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Reincarnation, Hindu, Muslim, Christianity, Buddhism.

Reincarnation, Hindu, Muslim, Christianity, Buddhism.

Hindu and Buddhist’s believe in reincarnation and both religions together have almost as much followers / believers as the religion of Islam.
Studying these religions there are two fundamental differences between Muslim/ Christian believers and Hindu / Buddhism believers/followers. Humans who call themselves Christians believe you go to heaven when you were good and hell when you were a bad person.
Humans who believe in the religion of Islam ( labeled themselves as Muslims) they also believe in going to paradise heaven.

Surely the Christians and the Muslim deny any form of reincarnation as it would contradict their belief’s of going to heaven. Which is funny as the Christians believe in the resurrection of Jesus after he was declared dead ( reincarnation or zombie?). Now that could be titled as reincarnation, surely Jesus will return once more according the scriptures this will happen near the end of times, end of the earth, extinction of human race, I would guess just around the Zombie Apocalypse ( such a positive guy ). Some who interpret the bible in a certain way when it looks like a reincarnation message would translate this as a misinterpretation and that if people would reincarnate it would only be for a certain time as they eventually go to heaven or a hell. Muslims will tell you Mohammed has no need to come back to earth he did his job. It would not make any sense as well as Jesus was the prophet who said he was going to come back as the last prophet and he warned for false prophets. Now it’s getting tricky as according to the bible no more prophets would come until Jesus would do around the end of days. So why did Mohammed come around 500 years later?

Being a writer can be dangerous. 
Salman Rushdie wrote the book The Satanic Verses, not from Christian or Jewish sources, but from early Muslim writings. Accounts of the Satanic Verses are given in a number of early sources, including: (1) Ibn Ishaq, (2) Wakidi, (3) Ibn Sa’d, (4) al-Tabari, (5) Ibn Abi Hatim, (6) Ibn al-Mundhir, (7) Ibn Mardauyah, (8) Musa ibn 'Uqba, and (9) Abu Ma'shar.[6]
The Muslim community was really angry with the writings and findings of Salman so he was ordered to death by a fatwa issued by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the Supreme Leader of Iran, on 14 February 1989.

‘Jesus predicted coming of Prophet Mohammed’ in Bible found in Turkey

Nice to be an old writer, I bet the monk who ever wrote that book would not think he was getting attention from the pope and an appraisal of 22 million dollars for his work. Many script ‘experts” fighting over the old text of some delusional monk if Jesus was the Messiah or Mohammed, sounds very “grown up” to me.

Quote Kevin Williams: “Reincarnation was also a widely held belief throughout Israel in those days and there is strong evidence in the New Testament that Jesus believed and taught reincarnation as well. So the answer to Jesus's question of, "Who do people say I am?," can only refer to people believing Jesus to be the reincarnation of an Old Testament prophet”.

What is the better religion? 
Does that make Hinduism or Buddhism a better “religion” ? Buddhism is a way of life, coming from an existing human being. Buddha’s real name is Siddhartha Gautama and was born in Nepal around 2,500 years ago. He never claimed to be a god or a prophet. Buddha was a human being who became Enlightened, understanding life in the deepest way possible. His is a figure mostly portrayed as a chubby smiling guy with a bald head sitting in the lotus position. I would say Buddha is winning the popularity contest when it is coming to “worshiping” or better say following his teachings. His message is positive and he was kind of a pleasant existing human being who denied he was a prophet and sent by God. If you would be a human and you have the need to belong to a group, this actually would not be a bad path. I live in Thailand and surely some teachings to children can create quite some strange beliefs. Prostitution is illegal, but when you send the money from your work as a prostitute to your parents its considered good Karma and it makes it ok ( for the working girl it makes it ok, most parents think they are working in a massage salon). Some minds work in a mysterious way! Most people in Thailand believe in ghosts and especially the evil ghost.

