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A western suicide bomber blows himself up during the Haji in Mecca

A western suicide bomber blows himself up during the Haji in Mecca.

It is interesting to see which subjects attracts the most readers. My piece on propaganda did 10.000 views in just a few days and the piece on how to make the world a better place and solving world hunger and poverty 400 in a few days. And surely a picture with the blog propaganda with an image of a guy with beard and some cut off heads in front of him sells better as well.

A few years ago I wrote the script: In War with Allah / The Retribution.
The story could be the sad reality of just a few humans altering the destiny of human kind, fuelled by propaganda at the end.

The story starts with two Spanish soldiers who are deployed in Iraqi. This Multi National Force idea was under leader ship of the United States which had the title Operation Iraqi Freedom.’
The two Spanish soldiers who have been in Iraqi for just a few months are immediately relieved of their duty as soldiers and are instructed to go back to the Spain. When they arrive in Spain they are guided to the Otacha train station.

The Madrid Bombings.

First report are and attack by ETA later this was changed, 3 days before the elections.

Government involvement mentioned ,judge says evidence points to  extreme Islamist
They arrive on the morning on March 12, 2004 and their task is to identify the remains of both their wife’s and kids who are amongst the 191 people who got killed ( 1800 wounded). An Al-Qaeda inspired group detonated several bombs on trains on the 11th of March 2004 just 3 days for the Spanish election ( surely a hot topic was the decision to to keep the troops in Iraq or call them back).

Atocha Station Three bombs exploded, the first bomb exploded at 07:37 and two others exploded within 4 seconds of each other at 07:38.
El Pozo del Tío Raimundo Station) – At approximately 07:38, just as the train was starting to leave the station, two bombs exploded in different carriages.
Santa Eugenia Station One bomb exploded at approximately 07:38.
Calle Téllez Four bombs exploded at approximately 07:39.

Identification of child corpse remains.

The two Spanish brothers Carlos and Emanuel are devastated especially Carlos who finds a ripped of arm from his 11 year old girl still holding a toy camel, which he brought from Iraq the first time he came back from a short tour. Both brothers end up in a psychiatric hospitals and are only released eight months later.  They're both traumatized. Carlos retreated into himself and became a very secluded and quiet person and Emanuel became a member of a racisit skinhead group that hated everything that had to do with Muslims.

The London Bombing.

Just when the two brothers decided to join the military again they receive a phone call that their half-brother has been killed and nephew of six years old in the London bombing. As both brothers went through the whole trauma themselves they decide to travel to England to support their family and be present at the funeral/ ( july 7th 2005 several bombs went off in the London underground and a double decker bus kills 52 civilians and wounded over 700).

The four bombers are later identified as: Mohammad Sidique Khan: aged 30 The blast killed seven people, including Khan.
Shehzad Tanweer: aged 22.He was killed by the explosion along with seven members of the public.
Germaine Lindsay: aged 19. His blast killed 27 people, including Lindsay himself.
Hasib Hussain: the youngest of the four at 18, died himself in the explosion at Tavistock Square.

Another funeral in London.

While the brothers are attending the funeral on July 15th 2005 one of the brothers Carlos is not feeling well. The brothers decide to go to the hospital, at the hospital Carlos is told he has an acute form of leukemia and he could die within a few months. The brothers are devastated. Emanuel rumbles on in the car how he will kill every Muslim alive but then he is interrupted by Carlos. Carlos speaks to everybody in the car his brother and the driver and family member Rodriquez. He says he wants to do something where he can change the war on terror. First they have to promise to not do what he does, they can help, but it is solely Carlos’s decision. Both brothers agree, so Carlos goes on to explain his plan: it is utterly quiet in the car which is parked on the M-23 between Brighton and London when Carlos finally finishes telling g them the details  of his plan. what he has been planning for a long time, since the first day he stayed at the psychiatric hospital. Now with the diagnose of him becoming dead very soon he made his decision. He tells that he want to be the first Western suicide bomber and that he wants to blow himself up in Mecca during the festival where Muslims pilgrims do the Haji. It is quite in the car the first one to speak is Emanuel and he asked what is a Haji, where is Haji, can I be there with you………….Carlos continues to speak and reminds both of them they swear not to do what he would do but that they could help and tell nobody.
Carlos continuing informing his family about his findings and plan.

