Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ebola, Swine Flu, HPV Vaccination and how to beat the System.

Ebola you better be scared:
The media hype on Ebola is taking on apocalyptical proportions they use big green Ebola logo’s on CNN victims with green shirts and above all video images of the terrifying Ebola victims. Subliminal messaging. In the early days the bible or some preacher would tell us it is the punishment of God these diseases, now these days we know a lot more about bacterial decease. We also know a lot more about pharmaceutical industries and their hunger for profits. Then there is the media most time many of those shareholders are the same people who have an interest in vaccines and other pharmaceutical medicines. The worst nightmare for the media gang and their owners and paid slaves who  would like you to believe their stories are real is alternative media, internet, IPhones and of course common sense.

First of all why would the government have a patent on Ebola?
Then we did not hear anything of this Ebola decease and suddenly we get this report from Africa about the worst outbreak of Ebola unfortunately for the hoax artist these days everywhere there are people running around with mobile phones with cameras. A small child was caught walking to a place to lay down, doing what he was told and later the scene is used by CNN to show this suffering Ebola child. The image CNN does not show you how the perfectly healthy child walks himself to a place to lay down and then while he is lying on the ground CNN shoots the image. Or the people in the ambulances which their doors open with some left over Ebola patience. The most laughable image is the person in front of the gate of a hospital, according the news he has a far stage of Ebola, but he has not a mark on his face or arms and the only stains are the mud on his pants.
Here is a YouTube summary of the crises artist:  

Then the arrival of Ebola in several countries, wtf, the arrival of Ebola, so let me get this right, people from our taxpayers money who help people in Africa are transported to other countries knowing they have Ebola??? Then the plane arrives with an Ebola victim in Spain, the two pilots are standing there with no protective suite in the plane door while all others walk around in orange and white suites ( saluting each other like in the military) to them finally transport an empty plastic laboratory under the guidance of mass media and at least 10 ambulances and many other security cars and police. Talk about a show, now this explains why Obama didn't  stop any flights from countries where the outbreak occurred  they know it’s all bullshit. No wonder Donald Trump goes mad on twitter stating why in the hell would the US import people with a dangerous diseases like Ebola. I mean those people knew that helping people in those countries at this time is a huge risk! why bring them back and risk contamination. And surely not long after an Ebola patience in Texas is diagnosed with the disease a nurse with protective clothing is now a victim of Ebola also and headlines of the virus being airborne is the next major headline of propaganda to encourage people to get really really scared: 

Decease everywhere people dying like flies but we offer you a solution:
We had swine flu and bird flu and hundreds of millions in vaccinations not preventing people to die from some kind of flu. I myself got a vaccination for the HPV virus and it was the worst thing I ever did in my life. The Gardasil used in this vaccination can cause nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, belly, cramps, headaches, rashes and fever the list is endless. Well after the first injection of three every two months I got really sick and ooh were they right I got pretty much everything from the list. Later I found out about Gardasil and the HPV vaccine killed many young females : . The worst was that I took the HPV vaccination as it was advertised in a hospital that it would prevent prostate cancer. After I had all three vaccinations I developed chronic prostatitis. Fortunately I am now a strong guy of a 100 kilos and I pretty much never get sick, I have healthy immune system. But this all changed after my vaccination I became a total wreck, I had back pains, hand pain, foot pains, rashes and I could not move my neck to the left and right, I was so stiff  and the worst was I had the feeling I had to pee every 5 minutes and only produced a few drops of urine (as you can imagine  this disturbs my sleep as well and it turns you into a zombie). I became a hospital member going their multiple times a week, I got a fridge full of antibiotics and now the system really got me in its power. The antibiotics made me even more sick.  I had enough of the meds and went to an alternative health care center to find out what else I could do.

I became a human guinea pig!
Fortunately some health doctor in Thailand made a scan of my organs and did some blood tests. The results were that I had a lot of issues. Liver, prostate, pancreas, blood, blockage in my arteries, cell function vitality, the list was long. He then advised to do a number of things first up was chelation therapy.  Then remove my old amalgam fillings in my teeth, clean my blood and add oxygen to my blood and amino acids and prescribed a whole bunch of whole food supplements with pro-biotics being one of the best. I started the treatment fanatically as wells as completely changing my diet to a plant based diet so lots of raw and organic food and veggies, making homemade organic vegetable and fruit juices and smoothies daily also drinking lots of good alkaline water I also starting taking vitamin B,C and walking in the sun for an hour a day, drinking organic apple cider vinegar with water three times a day before eating and taking enzymes.  I also started doing enemas. First it got worse which was predicted, the rashes came out and while the body is getting rid of the toxins and heavy metals you feel pretty terrible. But that all changed after two weeks and after four weeks I could lift my neck again up and down, after 6 weeks my pain in my hands and feet were gone ( no eating tuna or salmon or shrimp, mercury in fish). I started to do Yoga and after two months my peeing became normal again like over and next to the toilet no little drops but a waterfall of urine like in my youth. After three months I did the test again and reversed all the problems with 95% improvement. I asked the doctor why years of antibiotics and crap did not help and why my chronic prostatitis was gone. He said when the body gets back a strong immune system and does not have to fight all kinds of problems and also is getting obstructed by antibiotics (killing also the good bacteria) it looks for anything wrong in your body. My body healed itself because of pro biotic good food and I also did a lot of coffee enema’s to clean my colon. Now the food is digested the right way and the body can take all the necessary nutrition and develop a strong immune system, it has been over two years that I have been sick and I do yoga now 4 times a week, walk on the beach and train in my kickboxing gym. I tried to become a father and achieved this by the first attempt, that's what health and common sense does to you.

Forget vaccines take good organic food and pro-biotics!

My advice is do not take any vaccines for flu, Ebola , HPV etc, eat organic food and take enzymes and pro-biotic, do a cleanse sometimes and do yoga or some sport, do not let the pharmaceutical industry rule your life and turn you into a zombie.  take up meditation!!  The scare tactics about Ebola go that far that they even use zombies in the news:
I have a quick story. My friends child was 2 years old and very difficult, he would pull everybody’s hair, try to fight, did not sleep well etc. Now my friend lived partly in Thailand and when he was returning to Holland his thai wife was left with the child. I observed a few times how the child got ice-cream, yakult drinks and coca cola at this young age. I explained to my friend when he returned that he should do a little experiment and have his child not consume any sugary products or intake of sugar in his food. He was desperate and wanted to try everything so he took my advice and tried for one month and now he has a different son, he sleeps at night he’s pleasant to be with and plays with people hair instead of pulling it. If the child would have continued eating large amounts of sugar he would for sure have been diagnosed by some retard doctor that he had adhd or being bipolar and for sure the doctor would have told the parents here is some Ritalin to keep your child calm. Yes, they have all kinds of names for so called behavior issues and then the doctor will make you an early addict by prescribing all these pills.

Sometimes it’s better to go with your gut feeling or try and find out alternative methods, do not believe blindly what others say and especially what is in the news, they want you as an addicts and obedient sheep.
In Peace/ Health
(C) Bas Boon