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The stupidity of mankind. Follow the madness, religion and the money.

The stupidity of mankind. Follow the madness, religion and the money.

A friend of mine who reads my blog wrote the following:  Quote You have the gift of writing Bas, you really have so use it wisely. The truth is in the eyes of the beholder. But what is the truth?  It is just a personal view and opinion of something that can be manipulated by yourself or someone else. We can refer to (Von Dänicken, think about the jungle incident.-) it's a fantastic story. You have it all there. What you see you believe even if it's not what it is you still believe because how can your eyes deceive you, well they can”.

It made me think why humans have the need to follow the advice of others even if it leads to their own death or it imprisons them in a world they created by believing and following some kind of leader, messiah, false flag operation, rumors, experts, doctors, theories, generals, psychiatrist, financial experts, judges, lawyers, the media the list is endless. People will follow or take the advice or opinions of others because for whatever reason it makes sense to do so.

There is a fundamental danger in doing so without thinking and doing research for yourself.

Follow the money! Rhino’s horn at $65.000.- per kilo

Let’s take for example the story in Vietnam that a Rhino’s horn will cure you from cancer and can treat hangovers. The result is that the price of Rhino’s horn is about $65.000.- per kilo in Vietnam (more than gold). As result of this rumor and the story, Rhinos are back to the list of endangered species. That’s very bad news for the Vietnamese who soon all will die of “cancer” as there are no more Rhino horns left. Now imagine that the Vietnamese would be educated about food and that all that crap food they eat near the side of the road is the reason for cancer, infected meat , bad sanitation, contaminated drinking water, food fried in palm oil and the coming of Mac Donald’s, Starbucks and KFC. Making money on cheap bad food and curing illness from eating this toxic food with expensive “medicine” is the slogan of the world today!

               Sure we are killer whales pap? Yes son, so humans do not underestimate us!

Taking the kids to Seaworld.

I was about 19 years old when I visited SeaWorld for the first and the last time and I was very impressed by the killer whale Orca Shamus. He performed for a big live audience and every time when he did some tricks they would rewards him by feeding him fish. It was only recently that I watched the documentary, Black fish:

If there is ever a great example of how hypocritical humans are and how the systems of us humans works is to show the truth about the killer whales of the SeaWorld branch. The film Black Fish takes you behind the scene of this gruesome business which literally makes you cry. The way they catch the killer whales is inhumane.  Everything about keeping animals in captivity is inhumane. They almost starve the whales to death in order to perform on demand ( rewarding the orca’s with fish after they pleased the audience), they will be in captivity for human entertainment. And their inhabitant at Sea World is in a much too small fish tank. When a baby Orca is born in captivity it’s taken away from the mother at very early stage to be sold for millions of dollars to others SeaWorld’s around the globe at the end it results in deadly “accidents “ or in better words the Orcas goes nuts and can’t handle the situation anymore. I highly recommend this movie if you haven't seen it already.

Surely there is a world of excuses from SeaWorld, they do everything for the fish etc and of course to show the perfect system of the human madness show, there will be lawyers. Ooh yeah lawyers and judges who are all working within the boundaries of the man-made law circus. There is no morals with the biggest vultures of mankind called judges and lawyers who will stop at nothing except writing checks for $500,- till $1000.- per hour for the big clients, clients like SeaWorld. Next time you take your kids to SeaWorld remember which system you support with your entrance fee, it’s the system of madness, greed, hypocorism and death.

California loves Ivory.

One of the number one customers in the world of Ivory is still people in California, but they had laws about Ivory did they not? Quote: “When did this new law go into effect?” you ask.  Uh, in 1970.  “So,” you wonder, “Why are you blathering on about it now?”  Well, because the California Department of Fish and Game, the entity charged with enforcing the law, seems recently to have discovered its existence and has begun enforcing it.

People who enforce the law found out that it can make money from this ivory demand, so it finally started to enforce a law from 1970, yes you read it well 1970. But you would say, well that is great news, finally  after 45 years they do something about it. Well it drives the price up and my guess is that the law people are not destroying the seized goods, but is enjoying the fines they can give for possession and trade ( who knows what happens to the seized Ivory). The result is that the price goes up and when the price goes up:

Then there is the circus, like visiting SeaWorld or a Zoo there is no difference.