Jesus Christ had an Ego Problem.
Jesus Christ on the other hand was a guy convicted of blasphemy, crucified, nails through his hand and feet, thorns on his head blood everywhere and the teachings speak about burning in hell for eternity, the holy books are full of people who are drunk, rats, jealousy, criminals, devils….. an ego problem. Jesus also wanted to be remembered as the messiah he said so at his last supper to always remember him when drinking wine (his Blood) and eating bread  (his body), he was even resurrected from the dead to convince his disciples he was the real Messiah. Jesus definitely had an ego problem. so I would say a less positive message. The prophet Mohammed cannot be compared to Buddhism as Mohammed ultimately permitted warfare and married a 6 year old which he had sex with when she was 9. If reincarnation is true fanatic Muslim and Christians who devoted half of their life to praying and preaching would be fucked. No heaven, no paradise but back to planet earth with bad karma , if they are lucky they reincarnate in Gaza.

So what about Hinduism?
Well Hindu is not bad as well for example: Hindus don’t worship cows (many think they do). They give them respect, they honor and adore the cow. By honoring this gentle animal, who gives more than she takes, they honor all creatures ( they go a little far in that “honoring” as in the special day the put jewels on the cow and Hindu children are taught to decorate the cow with garlands, paint and ornaments. But the Hindu’s blew it by for me by honoring the rat. This is because of a story “myth” about the reincarnation of Durga, the goddess of power and victory. The child of the goddess died and was reincarnated into a rat, when that happened all tribes people would be reincarnated into rats until they could be reincarnated back into the tribe.
Now here is where I am getting lost. 

The Black Plague rat killed over 200 million humans.
Some reports are that half of Indian grain harvests are destroyed by rats and another big part of the harvest are contaminated. The rats also spread nasty diseases causing humans to die and if we know a little about history the rats were the cause of the “Black Plague,” resulting in “only” about 200 million deaths. Then there is kali the Hindu goddess associated with empowerment (worship territory of different gods) The word Kali comes from kāla, which means black, death, time, lord of death, enough said Hinduism is out, surely the cow and rat are very happy with the teachings of Hinduism, but for me all human logic and common sense in this religion is gone.

God is EGO!
Now desire is something different than the truth, like a story about a child from a God being reincarnated into a rat is causing serious health problems in India. I wrote in my other blog a story about how the people in Vietnam believe that a Rhino horn will cure them of Cancer, resulting in the extinction of the Rhino and $65.000 per kilo Rhino horn will do that.
Bottom line people do not think for themselves when it comes to stories being told or preached by people of a certain faith with a certain message and agenda. Religious people do not realize that the “God” which they worship and believe in is actually their own ego. This is why “God” knows them so well and the feeling is there that god is always with them (delusional). When the majority of a human tribe or population or whole country stands behind the so called “truth” any critical thinker will be demonized and expelled from the group. Why would people believe the story about the Rhino Horn healing you from cancer or the child from a God which reincarnated into a rat? It’s called wishful thinking, that is why the religious community is so big with people who believe in prophets flying away on a horse, Moses splitting open the red sea, Jesus taking a walk on water and reviving dead people. 

Fearful people need to be controlled and they need promises and magic that all will be good. For controlling people the easiest way would be to use fear (burn in hell). 

Therefore it is not difficult to reach the masses as most humans just move with the masses, living a hypnotized slave life, thinking they are free and promised by supernatural beings (and their messengers on earth) that after their difficult slave life, something better will come.

Does it matter that a God or Gods exist?
All these religious people should asked themselves if it matters if God exists or not. If he does exist what would change for them, if he does not exist what would change for them? The answer is simple, you do not have to judge others and you do not have to give money to religious organizations. You do not have to waste time on prayers as your “God” knows everything and if he does have a plan, he will execute it, you do not need to pray for it. Neither does your behavior here on earth influences Gods way of doing things. If he is almighty and does exist and creates universes, he does not need help from humans to write his rule book. He does not need our worshipping to be almighty. 

Only humans need power and attention because of this thing called ego.  Taming our egos is a worthy pursuit.