Quote Wikipedia:The gathering of Muslims during Hajj is considered the largest annual gathering of people in the world. The Hajj is a demonstration of the solidarity of the Muslim people, and their submission to God.

The Bombing during the Hajj in Mecca.

The Hajj is associated with the life of Islamic prophet Muhammad from the 7th century During Hajj, pilgrims join processions of hundreds of thousands of people, who simultaneously converge on Mecca for the week of the Hajj, and perform a series of rituals: each person walks counter-clockwise seven times around the Ka'aba, the cube-shaped building and the direction of prayer for the Muslims, runs back and forth between the hills of Al-Safa and Al-Marwah, drinks from the Zamzam Well, goes to the plains of Mount Arafat to stand in vigil, spends a night in the plain of Muzdalifa, and performs symbolic stoning of the devil by throwing stones at three pillars. The pilgrims then shave their heads, perform a ritual of animal sacrifice, and celebrate the three day global festival of Eid al-Adha.

Carlos then ends his speech in the car by saying it is his wish to become the first western suicide bomber ( he will be dying soon anyway and this is his last wish to go out with a Bang) and he wants to detonate his bomb vest while walking among the Muslim pilgrims around the cube building in Mecca ( so to say at high season causing the most casualties). Carlos who was quiet for almost more than a year left his brother and family member Rodriquez speechless. There is so much hate and grief in the car that after Carlos reviled what he is planning to do he is applauded by both men in the car.

There is then a whole story developing with the secret service and intelligent agencies from all over the world. Bottom line is that Carlos does go to Mekka but decides that those people had nothing to do with the death of his loved ones. He packs a fake bombing jacked and let’s himself be captured. He carries a letter with the message that he could have caused thousands of people to be killed, but it would not bring back his loved ones. Carlos explained in the letter that it was a lion who was killed he would have wanted to kill the lion as a retribution, his last words is that he thinks the violence and madness has to stop somewhere and for Carlos that is right now where he is, in Mecca with his message. But his brother is on the other side and does not keep his promise, he sees his dying brother being captured and detonates a bomb vest himself.

The aftermath and propaganda.
It becomes a huge mess a stampede where thousands of Muslims get killed not only because of the blast but because of the sheer panic and people getting overrun. All this is happening on live TV and it does not take long and the propaganda machine is doing its work.

According to the Al Jazeera network and other Arab networks, America has planned this military precise bombing to start a war with the Arabs. According to the news the bombs were strapped on to Muslims who were hypnotized to do their Haji, not knowing they we strapped on by the Americans with bomb vest.

Later also the Mossad is mentioned as some agent predicted this was going to happen and therefore the Mossad knew this was going to take place, they must have been involved.

The bottom line is that the letter about the lion is never shown, the original story about humans who go to so much suffering and grief deciding to do something unimaginable. All now left is a huge tragic “incident” which is now used for political gains and war.

“never let a good crisis go to waste” - Winston S Churchill

The problem we have today is education and empathy, now this empathy could be forced upon all of us in a positive way read my blog:

The origin of ISIS - Sayed Dr. Ammar Nakshawani

This is an interesting explanation of why we are facing an “impossible” task, children are indoctrinated and many Islam countries to learn the Koran by heart and pray at night ( that’s the only thing they do, no work, no nothing just religion). You cannot reason with humans who are raised this way, many western socialist have no idea how fanatic and crazy mentally ill these people are. If we pay attention to what Sayed Dr. Ammar Nakshawani says he makes one of the best remarks which explains everything. King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz was proclaimed the sixth King of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia now their rules are almost identical to ISIS. The only reason King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz / Saudi Arabia condemns Isis is that those in charge the King and his family ( Saudia Arbabia books calls for the killing of Christianity, Shiites ) are afraid of losing power. Look at the laws of Saudi Arabia they are latterly the same as Isis.