Large beautiful animals do not belong in a small space especially chained. I watched many elephants in Asia and they are chained, because of this they start developing a psychological trauma syndrome and the step forward and backward on the same spot for hours, days, months, years.  neurotically. And people are surprised when one of such elephant goes on a rampage against humans after being abused for years and years and years:

But no worries, some smart lawyers will defend the circus, SeaWorld the Zoo that it was all a freaking accident and that the Zoo / humans are not to be blamed so the Circus can continue.

  Humans to humans no empathy or logic just greed and power.

In Holland we had a famous female comedian called Sylvia Millicamp, she was diagnosed with breast cancer but decided not to go through the regular treatment but instead she went to a so called healer named Yomanda. Yomanda was a Dutch healer (Jesus Christ syndrome) surely Sylvia Myllicamp died of breast cancer. If they knew about healthy diet and lifestyle what we know now she would have been cured with a change of diet and some medicine without even taking chemotherapy. But worse is listening to a person putting a hand on your head and healing you the “Jesus” way. That miracle did not fly and Sylvia died, surely Sylvia’s loved ones started a law suit against Charlatan Yomanda. Lawyers and judges and family members all “fighting” for money over a comedian who died of breast cancer ( can you see the freak show here?). The final decision was that Yomanda could not be blamed as she also advised Sylvia to keep seeing a doctor. As if the doctor who would subscribe chemotherapy would have had a better result, but hey a doctor is not to be questioned he is in the system together with the judges and lawyers and the freak show can never end. But Yomanda said that Sylvia did not have cancer (which she had) but Sylvia believed her and now she is dead and that’s no joke for the young female comedian.

Religion for brainwashed believers, please do not think rationally!

The world is full of these brainwashed believers. If only more people would incorporate a new life style and diet they would feel a whole lot better. Instead we bring our children to a doctor after feeding than a happy meal Mac Donald menu with two milkshakes and a coke. Then our young children are diagnosed by the freak circus experts giving our child “disease” names like ADHD, to give them all sorts of medicine at young age to make them a junkies for the pharmaceutical industry for life. Huge profits paying huge bonuses for the big corporations executives and shareholders and their lawyers.

Every 19 minutes a human dies somewhere from an overdose of medicine from the pharmaceutical industry. God is not home for those “victims” but there are tons of lawyers feeding from these tragic dead cases. They defend the big corporations or file a lawsuit themselves to get as much money for their clients but mostly for themselves.

But hey, we keep believing the system, watching the corporations owned TV channels with their advertisement on prescription drugs and vaccination commercials. Why not try organic food, fresh vegetable juice daily and detox your body. learn about heavy metal poisoning, your amalgam poison fillings in your teeth, learn about all kinds of toxins we consume on a daily base and get rid of it. Discover the wonders of organic apple cider vinegar, baking soda, lemons and above all drink a lot of good purified alkaline water . No, the majority of humans on this planet believe in the doctor and their pills ( as seen on TV) and sadly Chemotherapy a 170 Billion dollar industry.

It is strange for me to believe that in the 21st century there are still so many cults, sects, religions and people really following and believing this. Billions of people in several religions all started out with following one person, one story. Instead of thinking for themselves, figuring it out themselves, they all think someone else will do this for them.

Some of these cults:
1.            The Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God
2.            The Chicago Rippers
3.            Heaven's Gate
4.            Aum Shinrikyo
5.            The Godfather of Matamoros
6.            Order of the Solar Temple
7.            Paradise
8.            The People's Temple
9.            The Family
10.          Los Hermanos Hernández

Mostly these cults including Christianity and Islam etc are getting their followers from people who want to belong to a group. They think they need the leadership and rules from others and that if they follow these rules and holy writings, they will have a better or easier life or after life. The Vatican is one of the richest institutes in the world as I indicated before follow the money. Its human power, greed and control over others which makes the world tick. The people in charge of the God/ Cult Government community will get their followers by telling a good story to people, they will save them as long as they follow their rules. They will solve the problems of the mass who always have problems. And if there are not enough problems the leaders will create them for us, so we keep following and supporting this mad insane circus. I am happy to not belong to this circus and believe in common sense, education and science. Watching the world’s freak show from my home in Asia and writing about it.

George Carlin on God, the planet, and "the freak show" ( RIP George Carlin)

If we are looking for the sources of our troubles we shouldn't test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed, and the love of power. - PJ. O’Rourke. 1982

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. - Jimi Hendrix

(C) Bas Boon

Monday, October 27, 2014

Health tips on how to handle human made vampire machines “Air conditioners”.

