are the people, Hank Williams The American Dream, Carnivore Thermonuclear Warrior , Eric Clapton Cocaine, Motorhead The Whore House ,Blues, ACDC High Way To Hell, 2 Pac Fuck the World, Rhino Bucket 'Welcome to Hell'
Executive producers / script: Bas Boon and Lindsay Muro Boon.
Producer Andreas Goebels
Producer: Stefan Görring
Producer: Helmut Döniz
Executive producer: Lisa Koch, Hans Stangl, Stefan Blobel, Joost Kramer, Erin Kaltenbrummer, Fritz Jeckeln, Olaf Dirlewanger, Otto Globocnik, Adri Eichmann, Stefan Mengele, Rudolf Heydrich, Marlene Hitler, Horst Himmler
Co- Producer: Dennis Rodman
Casting: Eda von Brauwn
President Obama: Denzel Washington
From the "illegal" Sony hack: “Producer says Denzel Washington won't make money for Sony because he is black and the rest of the world is 'racist', leaked emails reveal”.
A great way for Denzel to get his Oscar and proof those racist Jewish bastards at Sony, he is a huge talent and can be the star in any movie.
Jacqui Rankins: Michelle Obama
Howard: Kim Yong un

 Notice that during the credits music from Wagner “Die Walküre” is played.

"Die Walküre" Richard Wagner + Adolf Hitler

The interview was the best film of 2014, I pissed myself laughing, James Franco did a brilliant job. It's absolutely fabulous, a must see for everybody.
As for the sheep amongst us, please notice that the movie Jaws led to the slaughter of: 100 Million Sharks Killed Each Year, Study Finds
Falling Coconuts Kill more people then Shark Attacks “ Falling Coconuts kill 150 people worldwide each year, 15 times the number attributed to sharks”.
Let’s hope that after the explosion of some nukes in Israel,Palestine and  the retaliation “nuclear” flattening of Saudi Arabia is not taken out of context by some countries and would lead to a third world war ( just more movies on this subject subject with me as a producer is fine). May a 1000 year +of  peace reach humanity.

End: Military security brings in James Franco and Kim tells him I have no hard feelings, I know you were under pressure of the the CIA to kill me. Kim Jung Un tells Franco he is going to run the American State TV in the U.S and he wants Franco to be head of it. They become friends again and at then at the end of the movie Franco joins the orgy with Condoleezza Rice, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and Kim, they all get multiple orgasms ( after the orgy Kim orders Condoleeza Rice and Hilary Clinton to be departed to The Guantanamo detention camp). North Korea withdraws from the demilitarize zone and the connection with South Korea is made with not one shot fired like the fall of the Berlin wall. 
No More demilitarize zone, North and South Korea reunite.
Happy New Year and a very happy, healthy and 

entertaining 2015.
 © Bas Boon