Now I take this a little further, the 9/11 attacks. 15 of the 19 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia the other 4 came from the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Lebanon.
Quote from  “FBI permitted 140 Saudis (including two-dozen relatives of Osama bin Laden) to leave hurriedly from the United States for Saudi Arabia.

In the days immediately following Sept. 11, 2001, while the airways were still closed to all other flights, Americans couldn't fly into the country but relatives of bin Laden were able to fly out”.

  1. The daily mail UK: Why were Saudis royals linked to 9/11 allowed to leave the country?
So it is clear to me something very strange is going on, we all should ask questions about this, day in day out. Why are we invading Iraq and Afghanistan and not Saudi Arabia or why not boycott Saudi Arabia? I mean all the hijackers and Bin Laden came from Saudi Arabia, yet the whole world follows the US to Iraq and Afghanistan? While 140 Saudi’s who are known for the most extreme worldwide propaganda of Sharia law and funding mosques all over the world they fly out of the country when no plane are allowed to fly? The laws in Saudi Arabia they beheaded their citizens, Saudi Arabia has a criminal justice system based on a hardline and literal form of Sharia law reflecting a particular state-sanctioned interpretation of Islam.

Quote Wikipedia: “The death penalty can be imposed for a wide range of offences[4] including murder, rape, false prophecy, blasphemy, armed robbery, repeated drug use, apostasy,[5] adultery,[6] witchcraft and sorcery[7] and can be carried out by beheading with a sword,[8] or more rarely by firing squad, and sometimes by stoning.The 345 reported executions between 2007 and 2010 were all carried out by public beheading.[9] The last reported execution for sorcery took place in August 2014”.

So WTF are we doing in Syria bombing empty building and looking at pictures of 47 Toyota trucks filled with “holy” fighters with Kalashnikovs. We scream with tons of propaganda how barbaric these people are ( which they are ) and the need to fight these Islamic terrorists. So why are we not invading Saudi Arabia. Who funds these terrorists? most of the 9/11 terrorist came from there.
Quote Wikipedia “ The American government called on Saudi Arabia to reform its educational curriculum, including textbooks in Saudi schools and distributed them worldwide, by reviewing and revising educational materials and eliminating any that spread intolerance and hatred towards Christians and Jews and promoted holy war against "unbelievers."

By 2006, Senior Saudi officials assured the United States that the reform was completed, but an investigation of twelve Saudi Ministry of Education religion textbooks by the human-rights group Freedom House suggested otherwise

In October 2012, Robert Bernstein, who founded Human Rights Watch, serves as a chairman of Advancing Human Rights and was a former chairman and CEO of Random House, and various other book publishers, expressed their "profound disappointment that the Saudi government continues to print textbooks inciting hatred and violence against religious minorities." They gave an example of an 8th grade textbook which writes, "The Apes are the people of the Sabbath, the Jews; and the Swine are the infidels of the communion of Jesus, the Christians." The publishers explained that "hate speech is the precursor to genocide. First you get to hate and then you kill”.

Why are we not in war with Saudi Arabia or boycott the crap out of them, they openly are continuing their spread of hate and funding terrorism. The problem with these hate teachings is that it attacks delusional mentally ill weak people from all over the planet and moods the young. Well we are back at motive and who gains from this. Saudi Arabia, the world's biggest crude oil exporter and their business partners such as the U.S. presidents, George W. Bush and current president, Barack Obama have strong and close relations with senior members of the Saudi Royal Family.

End the Madness.

To end this madness on the planet we need to eliminate these people in hunger for power and greed. The ways to do this I described in my previous blog:
Force the delusional mentally insane stupid humans fighting so called “holy” wars for Kings like Abdullah or the CIA to alter their empathy gene. So this prevents the rest of the world living in fear and nobody has to give up their freedom to governments who have their own agenda’s. It’s those governments and people in power who keep the war, greed, violence and hate apparatus intact, eliminate those aspects and the world becomes the best place in the universe.


Why no War with Germany or Holland?