Health tips on how to handle human made vampire machines “Air conditioners”.

Ever wondered why you and your family and friends get sick so easy especially on holidays or on a business trip? You ever have that problem with your throat? a sore dry throat and a stuffed up nose a few days after you stay in your new hotel or the day after your flight?

As I know a lot about food now, healthy food, I wondered why I still would got problems with my throat and a stuffed up nose. I did fly around the world and stayed at many different hotels and my first weapon of defense was taking a vitamin C tablet and before I go to sleep and I would suck on a mint to attempt to clear the nasal passage a little.

Recently I found out the cause of the unwanted sick symptoms, they call it the air-conditioning.
The air-conditioning has some side effects all humans should know about:

1. It swallows gallons of water out of the air, it becomes a vampire of your liquids in your body making you dehydrate while you sleep.

2. If Airco’s are set to cold, it will speed up the process of you becoming dehydrated (you’ll get that dry feeling in your mouth, you wake up thirsty).

3. If Airco’s do not get proper maintenance every two to three months it is the perfect place for bacteria and mold, which spores are blown right into your open mouth while sleeping.

Defend yourself against any kind of “vampire”

In the case of the air-conditioning:

1. Do not set the temperature to super cold, I noticed that 23 degrees causes less problems while sleeping.
2. Make sure that you have a bottle of water next to your bed, make sure it is a glass bottle. In territories were it is hot, many of the plastic bottles with water have been transported in trucks to their final sales destination. During that period the plastic water bottle which many contain BPH is exposed to many hours of hot burning sun, resulting in BPH getting into your drinking water and toxic plastic residue.
3. Make sure if you have air conditioners in your home to have them serviced every two to three months.

4.  Air purifiers and humidifiers are great and we bought one for in our living room and one for in our bedroom.  Even if you do not have an air conditioner the purifier/ humidifier machine is awesome for your health.

5. Take a sugar free mint just before you go to sleep.

6. Use of earplugs against the noise of air conditioners.
7. If you stay in a hotel put a bowl with water under the place where the air conditioner is.
8. Avoid milk products. Dairy.

9. The Human body (depending on the body weight) needs at least between 2 and 4 liters of water per day, imagine while you are sleeping you are getting dehydrated and on top of that mold is blown into your mouth! Keep drinking enough water during the day and before you go to sleep.
10. Be aware for perfume smelling air-conditioning, mostly this perfume is used by the hotel owners to disguise to smell of mold as they do not want to pay for frequent air-conditioning maintenance services.

Surely the name “vampire” can be used in a lot of cases. We have all kinds of vampires not only in the form of Dracula or a bat. What do you think about the government? Or institutes like banks, who suck the people dry with interest on lending money. The first defense mechanism against all these vampires out there is a good health and common sense. When you have good health you can think clearly and function well. However many people never knew the effects of what an air conditioner could do to their health. And for the believers out there, just go to sleep with a Christian cross around your neck and a garlic necklace and  don’t forget a wooden stake under your pillow. The next day you might think you avoided a vampire from biting you (courtesy of the church and the God community, don’t learn anything new just trust the faith) but when you wake up and start to cough and spitting out slime because you're  simply dehydrated or your throat was blown full of mold, you might wish you would have followed my advice instead of believing in a myth.

Peace / Health / Wisdom

I wish you a perfect nights rest and  wicked cool dreams.
(C) Bas Boon

Sunday, October 19, 2014

God Causes Obesity and Bomb Burgers for World Peace

God Causes Obesity and Bomb Burgers for World Peace 

In the holy books like the Quran and the bible there are thousands of rules for us humans to follow. But what about what is not written in those books we cannot find anything about aliens or the universe and in the first edition of the bible the earth was proclaimed to be flat however we now know it’s a sphere.
There are rules about food what you can eat and what you can’t eat for example in the Quran as well as the Hadith and Sunnah it is described how to eat meat (it must be halal slaughtered) and no pork is allowed. Pork is forbidden in most religions as it is a filthy animal and not good for your health (it is true there are more parasites in pork if you do not cook it well and even if you do apparently). According to the Quran the only foods explicitly forbidden are meat from animals that die of natural cases and blood no blood is allowed. The meat of swine (porcine animals, pigs), and animals dedicated to other than Allah..
Now here is where things get interesting and controversial very controversial. We all know that after Ramadan (30 days fasting) the Muslims have a party called: id-oel-fitr in Dutch translated as sugar fest.