The modern new "God"!
The God’s community always claims they are with so many well so does other religions or the non religious community, resulting in a lot of people being wrong. My intuition says we are all wrong and we should work with our fellow human beings in making the planet a better place to live in peace with each other. If he does exist he is making quite a mess of things, many humans are always at war with each other and are hungry and live in misery. Then the planets we know in our galaxy are dead, too hot , too cold or giant gas planets. My advice to God is to show the religious followers some tangible proof of heaven and his existence,  maybe some photos of this new planet or these clouds we can walk on and live our afterlife. A documentary maybe that's not too much to ask “God”. I mean you had humans write all those holy books,  the bible, the old testament, the Quran ( 2000 and 1500 years ago), why not take a modern approach and make God’s documentary. I promise you God you’d get a lot more followers and you will feel way more superior than ever have before. You can have a Facebook and twitter account and you would have ten billion likes. People love likes they really take likes seriously. Humans look for likes on their smartphones and you would bombard them with divine messages every 5 seconds with that many followers. Humans also buy likes for status and ego, but I can honestly suggest that you do not spend any money in your case, just preform a few miracles and the few doubters who are left will become likers. To speed things up for you I would suggest to make a deal with Zuckerberg the owner of Facebook, he has a shiz load of  information on people so let him advertise on your page in exchange for information ( don't pay like the CIA or NASA, you are in a superior, divine position).

                                                Maria wearing a red dress for the red carpet.

God propaganda documentary, Cannes film-festival!
We could start the documentary with all the atheist and non believers and non worshipers burning in hell, flames everywhere, rotten burning flesh, the smell of death, millions screaming, hanging on hooks in the ever burning fire. Damn that would make an intro, imagine the viewership on this documentary, you would reach everybody on this planet, humans would be scared shit-less. I will introduce you to the Cannes film festival God and instead of walking over the red carpet, you could take a little flyby and as special guest you should bring Jesus again he and the humans waited long enough. People still know what he looks like. I recommend you tell your son to keep his beard growing and put on an old garbage bag, this would have a good impact. We would change the Oscar nomination in the God nomination and everybody would bow and worship you. No better way to bring your message to the world than by film, TV documentary attached with some divine prices. If I could be the producer, I’d make sure you get 50% of the royalties of the TV and movie sales, sounds fair? Don’t forget to ask Jesus to bring Maria Magdalena, she can wear a skirt, Hollywood likes “holy” legs.

Creation? Apes, Aliens, Holograms.
Then there is the question of creation, who cares? Does it matter, or does the question become a defense mechanism to defend your beliefs and the group of people you want to belong to? What does a creationist have to do with that behaviour of fulfilling and feeding of a human ego? 

If God did create everything, well thanks, if he did not, no hard feelings, I will just continue my life like I did before. 

Then the religious community would bombard the non believers with the question: so according to you we come from apes, hahahaha. Human ego “God” flees into sarcasm, for me it does not matter ( my suggestions to other humans try sometimes to not care as much ). Maybe we live in a hologram, maybe we were made by aliens, maybe we did come from apes or fish. Evolution is fascinating, but it does not matter for me, maybe Darwin was right maybe not, it would not change my life for a second. The quote: What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others is a great quote, yet it does not always work as 15% of the world’s minds are bad. I would not wish a ted Bundy scenario upon nobody. 

I love to be a critical freethinker free of the burden of religion

I just keep walking on white sand beaches, visiting islands, training in my gym, doing yoga, eating organic food, drinking juices and living with my beautiful woman. If people asked me, what do you believe the only right answer I could live with is: MYSELF! I believe in myself.

Some reincarnation seems to be inevitable:
Hitler would return as a Rabbi.
Kim Kardasian would be returning as that ape with that huge red nightmare humongous ass.

The Pope will come back as snake.
Obama can be found in India in a temple as a rat.
Jesus comes back as Elvis.
Mother Therasa as Darth Vader
The Queen of England comes back as a shark.
Netanyahu as a skunk.
Oprah would come back as a anorexic poor crack whore.
Mohammed will come back as an animal I’ll leave it up to your imaginations. which animal comes to mind.

If I could reincarnate and I would have a say in it. I’d like to please be myself with one difference, when I am born, I would like to have all the knowledge and experiences I have now at the age of 48, that would be so cool! I love how you made me so sexy, full of energy, gave me an Adonis body and made me so smart, you did a “hell” of a job with me.

“He who learns but does not think, is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.” - Confucius

(C) Bas Boon