  The hamburg cell, made into a movie

I asked a few times why are we not in War with Saudi Arabia, surely we all know why. But let’s go back and change the 9/11 15 Saudi Hijackers for Russian hijackers. would we have gone to war with Germany because the 15 Russians were hiding there?  -  More crazy some of the 9/11 hijackers were preparing their terrorist attack from Hamburg Germany, this is a known fact. We are boycotting Russia now because of the world’s view ( media, propaganda view) they are responsible for shooting down a passenger plane ( no evidence). Now it turns out from radar images there were fighter jet planes in the air. They could be seen from the Ukraine at the time the passenger plane went down. Radar and war guided systems are actually made in the Netherlands ( Holland Signal )  Are we going to blame the Dutch now as they supplied this military stuff. I mean where does this end? Surely people now will say, but those countries would have delivered the hiding terrorist and the rogue countries like Afghanistan and Iraq refused. First of all that is bullshit according to former CIA Asset Susan Lindauers. Saddam almost cried when explaining that they had nothing to do with 9/11 and as a matter a fact Saddam wanted to avoid war and was actually giving in on demands which would have resulted in billions of dollars in trading business with Iraq.
So why go to war in Afghanistan and Iraq? Well who has the motive to do so? We are back at following the money, who benefits surely the war industry but it goes much farther than that. It is the people at the top with their relationships with the  big corporations who determine their plans many times before the war even has begun, who gets the contract to rebuild infrastructure, delivering of air conditioners, sanitaire, auto parts the list is endless. It’s a different war which is fought behind the scene regardless how many lives are lost or how much misery a war will cost. 

CIA Asset Susan Lindauers explains:

CIA Asset Susan Lindauers explains Saddam did not want a war and the Americans did not like what I had to say (CIA Asset Susan Lindauers was the foreign CIA asset in contact with the Baath party to deliver messages back and forward for the US ), I explained Saddam would cooperate to the CIA and would give billions of contracts for trade with the US and contracts to export the oil business. That was cool many companies and civilians would benefit from that agreement -  except the military industry and we all know that cannot happen. However the military kept pushing that this was not good enough as they knew Saddam had to do something with 9/11 and that if he did not admit this for a certain time they would invade Iraq ( it was long determined to go to war and the contractors made their deals long before the US invaded Iraq).

 -  quote:

“This piece is a collaboration between the Huffington Post Investigative Fund and the Center for Public Integrity.
When federal investigators discovered that the manager of a Saudi Arabian company paid bribes to win two lucrative subcontracts supplying food to American troops in Iraq, they naturally wanted to know more. Did he act on his own? Had U.S. taxpayers been cheated?”

Yes Saudi Arabia paying bribes to get a lucrative contract to sell food to Americans who then kill their Muslim brothers, surprised?
U.S. Military Loses Control Of Subcontractor Spending, Warlords Benefit

Associated Press  March 13, 2012

WASHINGTON — A former executive on Tuesday admitted his role in a $28 million bribery scheme involving the awarding of government contracts and is cooperating with prosecutors in their continuing investigation.

Where has all the money gone?
Ed Harriman follows the auditors into Iraq

New Halliburton Whistleblowers Say Millions Wasted in Iraq

I heard first hand from an American soldier who trains here with me at the Golden Glory gym in Pattaya Thailand that there are huge corporate scams going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. He told me he saw tires piled up in the dessert and Arabs were punching holes in the brand new tires.  He didn't understand what was going on at the time. It didn't make any sense. So he decided to asked around and this is what he found out. There was a few million dollar order made for new truck tires which was not needed. These new tires would arrive in the dessert and then the tires would be destroyed. Some people would punch holes in each of the brand new tires. Those tires were then shipped to another country where they would be repaired and then they were sold back to the US military. This is one story. There are many. Too many.

Just Google Contractors bribe and kickbacks Afghanistan and Iraq and you are bombarded with hundreds of millions, billions of dollars, that would always make a good motive for war. Take that motive away and we are relieved from the madness.

I can’t wait until a virus is made that causes the empathy gene to rule and eradicate all this stupidity and madness, I personally think we are getting close, but there is lots of work to be done!

(C) Bas Boon