Now the recent discovery is that to much sugar is a poison:

The result of this Ramadan followed by the sugar fest is that there is a staggering Obesity problem in the Arab world.

70% of Saudis are obese, says the study

The daily mail UK: 14 apr. 2012 - Qatar, the richest nation on earth, is also the fattest with half of all adults obese and 17 per cent of the population suffering from diabetes.
Kuwait, 30% of males and 55% of females over the age of 15 were classified as obese, making Kuwait the country with the highest prevalence of obesity in the Arabic-speaking countries.
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia has been rated as the highest among Asian countries for obesity.
Ika Krismantari, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta: Child obesity a growing problem in Indonesia.

Souse Wikipedia: Obesity in North Africa and the Middle East is a notable health issue. In 2005, the World Health Organization measured that 1.6 billion people were overweight and 400 million were obese. It estimates that by the year 2015, 2.3 billion people will be overweight and 700 million will be obese.[1] The Middle East, including the Arabian Peninsula, Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey and Iran, and North Africa are no exception to the worldwide increase in obesity.

That's wrong with God, why is he forgetting important health tips?

What’s wrong with God? He needs us humans write down all those rules in the Bible and Quran, but he forgets to say anything about processed foods, sugar, mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, mustard, ice cream, brownies, waffles, gluten, gmo’s, frappuccino’s, mars bars, raider bars, snickers bars, coca cola, red bull, corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, aspartame, milkshakes, heroine, lsd, here is a top ten list:                      

Islam is promoting to have children as many as a soccer team, but the death rate now for diabetes, heart failure, thrombosis and strokes are skyrocketing. Therefore Clinton sending 22 cruise missiles to get revenge because of an assassination attempt on American president George Bush killing 6 Arabs for 25 million dollars of missile cost makes no sense.

These days we are deploying military and bombers to those troubled nations, we discuss the axis of evil countries like North Korea and Iran. All “we” have to do is send big B52 bomber planes full of burgers sponsored by burger king and Mac Donald’s (this way it’s not costing as much money to the taxpayer). We should add bottles of caramel fudge artificial syrup with a few hundred thousand cans of monster and red bull energy drinks and some frappuccinos.
Guess what it would do with the population instead of bombs and killing the infrastructure they get food and drinks from the sky with the courtesy of some American big companies such as coca cola and Monsanto and Starbucks. No images of victims such as children who are burned, beheaded, amputated limbs, no hiring of propaganda crisis actors only happy faces and no infrastructure damage and more importantly because men are ill there will be less rape and warfare.

If diagnosed as a child with adhd doctors and pharmaceutical industry will subscribe tons of pills for you ( the younger the more addicted and longer you stay a customer the better), so we should add a monthly bombardment of Ritalin, OxyContin and pain killers plus antibiotics. Bombing people from the sky with these products it will create the image of the most social and compassionate nation on earth while you still kill the masses and no objections from the Bible or the Quran.

Some slogans for the bombing campaign. 
The Mac in Morroco (Philip Lange

Bomb Burgers
Operation id-oel-fitr (sugerfest).
Macdonlad’s version Mission to world Peace.
Air Burger Special. All you need is Food.
Living in the dessert, no problem, Monsanto flying GMO’s, for every kid’s dream, comes with a small toy, incorporation with a Hollywood blockbuster movie or camel trader magazine.
Frappuccino Morgana
God’s burger King divine.
Moses Split Burger.
Jesus’s Miralcles Milkshake. Washes all your sins away.
Allah Oh burger king
From the west comes: It’s good for your bloated feeling and depression to take Ritalin or OxyContin.
Quran burger with caramel fudge syrup. Allah simply cannot resist.

Surely “we” should bomb all the desserts after Ramadan, I am sure Haagen Daz and Ben and Jerry’s can develop a cold container for the ice cream portions to survive the fall from the planes ( hell Wal-Mart ice cream does not even melt in the burning sun ( ). What would the Arab world then think of “us”, try to explain that to a child that these ice creams falling from the sky are not the gifts of Allah, but simply coming from a B52 bomber packed with Ice creams sponsored by the big corporations. All to make you happy!

Peace with a spoon of sugar.

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(C) Bas Boon

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Death of God and Religion by Social Media and Communication.

The Death of God and Religion by Social Media and Communication.

Have we ever wondered why religion is on the decline and why extremist are on the rise?

I have been doing some research and there is a very simple logic explanation:

The answer to this questions is common sense, logic, education and the alternative media.
In the book titled “were the gods cosmonauts” by Erich Von Daniken he describes two incidents which happened about 70 years ago. The first incident took place in the Brazilian rain forest where two scientists needed to land their small plane in the middle of the jungle. When they succeeded in bringing the plane to an emergency landing they encountered an Indian Brazilian tribe which had never seen other humans before. But for them the flying man from the sky in a strange flying machine showing them fire from a device and bringing them gifts must have been the experience of a life time. When the scientists returned after 40 years to the same spot, the local tribe had built a plane out of wood a and all of the tribe members were worshipping the plane (now after 40 years their prayers were answered the “Gods” came back).
The other similar story happened in Japan just after the second world war at one of the remote islands of Japan. One military air base was deserted and when the Americans came back 30 years later they found local island inhabitants running around with papers from one place to another at the old military air base. Every day the inhabitants would repeat running around the same area with some papers in their hands moving this from one place to another. When the Americans asked what the tribe members were doing, they answered they witnessed long time ago this ritual and them some “Gods” would come out of the sky and bring canned food they watched military personal bringing paperwork from one place to another and saw them transport goods from the plane when it arrived at that time..

So what humans do not understand turns pretty fast into the explanation to justify the supernatural / God.

Humans have come a long way and the age of technology has been speeding up the communication between humans. Google translate, Skype translate, instant messenger, Facebook, Google +, Linked Inn, chat boxes, You Tube, mobile smart phones, I-pads the list is endless. What was science fiction just a few years ago becomes reality now:

This is great for the transportation of news and for the communication between people. But there is also a downside for the people who have been in control for ages. These days you have Julian Assange, The Anonymous Group, tons of hackers and whistle blowers and the alternative media. Anybody  can start their own TV Channel on You Tube its Childs play. The corporate media newspaper and TV owners who are bought and paid for by the big corporations are losing territory rapidly. Sure many of us are still getting fooled by the manipulation of false flag operations they even use crisis actors, use blue screen and fake witnesses to try to fool us, like Goebbels and Hitler manipulated the press to get their fellow Germans on their side. The Sandy Hook Hoax school shooting in the US with tons of children dying was big news worldwide, with Pierce Morgan upfront promoting the gun control agenda. Recently we found out that it was a hoax “conspiracies theorist” were right, no children died:

The Vietnam war was based on a lie called the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

Now religion is having problems because of the speed of information and the new discoveries by scientist. I would not go to the Darwin evolution debate now which I had with religious people. But the plague ( Black Death/ Spanish flu virus)  was a punishment from God in those days ( easy scare tactics by scam artist Priests spreading fear to win souls for the church and of course personal gain and control). We know now about bacteria and viruses and more and more about the history of the earth. Copernicus discovered we were not on the planet of the Center of the universe and now with the Hubble telescope we know there are billions of Galaxies ( never mentioned in any holy books except in the star wars “stories”).
If you are an Imam or some holy religious person spreading the word of “God” and trying these old stories of plague to do some soul winning, those religious people will find it harder and harder to convince people to follow their religion.
The TV series The Bible rules is banned from broadcasting in Malaysia and recently Egypt made a Fatwa against online chatting.

All this is a desperate attempt by extremists to keep their control over other people and their sex slaves. Wonder why ISIS and other extremists do not want you to communicate, listen to music, hate freedom, forbid woman to learn and in Saudi Arabia woman are not even allowed to drive cars? Well now you know the answer and that is also the number one reason why you should die if you would leave the fate. OOH they are so afraid you would leave the cult, that punishment by death is eminent. The extremist ( mentally ill) know if woman are getting educated they could develop a thing called opinions and questions and think for themself. They know if their “kettle” would hear a different opinion or suggestion to live another better live then hiding in a garbage bag, that information could lead to an up rise and disturb their ruling.
Now control over people in the early days you just needed a great speaker and a charismatic person and like Jesus started as one guy and a story writer “he” got over a billion followers. Mohammed also started as one person and fear and stupidity and threats created a lot of followers. In those days protection and fear was an easy way to get a lot of followers rapidly ( our government today still does the same - problem, action, solution ). And of course the almighty God ( who can create universes) of Jesus and Mohammed needed humans to write the bible and Quran, yeah right. You also can see that in extremely poor countries religion will grow like Islam. The pope is struggling to keep up the Trend of modern new followers of the faith, how to allow condoms and gay marriage ( this was unheard of less than 70 years ago). If you are very hungry, wishful thinking is one of the only options, with a good speaker and some good scary stories, the sheep are ready to follow some cult without thinking for themself.

The pope says now they are investigating gay marriage;

It’s the sign of the times we’ve got to give what the majority of people want to stay popular.

Hitler speeches and his propaganda machine created a whole nation of blind followers and the start of the 2nd world war. The more beheadings, sex slaves images, chemical warfare, woman in garbage bags, children with Kalashnikovs, Fatwa’s, Jihad, Holy war, Crusades it’s all taped and recorded and can be seen by everybody through all media available. Now I am not a fan of the Kardashians, but I assume that if a woman in a garbage back looks at the “problems” of the Kardashians on TV she might not believe this happens on this planet, but it sure looks like a better way of living then hiding in a garbage bag in the desert. Then there is fashion TV to be received by satellite every were, CNN Arabic. We find superstars like Justin Bieber thru a YouTube video clip. We find super talented young artist through reality TV shows like the Voice, the history channel the discovery channel etc. If there would be a God who knows everything ( or a damn lot) it would be Mark Zuckerberg. The youngest billionaire that created Facebook has more information from individuals from all nationalities then all intelligent agencies in the world combined and that would make him for sure a modern God today. And when you have a lot of followers and your popular and you seem to know a lot of things some of us still would name that “God”.

Who said an Atheist cannot be God?

Let’s speed things up and instead of cruise missiles and dropping bombs we should drop smartphones on a parachute and have drones with free Wi-Fi in every corner of the world.  I can’t wait!

Love & Peace                                            
(C) Bas Boon

Ebola, Swine Flu, HPV Vaccination and how to beat the System.

Ebola you better be scared:
The media hype on Ebola is taking on apocalyptical proportions they use big green Ebola logo’s on CNN victims with green shirts and above all video images of the terrifying Ebola victims. Subliminal messaging. In the early days the bible or some preacher would tell us it is the punishment of God these diseases, now these days we know a lot more about bacterial decease. We also know a lot more about pharmaceutical industries and their hunger for profits. Then there is the media most time many of those shareholders are the same people who have an interest in vaccines and other pharmaceutical medicines. The worst nightmare for the media gang and their owners and paid slaves who  would like you to believe their stories are real is alternative media, internet, IPhones and of course common sense.

First of all why would the government have a patent on Ebola?
Then we did not hear anything of this Ebola decease and suddenly we get this report from Africa about the worst outbreak of Ebola unfortunately for the hoax artist these days everywhere there are people running around with mobile phones with cameras. A small child was caught walking to a place to lay down, doing what he was told and later the scene is used by CNN to show this suffering Ebola child. The image CNN does not show you how the perfectly healthy child walks himself to a place to lay down and then while he is lying on the ground CNN shoots the image. Or the people in the ambulances which their doors open with some left over Ebola patience. The most laughable image is the person in front of the gate of a hospital, according the news he has a far stage of Ebola, but he has not a mark on his face or arms and the only stains are the mud on his pants.
Here is a YouTube summary of the crises artist:  

Then the arrival of Ebola in several countries, wtf, the arrival of Ebola, so let me get this right, people from our taxpayers money who help people in Africa are transported to other countries knowing they have Ebola??? Then the plane arrives with an Ebola victim in Spain, the two pilots are standing there with no protective suite in the plane door while all others walk around in orange and white suites ( saluting each other like in the military) to them finally transport an empty plastic laboratory under the guidance of mass media and at least 10 ambulances and many other security cars and police. Talk about a show, now this explains why Obama didn't  stop any flights from countries where the outbreak occurred  they know it’s all bullshit. No wonder Donald Trump goes mad on twitter stating why in the hell would the US import people with a dangerous diseases like Ebola. I mean those people knew that helping people in those countries at this time is a huge risk! why bring them back and risk contamination. And surely not long after an Ebola patience in Texas is diagnosed with the disease a nurse with protective clothing is now a victim of Ebola also and headlines of the virus being airborne is the next major headline of propaganda to encourage people to get really really scared: 

Decease everywhere people dying like flies but we offer you a solution:
We had swine flu and bird flu and hundreds of millions in vaccinations not preventing people to die from some kind of flu. I myself got a vaccination for the HPV virus and it was the worst thing I ever did in my life. The Gardasil used in this vaccination can cause nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, belly, cramps, headaches, rashes and fever the list is endless. Well after the first injection of three every two months I got really sick and ooh were they right I got pretty much everything from the list. Later I found out about Gardasil and the HPV vaccine killed many young females : . The worst was that I took the HPV vaccination as it was advertised in a hospital that it would prevent prostate cancer. After I had all three vaccinations I developed chronic prostatitis. Fortunately I am now a strong guy of a 100 kilos and I pretty much never get sick, I have healthy immune system. But this all changed after my vaccination I became a total wreck, I had back pains, hand pain, foot pains, rashes and I could not move my neck to the left and right, I was so stiff  and the worst was I had the feeling I had to pee every 5 minutes and only produced a few drops of urine (as you can imagine  this disturbs my sleep as well and it turns you into a zombie). I became a hospital member going their multiple times a week, I got a fridge full of antibiotics and now the system really got me in its power. The antibiotics made me even more sick.  I had enough of the meds and went to an alternative health care center to find out what else I could do.

I became a human guinea pig!
Fortunately some health doctor in Thailand made a scan of my organs and did some blood tests. The results were that I had a lot of issues. Liver, prostate, pancreas, blood, blockage in my arteries, cell function vitality, the list was long. He then advised to do a number of things first up was chelation therapy.  Then remove my old amalgam fillings in my teeth, clean my blood and add oxygen to my blood and amino acids and prescribed a whole bunch of whole food supplements with pro-biotics being one of the best. I started the treatment fanatically as wells as completely changing my diet to a plant based diet so lots of raw and organic food and veggies, making homemade organic vegetable and fruit juices and smoothies daily also drinking lots of good alkaline water I also starting taking vitamin B,C and walking in the sun for an hour a day, drinking organic apple cider vinegar with water three times a day before eating and taking enzymes.  I also started doing enemas. First it got worse which was predicted, the rashes came out and while the body is getting rid of the toxins and heavy metals you feel pretty terrible. But that all changed after two weeks and after four weeks I could lift my neck again up and down, after 6 weeks my pain in my hands and feet were gone ( no eating tuna or salmon or shrimp, mercury in fish). I started to do Yoga and after two months my peeing became normal again like over and next to the toilet no little drops but a waterfall of urine like in my youth. After three months I did the test again and reversed all the problems with 95% improvement. I asked the doctor why years of antibiotics and crap did not help and why my chronic prostatitis was gone. He said when the body gets back a strong immune system and does not have to fight all kinds of problems and also is getting obstructed by antibiotics (killing also the good bacteria) it looks for anything wrong in your body. My body healed itself because of pro biotic good food and I also did a lot of coffee enema’s to clean my colon. Now the food is digested the right way and the body can take all the necessary nutrition and develop a strong immune system, it has been over two years that I have been sick and I do yoga now 4 times a week, walk on the beach and train in my kickboxing gym. I tried to become a father and achieved this by the first attempt, that's what health and common sense does to you.

Forget vaccines take good organic food and pro-biotics!

My advice is do not take any vaccines for flu, Ebola , HPV etc, eat organic food and take enzymes and pro-biotic, do a cleanse sometimes and do yoga or some sport, do not let the pharmaceutical industry rule your life and turn you into a zombie.  take up meditation!!  The scare tactics about Ebola go that far that they even use zombies in the news:
I have a quick story. My friends child was 2 years old and very difficult, he would pull everybody’s hair, try to fight, did not sleep well etc. Now my friend lived partly in Thailand and when he was returning to Holland his thai wife was left with the child. I observed a few times how the child got ice-cream, yakult drinks and coca cola at this young age. I explained to my friend when he returned that he should do a little experiment and have his child not consume any sugary products or intake of sugar in his food. He was desperate and wanted to try everything so he took my advice and tried for one month and now he has a different son, he sleeps at night he’s pleasant to be with and plays with people hair instead of pulling it. If the child would have continued eating large amounts of sugar he would for sure have been diagnosed by some retard doctor that he had adhd or being bipolar and for sure the doctor would have told the parents here is some Ritalin to keep your child calm. Yes, they have all kinds of names for so called behavior issues and then the doctor will make you an early addict by prescribing all these pills.

Sometimes it’s better to go with your gut feeling or try and find out alternative methods, do not believe blindly what others say and especially what is in the news, they want you as an addicts and obedient sheep.
In Peace/ Health
(C) Bas Boon